Trial by Fire

Sacred-Masculine-FeminineIn this dream we get a look at the intricate dance between the masculine and feminine, both as an aspect of Jeane’s inner life, and as part of the outer physical realms. What is being said is subtle and profound, yet at the heart of it is the notion that one aspect cannot do it all. Neither the masculine nor the feminine is designed to do everything – it is only through a balance of the two that forward steps can be made. That’s as true of our personal lives as it is of the world around us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first dream I have, let me describe the physical layout a bit, it’s almost like I’m in one space where something has occurred and I’ve made the other side of the bed into a separate room where something else is going on that I’m linked to.

So on my side it feels like maybe the team I was invested in had lost or something so, as kind of a consolation prize almost, with a sense of humor or looking down on it a little bit, the powers that be have thrown these jackets into a room on the other side of the bed that I’m linked to somehow.

There are several rooms on the other side of the bed. I mean, there are several rooms within a larger room, that’s the way I should say it, and they’re linked to where I’m at. And one of these rooms had a big fire in it and they’ve thrown the jackets in there.

Well, the jackets aren’t going to burn. And there are some other people who must be affiliated with me and the team that lost, or whatever it was that occurred, that I know will be coming shortly.

And instead of being upset by all of this, I’m kind of intrigued by it. I know the jackets aren’t going to burn up in the fire and there aren’t as many jackets as there are people, and even though maybe these jackets are meant as a consolation prize, I think I could actually do something with them that will be entertaining for us on the other side.

Maybe we can have a little contest to see who gets the jackets, or whatever, or we’ll have fun with them. It’s like however it was that the powers that be saw all of this, I just didn’t seem to see it the same way. I’m kind of intrigued by all of this and I think we’ll actually have some enjoyment.

I have to snatch the jackets out of the fire or something, even though I know they won’t burn, but I want to see how many there are so I could see how we can play with them. But I just seem to be amused by the whole thing.

John: It’s interesting what you’re portraying. Again it’s a situation in which your dreams fit with my dreams, only you’re adding another component.

In my dream I could see that the mother principle in life is at its wits end, and that the principle of innocence, and gentleness, and softness has been disrupted and is, as a result, doing something totally unnatural. It’s reactive because it’s been violated – and I am to blame.

And so something new has been determined. And what’s new is that you, representing the mother principle, have chosen to take the protection, and safety, and security – represented by the jackets – and left them. And instead of invoking them for yourself, you’re leaving them out there to try to take care of what is seen, from my perspective, as the soft, gentle, and innocent quality of life.

Because if you take the jackets on, is that sufficient for the soft, innocent, and gentle quality of life to be preserved? And there’s a confusion that exists, because I am trying to hand that back to the feminine. But the feminine, things have gotten to the point where the feminine can’t protect it. And so something very, very strange exists in which you can’t make that kind of a shift. And so, as a consequence, I’m having to pacify the distortion that exists in the soft, gentle, and innocent quality.

Well it’s not my nature to do that. It’s my nature to hand it back to the feminine. But if I hand it back to the feminine, something awry is going to happen, and all the feminine could do is shrug its shoulders. It doesn’t know how to do anything about it. The gap is too big.

And so what your dream is saying is you’ve gotten the memo, you can see that the way that it should work and had been working isn’t working, and so you’re extending latitude to the masculine to catch up with figuring out how to safeguard and protect the soft, gentle, and innocent quality in life.

And you’re acting as if, and you’re doing this as if, you’ve given up, that this is something that the masculine isn’t doing a proper job in relationship to holding the principle for the feminine together so, therefore, as a last ditch hope, perhaps you can take this protection – which can never get lost because that’s the nature – perhaps you can take this into life in ways that it won’t burn up.

There’s a whole inferno going on. There’s a problem with this image, is if the feminine represents creation, and the jackets, the protection, won’t burn, therefore that’s the last ditch hope of the feminine is that the protection can withstand what is coming, and that the protection has to reach out, strike out and that the feminine has to give it more freedom to do that and not have to try to clutch it so closely or something because that isn’t working, which is the normal way that it had been done, and is done, and used to be done in the past. Is that going to make any difference?

And maybe it’s a little bit like you say, the masculine goes way out there on a limb to find what is needed to create the insight, and then the feminine, at the last second, can reel it in. But it has to realize it knows that, somehow or another, the protection, represented by the jackets, can go out like that and somehow be okay.

So that’s what the feminine is doing is allowing that to be, and then the masculine is trying to do the opposite and is trying to bring, in my dream, kind of bring it back to its home to where it’s meant to be safeguarded and protected by the feminine nature, only to find that things are so chaotic and stirred up that the soft, gentle, and innocent quality nature shrinks. It loses its strength in its innocence, and then it gets abruptly destroyed.

This isn’t the Mother Nature’s fault. It’s based upon a transition or change in the way the responsibility works, that there is a quality that the masculine has to take on as a closeness and, in doing that, can kind of keep things going and can’t yet give back to the feminine because the feminine hasn’t gotten enough protection and closeness from the masculine, hasn’t created that, that hasn’t happened yet to the point that it’s necessary to where there can be the handoff.

So we have a disjointure going on in terms of the intertwining, that the intertwining can work – this is putting the two dreams together – the intertwining can work only up to a particular point and degree, but the masculine effect that is disturbing things isn’t aware yet of the degree that it is still disturbing things. So it is not able to be responsible in terms of the degree of protection that’s required.

And so the feminine nature has no choice but to hope for the best and surrender, and give up that which is most precious to her to the safekeeping of the masculine, which is a quality of an inner part of herself – but her outer part is left vulnerable.

Well, it’s a paradox here. The outer part can’t protect the inner part, and so the masculine has to somehow hold onto that in its presence, in its light, hold onto that, cannot hand it back into creation to the mother principle, the sustainer, because the mother principle can’t protect it. In other words, there’s something wrong in the intertwining. It’s not quite getting the memos.

There isn’t quite the clarity that is needed and, as a consequence, things are breaking down yet. In other words, this fits with the outer as well. It is an inner dream, and it’s an outer dream.

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