A Broken Cadence

SharksA dream about swimming in a shark tank might seem exciting, or frightening, depending on your perspective. Yet in this instance we can see that the sharks represent an energetic that is being shut down. The shark enclosure is not vibrant and exciting, it’s going out of business. In this way the images show Jeane that she is causing just such a shutting down effect internally and energetically. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had trouble pulling out dreams last night, and the only dream I remember, maybe it was influenced by visiting the MGM Grand and seeing the lion enclosure all empty, but I had a dream that there was an enclosure like that except it was a shark tank.

And maybe there’s only one or two sharks left and someone I know is swimming with the shark but, apparently, they’re going to be closing down the shark exhibit, I guess you’d call it. And I’m trying to figure out how all of that works, trying to figure out about how my friend is swimming in there and relating to the shark.

And that I’m also trying to figure out what’s happening as they close it all down because there’s only one or two sharks left in there right now. That’s all I really remembered of the dreams last night.

John: That must have left you feeling miserable because what you’re doing is the opposite of intertwining. You’re shutting things down, you’re closing things off, you’re breaking linkages, you’re disrupting flow, and you’re doing it with images that work that way.

And every time something like that happens, it should hit like a pain stabbing you in some fashion because if you look at the effect as something more than just the appearance, it’s taking something away from how you are able to be.

In other words, look at it not just from the literal outer, but look at it from what it portrays in terms of how the inner quality of your nature cannot open up in this area anymore. You have an inner thing that reflects a particular outer, and now that particular outer doesn’t reflect, which means there has been damage done on the inner.

And there’s only one kind of damage that can be done and that’s where you break the ability for something to come together, to twine together, to have a correspondence, a connectivity, and you don’t have that possibility there anymore.

So if you were to look at the energetic effect literally, as if this is symbolic of something more in terms of on the other side or something, this is a collapse, this is kind of a catastrophe. Do you see that?

It’s amazing you had to get the opposite. You got the opposite effect and that probably can lead you to feeling pretty good because you can redeem yourself from that. But what if you get it the other way around? Then you go the other direction with it into a type of despair and everything else because you suddenly realize all the areas in which there’s the broken cadence – and that’s how I did it, in the opposite way.

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