More Time Needed

theology-spirituality-and-cancerIn this image, Jeane is working with an inexperienced woman therapist and realizes that she will need more training than originally thought. In dreams, as in life, everything requires its time to grow, develop, and strengthen. Here we see that process on the inner levels, where it’s just as important for new connections to be given the energetic support needed for them to form a permanent connection into life. Such support comes from the conscious confirmation of the intentions that opened up the new energy to begin with. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next image, it’s like I’ve gone to work as a therapist and I’m working affiliated with a medical center so we have some ground level offices. There are about three of them and then outside our area is an area where the doctors do their work.

And then there’s a door through to a room where it’s like a break room for the doctors and my friend is one of the doctors that’s working there. Well, my initial focus is in these therapy rooms.

There’s a young woman we’ve hired that’s fairly new, and I’ve kind of gone into her office to see what’s going on, and I realize in talking to her and seeing what she’s doing that she’s good, but she’s young yet.

She still has things to learn, but I like her energy and her enthusiasm. I can see she’ll develop, but if I had any thoughts that I could back out, let’s say, or ease off soon, I realize that, no, I can’t because it’s actually going to take a while before she has some of the experience that you need that comes over time.

And I realize the doctors are feeling really swamped with people and we can help out there. So I go next door to see my friend and she’s out of sight right now. There are some other doctors sitting around. One’s a doctor who I try to talk to, but it looks like he’s kind of comatose right now. He either doesn’t speak much English, or he’s just tired; he’s not talking.

And then I talk to one of the other doctors who seems a little snippy at first because they’re overwhelmed, but I say that actually I have figured out that there’s a way that we can offer some extra support, or they can access us a little more readily, but I need to talk to my friend about it.

So then they get my friend because I have figured out there’s a way that we can kind of more quickly signal if we actually do have space to see someone without going through some of the rigamarole of referral processes that you have there.

Of course, after I’ve made that decision, I realize that sometimes we do need that time, too, for paperwork, but I think that was more of a waking thought. In my dream level it felt like I was just trying to do something so that we could take some pressure off and make things happen faster and a little more smoothly.

John: So what you did is you brought back the hope again in terms of the fact that it’s going to take time for part of yourself to catch up. In other words, to catch up with how it is able to take on its role, or responsibility, in the overall.

And that you’re going at it as best you can because you realize that the doctors, or the masculine element that has to contend with the peculiarities of the process of how things are destined to unfold, has to bring all of that down and bring it across so that it can then be released into life.

And it gets released into life through the feminine principle that knows how to take and ameliorate what is, you know, to handle, to take on an overallness with what is propounded before it. It seeks to try to do that, but there’s a young quality inside of yourself that’s just going to require more time and training before that can happen.

So meanwhile everything sits in a type of overwhelm, where the principles of things coming this way and that way are out of control. And the degree to which they can be taken in and modified to a wholeness, into an overall cadence of balance, that’s not quite possible yet, either. There’s still more training and time involved.

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