Small Doses

Golden spiralIn these dream images, Jeane is shown an imbalance that she continually comes up against, one that keeps her unsettled and unable to be in the flow. And what is important to realize is that we live in a system, the human complex, that has our best interests at heart. It is always seeking to push and prod us toward a state of greater well being and connection – through dreams, through intuition, through knowings. That’s an unbelievable concept in itself, because it acknowledges that parts of us know us better than our waking brains. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So my earliest dreams I don’t remember as much detail except that one, it was like I was in an audience looking up on a stage. Both dreams were about alignment. I was like using my breath to align with something.

So the first instance I was aligning with something on a stage, different things actually. And I remember another segment of that when I was walking somewhere, it even had to do with alignment with a grizzly bear.

Then it felt like I was back at the stage focusing on alignment with someone. And I think I even had a dialogue with you, but it was like, whether we disagreed with something or not, it felt like the only thing I felt was important was really the alignment.

John: What’s interesting is that your alignment vibe feels a lot like what I would call a masculine perspective as a vibe of appreciation. In other words, an alignment gives you an overall quality and sense of things, that pulls things in, so that you can take it all in.

And an appreciation for the masculine does the same thing in that it relieves the masculine of… it softens the quality of how ideas, or impulses, or mannerisms, or pressures are experienced.

Jeane: Then I had a dream where it felt like I met up with a friend, a girlfriend, and we went to a lot of trouble to get somewhere to join a group of people. And we’re sitting with that group of people kind of on a platform, and there are one or two people that I remember as high school teachers that are talking to us.

And things are winding down and, as they’re talking to us, I have a cup someone hands me that has something in it to drink. And I drink, but then in the bottom of the cup is this huge spider, like a tarantula, so I kind of scream out at that. But a tarantula jumps out and lands on my chest, and I have to have someone else come out and remove it because I don’t even want to look at it.

Then that little drama is over and it feels like everything’s winding down. We’re just having dialogue and things and, when it’s time to go home, I suddenly realize I don’t know where my car is. So I have to think really hard and then I realize that I can’t find my car.

I do have to return the car, it’s like a rented car or something, but I realize now that this girlfriend I have been traveling with I had met her at the car dealer at one point, and I must have gotten in her car at that point to come to where I am. So now what I’m going to have to do is find my way back to that car dealer to get the car to return it – and that’s maybe it’s because it’s there it’s already returnable.

It’s like I can’t quite figure that one out. I’m trying to sort it out. After that it felt like all that happened was I actually had a couple of beautiful images. One was just sparkly like colors and things, and another one was some pearls that belonged to my mother.

John: The idea of a tarantula or something jumping out when you let your guard down, so to speak, and you think that you’re just taking in and appreciating an environment – only to find that at the bottom. Or the quality of not being able to remember how an alignment of things has come together is a repeat pattern for you, and it’s apparently a repeat pattern because it points to something that you’ve done to short that out, or to cause that sort of thing to be sitting there in some imbedded fashion in your nature that comes up from time to time to mess up your well being.

So it’s more or less speaking of something that’s unresolved, or not properly taken in, or appreciated, or aligned and, as a consequence of that, you are not able to be as even and as settled as would ordinarily be the case.

This is also like a tear or a complex for you that can cause you to crack up. And the approach, the energetic effect of this, is a little like having to know how to work with kundalini energy. And the reason I say that is because your after-images are all an attempt to restore the balance, and the cadence, so that you don’t go taking something too seriously and do another kind of stabbing upon yourself.

However, the fact that this keeps coming up, this quality keeps coming up, means that you have to take stock of the fact that you have this reactive aspect in your nature that keeps you from being able to settle back and appreciate, fully appreciate, what is just naturally unfolding.

And because there is that conundrum, it creates the sense that you have an alignment conundrum, so I’m thinking that your alignment conundrum is more of a byproduct of the fact that there is this gap, this part of yourself that is on edge, that also then affects your ability to catch up with memories that would normally naturally be there, but this other sits there and has to be, and is, absorbing a lot of your consciousness.

Because the way that this is is if carried to an extreme this could drive one crazy, or over an edge, because it can spin out and spin out and spin out. So you’re taking it in in little doses, and you’re looking at it in terms of it being an alignment issue is a roundabout way of looking at the outside parameters of the scenario, but the depth of it is something that is pretty jarring, energetically speaking.

But the thing about this is it’s kind of like a Doctor Jekyll and Hyde kind of thing because, if that’s not there, you have appreciation. When it’s there you’re not allowed to… when it’s prevalent it undermines the appreciation and it has you thinking that something is off. Or when it’s flickering the sense is that something is off.

So it’s an archetypal kind of trauma. You have energy that, as you work it through, brings you into a wholeness of yourself, and the language of your soul seems to have an intent upon you catching up with this – and it is going at it in a very careful way.

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