A Natural Politeness

womanWe speak often in these posts about the relationship between ourself, which feels very separate, and the universe. And it seems important to understand that this is a relationship like any other – to create a deep connection requires belief, patience, and a passion for what is possible. Each of us feels separate in our own unique way – it happened by being born in a human body – but we can all be reunited in the oneness of everything when we realize that that is what we have been designed to do. It is our life’s purpose to reconnect in a meaningful way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The opposite effect shows that there’s a gentler way of being able to hear what is being communicated by life all the time around you. In other words, you don’t have to put yourself in a predicament where you hear by way of stupidity, by way of density, and eventually realized yeah, I can’t be doing that because that really makes me odd.

So this other way requires you to be grounded and the new meaning occurs where there’s a type of touching and awakening from an aliveness connective in an inner way.

And the way it’s portrayed, from the masculine perspective, I go up to a woman who is sitting at a table by herself. In other words, she’s a total stranger to me as far as I know. Her back’s to me and there’s no sense that she knows who I am, or I know who she is.

It’s just that something about that situation needs to be tweaked. Ultimately, though, I do recognize her because an alivening happens that causes something to open up. And what I do is I walk up behind her, I take kind of her head and I tilt it back and I kiss her on the forehead. And I kiss her on the cheek, and I kiss her on the neck, and all of that is exciting to her. And when I do this, it breaks a stupor where something is just frozen – it needs quickening.

The meaning of this is what I’m doing is awakening and quickening life. When something is energized everything glistens. Being alone – in an outer way – takes one away from a natural consciousness that exists.

This is the opposite. If you could see this, this is the opposite of the other where I think I have to maintain a certain hiddenness or mannerism off to one side in order to hear it because otherwise it gets all lost in the overall sense of things all around me.

I am haunted by anticipations in other words. To be haunted by anticipatory energies means you’re too alone. I now know that. It means something about you in your approach carries too much aloneness.

And so you have these two areas presented and that closes those two areas together because I present first one extreme and then the other, that closes those two areas together. And so it’s like you have to put together all that exists in between.

So now I’m seeing myself as having gone through a day and went through all kinds of flashed images that happen during the day, and each part of whatever it is that I saw at the end of the day is required to communicate, to relate about that particular aspect, always being aspects of myself.

It’s as if a book was written of everything that occurred during the day and now comes a summing up. And so I am finding it uncanny how these topics, each of these people or parts, is required to speak on a topic. And I’m finding it uncanny and I’m learning a lot in terms of what each of these people say, or talk about, that seems to be tailored just for them.

Now, of course, because I’m kind of nonchalant and aloof – I’m just there to listen – no way that I participate in any of that. But then I’m glancing ahead in this book of the day events, of which there are seven, or eight, or nine different things that are being broken out, suddenly I notice that my name is there where I have to talk about something. And I thought I was getting away just fine being in my aloneness and aloofness, distant in a comfortable way, was my perspective.

And then I’m looking at an aspect of part of the flow of the day. Like during the day, before of course we got to the point where there’s the recap, there was a period of time in which there was a meal, kind of a cafeteria-type meal. I just came in by myself and the food’s out there and it’s kind of basic food and I grab my plate.

I’m half lazy. If there’s a little food already on the plate I don’t have to dish up I’ll take that. I’m just all self-assuming here. Need some extra potatoes? Well, I just scoop those out of the pot with my fingers.

And then I go to sit down and everybody’s sitting in all of the seats, but there is one right at the end of a kind of a bench that can kind of catch a corner of the table. Well, I can make the best of that. I’m not all that social, so I go over and squeeze into that seat in kind of a clumsy and awkward way.

And the person that I’m squeezing in next to asks me if I was affected by the bad weather in the area. And I mention that where I was at there was only six inches, meaning it was a nonevent, it wasn’t bad. And this person mentions how they had 12 inches and so, to be polite, I say, “Gee that’s a lot, that had to be bad.” But basically I’m still being aloof and callous.

So that flashback hits, and now I’m back to having glanced ahead where I have to give this talk, that’s coming up. At first that throws me off: what do I have to talk about? I’m not even relating to any of these people. I’m just getting by here.

And these talks in a way, if you were to kind of label them, they’re kind of like adab talks because they talk about traits, and characteristics, and qualities – just how to be. And because I’ve conducted myself in an off-side way and alone way, I’m surprised that someone was watching, that somehow or another that all of this was taken into account and that something there that my mannerism has been sitting in is important, needs to be revealed to close the gap.

So my talk is called Polite Posit. I don’t know what posit means, but Polite Posit. I’m not sure what to say because when you have a talk like this what you need to do is be more personable; I can’t have this talk from an aloof way like I’ve been going on. So I have to change somehow.

So, in my opinion, in order for this to come out I need to be more involved, and the only way I know how that can be is for it to be more interactive. So I plan on setting the ground rules as follows: let everybody know that they can feel free to interrupt, and that they have my permission to put me on the spot about anything that they feel is reflective and we’ll see where that goes, in terms of how that fits, in terms of polite mannerisms.

That’s how you close the gap, right, between too aloof and too personal, because one is too something, and then the other is too confusing. And therefore there is a distance, and in between there is a natural politeness.

What you’re basically talking about is one sitting in its aloofness is kind of an innerness that isn’t grounded, and the other that is sitting in life is an openness that is unconscious, so to speak, and therefore can’t come through.

And so what you have to do is put the two together and the way you do that is you can’t challenge this stuff. You have to have kind of a mannerism that is light, polite, and tosses this stuff out there in such a way so that it’s all acceptable, it all makes sense, so that there isn’t the peculiarities that sit there and create an uneasiness like the discussion over the weather.

I was just going along with that conversation because where I am at six inches that is nothing, 12 inches, oh yeah, now I have to pretend a little bit because where I’m at I got off scot-free. But then I got to realizing that for most people six inches is a lot of snow. Just because for some reason it’s meaningless, I can ignore that or overlook it, doesn’t mean that that’s being polite, that that’s being relevant to an interconnected wholeness.

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