Voices in My Head

brain-3Humans get guidance in many ways. It could be an intuitive feeling, it could be an instant knowing, or it could be the images or spoken words in a dream. And if we didn’t feel so alone all the time, if we acknowledged that we are getting outside help in numerous ways, we might not dismiss such guidance so quickly. Ignoring our own inner guidance is the true definition of learning the hard way, yet it is the path most of us choose. Unfortunately, the “hard way” makes us weaker, not stronger. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then in the dream that I had, the dream seemed to be reconciling the fact that there was this gap or focused flow of a presence in the environment of the outer. It seemed to know that it was like that, and so the images that I’m able to pick up are all herky-jerky and tend to be tangential, don’t know how to zone themselves into what is a proper flow.

The end of the dream is that, whatever it is that I am doing in the main part of the dream has to do with something in Cleveland that’s like a team, only instead of it being a major league team, it’s a minor league team. And I seem to be making a big deal about it, but then when it comes and it plays a big league team, it has hardly gotten off the ground.

The big league team is Cincinnati and whatever the Cleveland team is is something else, and it doesn’t have a chance. It gets wiped out. But this is the end result effect in the story of something that has all kinds of herky-jerky imbalances that are flip-flopping about because the clarity of a situation is incongruent.

And so what I’m shown is that I’m having to contend with the nuts and bolts of the situation when my perspective is limited, to just that of something called Cleveland, just something that’s a small perspective, that I’ve taken on and that I support that. I don’t have the overall perspective of it all that’s unfolding.

So the car I have there, somehow or another, gets destroyed or breaks down. And so, in terms of thinking that I can come back and deal with it later, I take a couple of bolts out of it so that it won’t get totally stolen or something, and the situation is I’m in a bad environment and so I’ll have to come back later when things quiet down.

It’s like I still am riding high in a type of optimism that something can be figured out. But I no more than step aside from something like that, in terms of my connection that’s meant to be even in the aspect of Cleveland, and I realize that everything’s in vain.

It’s all I can do to remember the bits and pieces of the dream, but the gist of the flow is that I made a commitment to the Cleveland vibe area, went through a lot and dealt with having to take an intense position thinking this was important, only to learn in the end that the place where I was placing my attention really didn’t matter like I had thought at that time.

And, of course, I come to realize that because I step away from the car, too, and as soon as I go off to one side I can no more than put these bolts up in this kind of little side building – I’m wondering if they’ll even be there when I come back because the vehicle is immediately under attack by the gang and is going to be torn all to smithereens.

The meaning is that there is a way that I am not stopping, in terms of how I’m approaching things in the outer world, even though I can tell and know, deep down inside, that whatever it is that occurs in the outer that my best perception of it will not help me this time because things are going to be going through changes which go beyond what I’m capable of comprehending, or understanding, or recognizing so that, therefore, nothing I do really matters that much.

And the most memorable thing in the dream is that I can seek to set aside that which hopefully won’t get lost, i.e. like the two nuts and bolts that are part of a car that I must abandon and, in doing so, know it is going to get further vandalized by the element of the area.

So what is the dream doing? The dream is punning my intensity in kind of an outward, joking way or something, or in this peculiar reflection of something out of astray, and that is keeping me from being connected and, therefore, is holding me back from recognizing the unfoldment of a bigger picture.

I’m not sure what to make out of this dream as I wrote this up, although in context to the theme of something being askew it kind of makes sense. All I know is I settle back with this idea that there is no way one can know. And then all of a sudden it came in that I was told twice this is not necessarily so.

And in the first instance I have asked the question of what will be, after having been given all of the input data that comes in terms of the outer reflection of things, that I have come to the conclusion to think is something beyond my comprehension. And I have come to think that based upon what I feel in my bones to be an energetic change where there is no way I am going to be able to comprehend what’s to unfold because I have never seen it before.

And so I’m shown that this isn’t necessarily so. In the first instance in which I’m shown this, I’m told that if I put all of the images and the input into a particular viewing screen computer, the viewer magnifies that and takes those reflections into a context that corresponds to what is going on. That seemed so bizarre I kind of forgot that.

Then, because I forgot that, I am again acting as if what’s taken place leaves me kind of in a helpless predicament because what I’m doing, according to the perceptions that I’m trying to formulate, I know is not going to go anywhere.

And a voice comes in and says, “Just sit on this.” In other words, the voice is basically saying that I will realize what it is that I’m able to know – if I’m able to just sit on it. Or, in other words, just allow it to be.

The reason that voice was able to come in is because I’m coming to the view that when everything has found a kind of cadence and you’re not too floaty, not too light, not too this, not too that, that you can kind of hear something. It’s like being able to hear something in terms of how the energy’s life of its own is likely to unfold because everything has a vibration, and if these other vibrations in the outer aren’t going to go anywhere, and you can tell that, and then there is a sense that you can feel in your bones as a vibration that’s coming in and, even though you do not know where that’s going, if you can sit with that, if you can be subtle enough with that, it kind of announces what it’s shaping and what it’s doing – and you can know that, as if it’s a type of language.

And so when you hear voices inside yourself, the voices have to do with the fact that they kind of adjust or correct you. They work now in an in-between capacity between you slipping to a state of bewilderment versus the sense of something that you really can catch up with. And so the voice acts as almost a hint, or inflection, in-between now, and that there is the possibility and potentiality of getting to where you can actually sense what is meant to be.

You have to listen very closely to this subtle energy because it’s not necessarily in a dialogue form of what one would like it to be. In other words, yes it can be like that, but it can also be in a dialogue form in which there’s something having a skeweredness that is thrown in, and in that skeweredness it tends to sharpen that which is present, that is much louder, or much more natural.

And it can be louder when your attention’s in the right place. If your attention’s not in that subtle place then, of course, everything that’s thrown in that’s askew takes on a dynamic that can throw you haywire.

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