The One Relationship

Law of CrystallizationThese images look at different facets of the nature of our connectivity to the world around us. As we have seen, balancing our masculine and feminine natures plays a huge role in our ability to connect, as does connecting through the feeling life, or heartfulness as John has described it. It may seem complex, yet the dreams are showing the way. In one case a “piggishness” disconnects him from being able to protect a new energy, and piggishness can been seen as an aspect of a self-first view. And when we act from our ego nature it disconnects us, and separates us, from what is universal; i.e., we feel alone, not as part of everything.

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John: I should probably tell the dream that’s intertwined with the first dream that you told. It’s very odd. A fawn, you know what a fawn looks like? It has its nice little spots and whatnot; it’s real pretty.

It’s come into the yard where I am at and, to my surprise, upon seeing me instead of walking delicately and carrying on like a fawn can be – it’s kind of in a tender state – it comes right up to me and bites my little finger.

It’s such a peculiar image I can’t hold anything against the fawn, I just consider it confused or something, so I grab it and pick it up and I get my little finger out of its mouth. It bit so hard that I was convinced that my finger would be bleeding, but it wasn’t.

And so I carry the fawn around and take it for a walk out of the area, walking back up into the hills or something, and I slowly get it to calm down. And so I ask it if it remembers where it had been lying, and the fawn said that it remembered.

So the thought comes into my mind that I need to be on the alert for the mother because the mother must be looking for this fawn and, if she sees me before I see her, she could cut me to ribbons with her sharp hooves. So I start walking back to the yard where I found the fawn.

Suddenly I see the mother at the bottom of some steps. I drop the fawn immediately and the fawn tumbles down the steps and, to my shock, it shrinks in size to being no bigger than a mouse. And the fawn starts playing with another, even smaller, mouse-like fawn, so apparently this deer had two fawns only now they’re like mice.

It also seems as if the mother isn’t quite acting right, almost like she’s in a stupor or incoherent. I would have expected her to be a little more protective or attentive or something.

Meanwhile, because this is an unusual thing that has occurred I am yelling out. In other words, it’s like I’m a kid yet, to try to get their attention to see this very rare sight. I no sooner than notice that, I mean all of this happening at really quick lightening speed now, two cats pop onto the scene and, before I can blink an eye, they’ve snatched up the little fawns.

This happened so quick that the mother can’t react, and it’s so fast that I’m not sure that I saw what I saw. So I go over to where the mother is at and I ask her, where are her fawns? And she’s like in a trance. She just kind of shrugs her shoulders.

To further complicate things, between her and where I’m at is this huge mother sow pig hanging out. So I kick the sow and say, “What are you doing here?” Then I wake up.

So that dream coincides with your first dream. Before I read the others I’ll read the interpretation.

I am in touch with a soft, gentle, and innocent energy that has gotten lost – having left where it belongs. This energy is attacking me as if I am the problem. I am able to pacify and get close to this energy, but I can’t take it home to save it.

The moment I let go of it the soft, gentle, and innocent energy is violated and destroyed. Mother Nature can’t protect it. A piggish and opportunistic demeanor stands in the way. Because I’m unable to protect that which is most dear, I am in danger of collapsing. That’s from this prior little dream.

The dream has an outer significance. The well being of a preciousness in life has been disturbed. In my unconsciousness, I am to blame. I can feel the imbalance and get close to it, but I am unable to restore it to how or where it needs to be.

The principle feminine nature in creation is in a state of shock and cannot sustain the situation, itself, any longer. My ignorance is to blame. I have forsaken a trust placed in me so there is a confusion caused by piggish mannerisms, irresponsible behavior, and disconnected associations.

The answer seems to be that things are going to crash or crack up because I am unable to keep myself from doing things that take away from the principle of an intertwined life. (That’s the first dream that I haven’t told.) Just when I think that I have found a way to take a catatonic image in which the soft, gentle, and innocent essence of life is able to be cradled by me, I give up this closeness and, in doing so, there are still forces that exist in creation that swallow up the offering or the effect and there is nothing Mother Nature can do about it.

So this dream is saying that since the outer collective cannot shift that I must somehow focus the light I have within to be the difference that is imperative. I too will crack up if I fail to take on this assignment, which is to intertwine the light back into its overall self.

So that’s the essence of all three dreams.

So in the meditation dream I’ve experienced the sensation of what it is like to be a person who has everything I do come my way energetically. So much so that it is easy to lose the importance of the connective flow, on a heartfelt level, and think that this flow is all that is important, or it’s all that is intended. In other words, the way things are meant to be.

And also in the dream, if I am in this motif, I inadvertently pick up monies that are lying around loosely, which are intended for the poor. I don’t mean to do that. The monies are energy, and the poor are everybody else in life, or other levels of life, that need to be taken into account.

It just happens, and this took place at a time when everything was free-flowing as far, as I was concerned, in terms of how I was placing my attention. A person who is with me points out what happened as if what I did was purposeful, but they’re willing to let it be. They’re just pointing it out that they saw that.

And there’s no one to notice what happened, so it would have been easy to view this as a windfall – but I didn’t mean to do that. I am shocked. It was like, is this what it is coming to, that I am such a force of nature that resources intended for others in need come to me and I just take them?

Without hesitation, I give these monies back. I do not want to have anything to do with what puts me in an energetic position which takes advantage of something else, or someone else, because that’s wrong. I can’t accept it even if it is unintentional.

The meaning of this is the dream is pointing out what happens when I am not connecting to the heart with everything I do. The flow of experience – that’s a closeness thing – that’s where the feminine characteristic comes back in.

The flow of experience causes me to get lost in an out-of-balance vibration. That’s the masculine. When this happens I tend to hurt what is unfolding naturally around me because I lose the connectivity from within. That’s the blending of the masculine to the feminine.

Whenever I hurt something around me, inadvertently or otherwise, I am defying the interconnected and intertwined principles of life. The heart knows I have no right to be separate and aloof.

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