The Greater Dynamic

light-consciousFor both Jeane and John, their dreams are examining aspects of being in the flow. And while the idea of the flow may seem like a beautiful, peaceful state, it is also a subtle and precise location. But humans are highly sensitive creatures, so we have the capability of sensing and feeling when we are connected and when we are not. Another way to think about it is that the flow is a universal thing, so when we think of ourselves as separate, or react in personal ways, we are disconnected. The more we act and think as universal beings, the more we will be connected to everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just vaguely remember one dream from last night. I think it was because the dream was more about a flow, so it was hard to pin down the specifics, but I remember the last scene in the dream.

It’s like I’ve gone into an auditorium and I have the sense that during the dream all of us had to perform at some time up on the stage. But now I’ve sat down in the audience and this couple has gotten up on the stage that I know.

They’re supposed to perform or sing something together, but the guy is a lot like Ashton Kutcher. When the girl gets up to perform in this very straight way, he’s like leaning over to where he practically falls on the floor, and he’s put on these big glasses to kind of mug. So it’s like he just can’t sing anything in a straight way. It’s not in his nature.

And again, the whole dream seems to be about me noticing the flow, or the performance, or something, rather than pulling out specifics.

John: The theme of the dreaming has to do with flow, and it has to do with where one is at in terms of the flow.

In your case, you’re looking at a flow that you will know, and understand, and appreciate when you see it. In other words, you’re meant to see it and be it, simultaneously. But, if you see what you think is a flow and just see it without being it, then there are going to be nuances that get in the way – in terms of peculiarities about it, or whatever, because you will be still acting as if you are somehow able to remove yourself from the flow – and you can’t do that.

You’re dreaming like this because you’re having to recognize, or come to grips with, the fact that the overallness for you is the flow, that is you, and that the idea of understanding it, or of looking at the idiosyncrasies of it, those are all estranged aspects that have nothing to do with just being the flow.

Because the theme of the dreaming is about flow and so I continue this theme in a number of ways, starting first with a meditation dream that invokes the language of the situation, or the schematic of the situation.

In the meditation dream, it starts off in which I’m in a group that is having some sort of dynamic effect upon life. And it’s as if I’m one of the participants in terms of that effect.

And this is an effect that is based upon an understood perception, because there is also a public that can look on, and that there is another flow, like a competitor or an alternative, that also exists.

In terms of this other flow that is there, I’m in one flow and this other flow is more dynamic. And I know it’s more dynamic and better able to bring the energy through. So the issue comes down to: who best can bring the inner energetic through most fluidly?

And when I let myself go to less inhibitions, I automatically let myself go into this other energy, which is more succinct. I don’t carry a choice because a choice gets in the way with that. I choose instead to go with the experience that is more direct and enlivening of the inner energetic that is meant to dance upon life, or to simply be there for all to see.

This isn’t a question of variables and as to whether it’s a give or take between this, that, or the other in terms of its importance. The flow of the inner into the outer is simply everything, and when I am able to be part of such a complete breakthrough I do not think, or ask questions, or seek to see if it should be a little more this way or that way. I drop whatever and however it is that I am, even if I see myself in a flow that’s effective, too, and just go with the greater flow.

In other words, the meaning in terms of this is the dream is showing that as long as I pay attention to the overall inner-to-outer dynamic, realizing that this is the guiding principle in life, I will be in the right energetic place at all times. In other words, any kind of steering or distraction gets in the way. As you see that there is a greater and greater dynamic, you just keep going into the greater and greater dynamic.

In the dream, I see that I am not to be attached or drawn to any given scenario over another, based upon anything other than the flow and its outer unfoldment effect, or its flow. I’m actually not supposed to even be concerned about the outer unfoldment effect. I just know that the flow sweeps over the outer more so. Other than that, I don’t make distinctions.

The other personal issues carry no effect. The inner into outer energetic dynamic is everything. How, what, where, and when is not a consideration to be sorted out. I am meant to be the flow only. I need no substance for this to be, and should there be a recognition of something which is affecting the flow in some regard or another, it is not for me to ponder why that is.

I have no time for such nonsense because to ponder it then is to mitigate the dynamic of the flow. I simply focus my attentions spontaneously upon the flow and nothing more. A flow in which there is no place for questioning the experiencing that flow speaks for itself.

The result is that I am invigorated by a receptivity to the energetic flow in which the intertwined connection is seamless. It is from this fluidity that I live life. Any other way imposes barriers and restrictions that take away from the natural flow.

So that’s the huge, general overallness. And then when you go to sleep you tend to toy with that in terms of tuning into the language in terms of particularities. And the next two dreams indicate to me that there is nothing I am allowed to do to safeguard the flow that I am in. I must leave every scene of conflict if I can, and if I can’t and instead have a plan on how to safeguard a flow, I can’t use it.

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