An Accepting Heart

the spiritual and moral health of the heartIt is often overlooked by us that we are feeling creatures living in a feeling universe. The interconnection of everything can’t be understood intellectually – it has to be felt and known. Communication with what is around us is a process of feeling, and when we put more effort into that feeling, plants, animals, people, and the earth itself begin to feel us.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then, as if the solution or the answer to this is a type of stepping back with a quality of appreciation, this is what the long dream tends to portray.

So I have gone to a place that’s like a nightclub or something, a quasi nightclub. It’s not like there’s a lot of people at the nightclub, kind of empty basically. Anyway, I’m at this place in which “T” has driven on his own, and to maintain his freedom he actually paid extra to have the car with him so he can leave when he feels like it.

My folks are also there and they’re inclined to just stay until it’s all over. And I feel I’m kind of trapped in that I do not know what my position needs to be, and it seems that I just have to cope and go with what’s occurring. And, since I am probably with my folks because I have no other regular ride that I’m looking at I will just have to wait, which could be boring, especially if I don’t like it.

So the imbalance that exists keeps me from appreciating the evening as much as I would have otherwise, and this is made evident because there’s a person who’s performing a simple game that, in another state of mind, I would have probably liked but, because of an unevenness that I’m experiencing within, this is keeping me from being able to be at ease in the setting.

I cannot leave like this because there really is something about what is going on that needs to be appreciated. I also cannot stay because I am shut down and therefore am not taking in what is there.

With this being what it is there has to be a correction, there has to be something that kind of re-attunes, so it happens in that I’m suddenly able to go home. I don’t know how I got there because I don’t have a ride. “T” has the car, the folks are away, I go back home. I’m alone and then I figure I will go back later.

While at home I noticed that the fireplace in the house has an outer stone work that’s fine but also there’s an inner layer and it is exposed. In other words, someone had taken and laid a different kind of rock work over the top of the brick, or the rock work that was the original, and some of that old rock work is still visible as an inner layer.

So in other words, it’s kind of exposed. And the thing is this exposed inner layer that I can see is dull-looking to me, and I seem to remember from recalling another kind of fireplace that just was made out of this inner kind of rock that was a lot brighter. You can make it come more alive if you sprayed water on it even.

Well, this dullness just doesn’t look right to me, so I wonder if this will work here as well. So I’ve got nothing to lose. I find a container with a little water and I get a brush and I touch the brick with a little of the moisture that the brush is able to take in, but the bricks are hot and it immediately evaporates.

But somehow this process does cause water to be applied, or to go to the brick, and what surprises me is that wherever I apply the water the bricks become brighter. You would think I was using red paint or something, because the effect is that noticeable. I hear a voice that says I must take care of how I do this because the effect becomes long lasting.

Well, anyway, the ability to notice this, to recognize this, to bring it through, seems to awaken me from my checked-out uneasiness. I mean, an uneasiness that existed where I was situated in the meditation dream, I could have found where everything was okay just as is instead of realizing that somehow I seemed out of place, and this uneasiness that also existed in the place where I left has been somehow or another found a missing link of energy that it needed.

Something was brightened, and it becomes noticeable because when I go back to this nightclub and the act that had bored me before, because I wasn’t in the right place, has stepped down and then there’s this new gig that’s a couple of people and I immediately appreciate this new group because I’m in a different state.

I found my sense of appreciation, a brightness, but I am also able to say to the prior performer that I know he is something else when he plays his horn instrument, which I take to be a trumpet or something, and what a shame that I had not had the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy it.

The next thing I know, he is walking back to the stage, trumpet in one hand, his other arm across his breast almost like seeking permission and at the same time in a state of heartfulness, and somehow or another I’m right with him. Under those circumstances, how could the act that is up there say no? The whole place will brighten up and come more alive now that my appreciation is more inclusive and has found the inner rhythm. And, of course, the other act that is up there, they already know I appreciate them and like them, so it’s like it’s all part of a flow now.

The meaning is that the dreams the last few nights have been about accessing an important flow that I have been missing, or not properly taking into account. As a result, a subtle uneasiness and imbalance exists.

In this dream, I am realizing that this has to do with me not communicating a sense of appreciation that is needed by the environment. My dullness is affecting the sparkle of things around me. In the dreams earlier in the evening, what came through during meditation was I was struggling to catch up with a vibratory state I know is sitting just at my fingertips, so to speak, just out of reach.

In this dream I am shown that the subtle thing that is missing that brings everything together naturally occurs when an appreciation exists. This occurs when the heart is more accepting and is able to be more naturally open. The reason I am often too sober in my expression is because I have repressed a sense of joy and appreciation that needs to flow through me more naturally as part of who I am.

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