An Empty Feeling

inner-emptinessIn these dreams, Jeane is seen trying to open up an energetic situation, only to find out that what opens up is a barren and empty place. What would cause that? Well, it is always our choices in life that can connect us to higher, deeper realms, or which can also disconnect us from the greater aspects of life. And since we are making decisions all our waking hours, we vacillate in our depth and connections. Part of what it means to become conscious is taking responsibility for all of our choices – no matter how trivial they seem. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My evening started out where I feel like I had four dreams that were all similar because they trace the energy in four situations. And they would trace it mostly horizontally, though I think they also bisected it.

And it seemed to either have to do with, I would think about it almost like if you were in a casino and you were betting, but it wasn’t really that. It was like the linear line would go through a situation, and it would be how you played that situation.

So in one scenario, even though it might look like a room in a casino or a hotel or somewhere, when I followed the energy line through, I’m talking to a man about how you played or went along with the baseball situation. I want to know some of the rules and then, as he explains it, he tells me what you can do.

And then I’d say, well can’t you do this? And it’s like, well, no you can’t do that. And then I’d say, well what about in this situation? And then he’d say, well, yeah you can do it in that situation. That’s the only situation you can do it in.

And then there would be one that was going through the casino, and it’s like I want to make sure you don’t do something that gets the mob after you, that sort of thing. But it mostly was like seeing the lines. It was like if you had four squares and each one was bisected by two lines and what could you do with that situation.

I wish I could remember more about what the scenarios were, but it wasn’t like I was studying them as much as I was trying to get information by following this line that was bisected.

John: The theme of the dreaming was trying to listen, or to hear, or to catch up with something that’s to happen, or meant to happen, or can be done, or is an awareness. And that’s what I did in my dream, too, in which I’m trying to pull something down that will enable a greater expanse to open up.

And in your dream, the difference is the manner in which something is attempting to be pulled out. In your particular case you make it sound more like, as you’re going about in the outer you need to know the ins and outs about a situation of life. And, as you know the ins and outs, the rules so to speak, the guidelines, you then expand your base of attention.

And so you see yourself trying to take on more of the overall in that way. And as you take on more of the overall, and you know the rules, you’re able then to do more, and more, and more in kind of a force-of-nature way.

Jeane: The next dream, which is more towards morning, I’m with some other people and it’s like we’re looking for a place to stay temporarily. We will need more of a permanent place to stay at some point, but right now it’s just a temporary place to stay.

We’ve gone out to the countryside a bit. We’ve gone through this one home and there’s an adjoining home, I think, owned by the same person. And they’ve apparently given us permission to camp out there. So we go into one home and it seems pretty barren so some of us start to camp out there for the night.

Then the rest of us go on to the next home, and it’s also pretty barren, maybe just a sock dropped here or there as people moved out.

We’re just kind of starting to get comfortable there and we hear a clamor kind of in the courtyard and we go out, and there’s this kind of jovial man sitting in a lawn chair supervising everything. And there are some people that come with a travel trailer just crammed full of stuff, until it’s practically falling out the windows, really junky, and they want to stay there.

They’ve apparently stayed there before, but we explain that we have permission to stay there. Apparently they didn’t, so they move on, although they have had permission to stay there in the past but they don’t now.

Then I go out. For some reason this causes me to look at the whole scenario a little bit more and I realize that, even though we might stay there for a night or two, which we have permission to do, that I really don’t want to stay there very long because it has this really scruffy lawn with places where it has bare dirt and then grass that’s growing out of control.

And that if we stayed very long, then we’d be back to maintaining a yard and all the rest of it, when we just are looking for a brief place to anchor for a while. But we wouldn’t want to live there because I don’t want to be taking on a whole house with a lawn out in the country for what we’re doing.

John: And so then you’re going to stay in this empty house and you’re going to be doing something in the outer. So the temporary place that you’re staying in, in terms of what you’re doing in the outer, shocks you that it isn’t up to a certain quality or something.

So would you say, then, that this dream is suggesting that the manner in which you’re attempting to go about in life, to recreate in life we’ll call it because that’s kind of what you’re doing, that the manner in which you’re doing that is, in some way or another, undermining the quality that you should be experiencing what you’re doing?

In other words, the house is pretty empty, more empty than usual, but you’re able to enable yourself to stay in those places. Others aren’t. And even though it’s temporary, it’s also impositional, you’re imposing.

This dream is kind of a contrast to your first dream in which you’re trying to figure out a greater space, what are the rules to take on in terms of occupying a greater spatiality in life. And to expand one’s parameters in this capacity is kind of like a force-of-nature approach in that you have more possibilities, more potentiality, a greater expression.

So you’re seeking to find and do that in the first dream, and in this dream it turns out that the choices you make, in terms of what you’re doing, are undermining something. In other words there’s something kind of shallow about it. The houses are empty. You can go into these houses because you’ve reserved the right to travel in this capacity in order to recreate in some way – and the houses are empty.

So is this a warning dream, or is this just a dream to acknowledge that as you expand your perspective, in other words the flip-side way of looking at it now, or is this a perspective that is being provided, that as you expand your awareness to take in greater surroundings, as you were seeking to do in the first dream, that all that you end up finding is that you go from house to house that is basically empty? And it’s always temporary, that you utilize to be able to recreate in a particular way, but there’s something empty about all of that.

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