We’re Never Alone

Tree of LifeHere a simple dream that discusses the energy between a man and a woman in a relationship is actually touching at the deepest levels of inner life and spiritual development. Because, on the inner levels, the dance between our masculine and feminine aspects is critical to finding a balance that connects with the flow of life. Balance is a natural state for everything, and humans should be more natural in themselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In one of the early dreams I have, it feels like there’s a woman that I know that is sitting at a table that’s somewhat distanced from me and she comes from there to where I am, or I go from where I am to where she is.

We’re trying to get some movement in terms of her relationship with her partner, whether it’s her husband or boyfriend I don’t know, but it feels like he just sits at the table and she wants him to be doing more than just sitting there. So as we go back and forth, and this happens over the course of the dream, it feels like I go back and forth there sometimes.

It’s like we keep trying to get something active happening there and I think there is some shifting later in the dream. I just don’t remember that part that well, other than that we kept working at it. Then there would be other women sitting with their partners at other tables around that room, too, but I was mainly focused on trying to get some movement with just the one couple.

John: Well, this kind of goes along with what you complain about, actually, in that you seem to recognize that there is a certain quality, or aspect, or mannerism that the masculine needs to carry, or come across with, in order for something to be more alive, or awakened, or exciting in terms of life.

And so you’ve kind of portrayed a scenario in which things have kind of an insipid interlude and the idea is how best to pull out a dynamic, to enliven a dynamic, so that everything has a better cadence and a better flow. Otherwise it kind of sits in a static-ness; it’s a static-ness that doesn’t have a flow to it.

So, why would one have a dream like this? Well, one has a dream like this because the deeper underlying subject matter is a connectiveness to the environment and your surroundings and, when one has the feeling that they’re not connected, or are kind of a little on the outside of what is going on on a level where things are too slow, or too boring, or too whatever, that the image that’s created is the expectation, or anticipation, that something more needs to be quickened.

So it creates the conundrum: is there anything that one has to do to kind of create the quickening? You could almost say that this is like a psychological dream where the feminine has to catch up with her masculine side, just like the masculine has to catch up with the feminine side.

What your dream doesn’t do, because you already know what that feels like, is go into portraying or causing you to look at the traits that exist when something isn’t listening, or isn’t reflectively animated, or alive, or quickened in some fashion.

Because when something is flowing, and engaged, and connective, what makes living enjoyable is that there’s something subtle then that exists as well, something intangible that exists as well. And to begin with it is just kind of a comfortable flow, but this comfortable flow also, because it is able to permeate in, through, and to and be engaged with and enlivened with in terms of everything in its surroundings, it therefore seems to have a natural dialogue as well.

And the dream is kind of like, in terms of another larger schematic, is pointing out that we’re never alone. We’re always twined in the environment with everything that is going on around us, and yet we don’t seem to know that and have our mannerisms in which we can feel left out, or even feel misunderstood, or conduct ourselves in an aloof way thinking that that’s appropriate.

And those kinds of activities lead to an estrangement because that’s not how we are.

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