Killing the Flow

energy_flow_ssIt seems like human nature to want to “protect” the flow, and that urge is what is shown in these dream images. Yet that idea shows just how much we look at life from an egocentric point of view. The flow exists before us, and will exist after us. All we can hope to do is be right for it in our lifetime so that we can be participant in its journey. That’s where the beauty of living resides. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So that’s the huge, general overallness (see The Greater Dynamic). And then when you go to sleep you tend to toy with that in terms of tuning into the language in terms of particularities. And the next two dreams indicate to me that there is nothing I am allowed to do to safeguard the flow that I am in. I must leave every scene of conflict if I can, and if I can’t and instead have a plan on how to safeguard a flow, I can’t use it.

In the second dream, the dream starts off in which I am at a wonderful reception that is being held in this large courtyard area. In the past something intruded this courtyard area to disrupt the flow and so this time I’m prepared, along with my comrades, to keep from being compromised in terms of the flow.

In other words, the memory of something in the past has caused me to be prepared so that any attempt that might happen to disrupt the flow, I’m set up to handle that. The way I’m set up to handle it is I’m carrying a very sophisticated gun capable of getting rid of anything, anyone, whatever that seeks to impose, obstruct, or inhibit the free flow of this event.

The disruption of my memories that I remember, in other words just the disruption whatever it was that I carry as a defense mechanism wound, because I have a memory of something happening before. Sure enough, my best laid plans are put to a challenge because something disrupts the flow again.

In other words, characters come into what is this courtyard event that don’t belong. I pull out my gun, but it won’t fire. I am in shock. Everything is planned so well. A guest who had expectations wonders what and why as he knows this is not supposed to happen.

I wake up in shock that the specially prepared gun I am packing, that is able to negate the intrusion, is ineffective. As I’m waking up I’ve gone back and forth locking it on safety, off of safety, check the ammo. Everything looks fine, but yet it won’t work.

In the next dream, I am aware that the place I am in, and the people I am with, are going to have their lives affected/impacted, and that there is nothing that can be done about it.

In other words, I’m in a house. I see it coming, so I go upstairs in the house and in kind of an attic kind of area there is like a hutch or something that I can crawl into that’s a secret place in which everything will be okay. I can even sense it before it’s going to happen.

My plan is to simply go into the space and when I know it is okay to come out, which I will somehow know intuitively because of a flow that I am able to feel behind my breath, I’ll just simply emerge so nothing can touch this.

Well, unfortunately I compromise that flow by not abiding in it with an attention that is able to roll it around at ease and enhance just that effortlessly. My wavering means I have to share or have exposed this space to others who don’t connect to this flow. They just grasp for things, and it’s there, and it’s a notion for them, so they undermine by their presence, by their failure to be attentive to what is to be attended to, and instead are reactive to something else.

In other words, they’re just bouncing around. Well, to begin with when this sort of thing happens I can kind of accommodate it. It does tear it down a bit, but I can still kind of accommodate it. It lessens the language that I have to this below but, nevertheless, I can accommodate it somewhat. But once one gets that started, the breakdown continues.

Others who seek safety are able to somehow know about this space as existing in some fashion, when it’s meant to be a kind of inner secret because it isn’t intended for them – at least not in this way.

So because of the exposure, I’m no longer able to maintain the sanctity of the place in its hidden capacity way with a vibration that it naturally harbors. The result is I’m exposed, whether I like it or not, to a fate that cannot be averted. In other words, the flow gets lost.

The flow that is designing loses its ability to design because whatever it has designed is designed within a matrix of this inner flow, and if the flow is something that is dwelled upon in and of itself in terms of every Tom, Dick, and Harry, it’s not a flow anymore. The flow disappears and then something even deeper in the flow, the design, is lost as well.

So also the meaning is, is that the free flow I am able to access within, and the sight which comes with it, is not something I am able to hold onto if I am attempting to do this for myself. In other words, if I have some sort of specialness or ideation. To try to do it this way will lose it.

Nevertheless, even so that it’s like that, I’m still meant to exemplify the free flow and everything that it reveals – but nothing more. It’s not for me to make a big deal about it or anything. The idea that I have to make something more of it, or to think it needs safeguarding, contaminates and confounds the effect.

So this is a dream that draws an exclusive attention to the process of unfoldment and the intended flow that is simply there, for no particular reason, in other words not a reason that one’s notions and ideations can catch up with.

And because you can’t catch up with it with anything, you also don’t know how to defend it because anything you might do would be subjecting it to the control and dictums of your own notionality. Such mannerisms and conceived preparations cannot exist with this flow, or coexist with it. Such mannerisms and conceived preparations kill the flow.

The value of the flow when lost causes the meaningfulness to also be veiled. Any sort of intended conduct, no matter how reasonable, when introduced into the equation kills the flow. In other words, repeating it means one goes back and forth trying to find if there is some way of putting a spotlight on it. There just isn’t.

The flow and unfoldment is designed to exist in its own inner vacuum and touch life as a pure quality, unscathed by man’s notions. You can almost say that it has an innocence about it. In its overallness there’s like an innocence which is lost if the attention of the flow wavers to other considerations – no matter how well intended they are. To do any kind of equivocation obliterates the language of an awakening soul.

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