On Solid Ground

45236_nIn this imagery, Jeane continues her journey through a single night of dreams (see An Empty Feeling).  Here, an aspect of her is seen on a cliff area on a muddy and slippery slope. Then that slope turns into a giant and kindly animal that allows that aspect of her safe passage to the ground. As our dreams unfold, when we are able to find the right depth in us, or make the right connection, what was a dangerous scenario can turn suddenly in our favor as it did for Jeane. That is what it’s like to be in the flow of waking life, rather than disconnected from it: we regain a natural grace of living. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So this last scenario, it feels like one of us from the house, before we leave to go on to where we’re going next, has gone out on a little bit of an area that juts out near a lot of cliffs in the ocean. And they slipped a bit, so they suddenly realize instead of just walking around there they suddenly are in a very precarious position where almost like if they move they could fall and be, you know, fall onto the rocks in the ocean down below.

And everything is slick kind of mud, or rock, that you can’t really grab a hold of anything so they’re kind of even wondering how to move and get back on more solid ground. But then it feels like, when they move a little bit, they realize that what they’re laying on that looks like mud, because it’s all brown, is actually some kind of a very large animal.

And as the animal permits, they’re able to kind of pull themselves on that animal’s neck, and it’s long and it kind of bends, and it’s brown, and slide up over the neck and then it kind of puts it down on the solid ground because the animal permits that.

John: You’re still going back and forth with the same question. To start off with, you indicated that what you’re doing you would look at it from the perspective that you’re on a slippery slope and that, as a consequence of something being empty in terms of the house inside, that whatever it was that you were recreating, or trying to do by going down to the beach, or the slope or whatever, was also kind of dire, was also not working out.

However, what this dream is indicating is, it’s indicating that there is a quality inside of yourself that seems to be able to be okay in that environment and that if that part awakens to you it makes all the difference in the world because that part, when you find that you’re actually a part of that, that part is just fine, that part moves around and doesn’t have any problems.

It knows the footing of things. So, when you put all of the dreams together it seems to be, in the end, that it’s suggesting that you’re coming to a point where something is able, or meant, or will open up that will make the difference. And if that something hadn’t been there, or didn’t come across like this, then you’d be left in limbo.

In other words, you would be attempting to, from the first dream, expand the perceptions that you need to have in the overall by way of knowing how to take on more of the overall. And that would have gotten you into making, perhaps, some bad choices, which would have resulted in your idea of recreating would have dealt with a certain kind of emptiness as opposed to a better sense of meaningfulness.

That would have as a result because you didn’t have a good base, would have left you hanging out there on a slippery slope of things. In other words, this is a slow and steady degradation that’s occurring.

However, what the dream seems to indicate is that even though everything is proceeding as if it’s that way that, in the end, you find something that keeps you on solid ground. That when you realize that you’re not on solid ground and that you’re on the slippery slope, it’s almost as if the realization, the split second after the realization, that that was what was important for you to catch up with and that, in and of itself, being kind of an animal nature vibration is what was important. Because now you find yourself having awoken something inside of yourself that is the deciding difference that keeps you on solid ground.

And so one has to look at your whole sequence of dreams as if that’s a process. I guess I believe the way you’re describing it working, I think I believe that it works that way, too, in that often times one goes along and everything that they do from a certain appearance when you are able to actually properly look at yourself, from that appearance you see that things are lacking.

However, you’re watching it and by watching it you come to an acceptance and a recognition of that by watching it. You might not be able to do much about it. I mean, a part of you is opening up and expanding and taking on more all the time, but the consequences of all of that, if you were evaluating yourself, would be that this isn’t getting you anywhere. This is creating another kind of emptiness and amnesia because your attention is going out in a way that isn’t properly based from within.

But, in the end, because you’re watching yourself, you are able to reconcile from some quality of depth inside of yourself, you’re able to reconcile what is needed, you’re able to find what is needed, and thus this puts you back on track to your destiny – or what is meant to unfold.

In other words, you go along, and you go along, and you go along and it’s like the difference is you tell this dream as almost as if this is enjoyable or something, but it on a certain level is discombobulated. And yet you go along and, all of a sudden, you catch up with whatever it is that you needed to recognize and see – and just that fact alone was all that was necessary.

And that then took and placed you into solid footing again. Do you see how that paralleled? Very interesting.

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