Not Ready to Go Home

cosmos_2014_by_redxen-d7498s7In this short image, a huge concept is raised: If, after this human experience, we die and return to the source of our arising, have we been of benefit to God and creation? If we look at the natural worlds, everything plays its role in the process of the whole. But we have freedom of choice, so we have to choose to play the role we have been designed for. Just shopping and procreating isn’t a fulfillment of our human purpose, we need to be in service to the whole in whatever way we can, according to our uniqueness. And doing that requires a greater consciousness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I had this other little dream where I’m looking for somebody, and I ask the sister or something or whatever, where is he at? And I’m told, “Oh, he’s gone home.”

Now I’m supposed to naturally know what home is for him because home is the same for all of us. It’s back into the essence.

When someone says they’ve gone home, and they’re talking to someone, there seems to be a natural language that everyone knows what home is. And I’m out and about, and when he’s gone home it’s not like one goes to where his home is at to relate to him, because you relate to things in the flux and in the flow of what is going on.

And when a person goes home they’re in a state of rest. And when they’re out and about they’re in a state of flux. Or, in that state in which the inner and the outer have an aliveness and a language of the soul and everything communicating.

So it’s an interesting image. Yes, there’s a certain relief to the idea of being able to go home, but then again that’s a fairly dormant perspective. I wouldn’t be asking the question if I wasn’t of a motif of wanting to do something, or being fluid and in a flow.

And when a person has gone home, they’ve gone to a point like where the drop goes into the ocean. And so it creates this image that a person always kind of has this choice where you can go home, but then what does that do for creation? And creation is helped by being able to hold “the soldier between two worlds” place. It’s a very interesting, odd, peculiar image.

There was nothing wrong with the fact that the person had gone home. It’s just that, I don’t go home. I’m not going to go visit him at his home, even though I kind of know where it’s at. I guess I’m supposed to because the sister, when she says that, does not explain where home is. So obviously I must know where home is at, but that isn’t my frame of reference.

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A Moment of Recognition

In today’s analysis, John makes the statement about the moment of death: “It is like that because in that split-second of crossover from physical existence to that of pure soul there is a recognition of what human existence is all about as an opportunity to get closer to the essence.” And that notion captures the essence of a spiritual journey, because human life is exactly that opportunity to reconnect with the essence. It’s not just a good thing to try to do, it’s what we have been designed to do and are meant to do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the meditation dream I am going to have to let go of a slower way of being so I can shift my attention into the state of what I see to be like another kind of person. And if I can make this shift this, is where I am able to experience a quicker, smoother, more enjoyable flow.

In making this shift, I am leaving behind an outer way of being that is sluggish. What a perception, huh, to see that? I mean I really saw this. It was like night and day. And what am I talking about? I am making a shift from a reality that is set to the conditions of the outer, and the separate mannerisms of the outer, and going into an overallness that is intertwined naturally with the whole and is, therefore, fluid because I am naturally in alignment with all there is.

And the meaning is, is I am talking about the difference between being caught in the nuances of common perception of the senses as they relate to the outer, or stepping through a door, so to speak, which is such a shift that I relate to life as a oneness inside instead.

In making this shift it is as if I have left my humanness behind and entered into the greater wholeness of my true self. To describe this using pictures, as a way of trying to portray the immense distinction, it would be like the senses and awareness of a 60-year-old, that might have memories and such that can coalesce back a couple thousand years, having to suddenly adopt or be in a three million-year-old man of sight. Well obviously that would go “poof,” because that would be so trite in comparison. Or to state it more bluntly, I am going from the world of the senses to the language of the soul.

And so then, as I went to sleep, I then progressed the dream to being a dream in which there is guidance that is possible. I know for instance that there is a greater overall flow when I go from the world of creation based upon an awareness that is sense/mind oriented, to a world within where I’m able to experience, from within, an overall wholeness that makes the world of sense/mind seem obsolete.

Well it becomes obsolete if you’re totally in the essence, just totally obsolete, it’s nonexistent. You can’t even find it anymore. As I try to understand the shift that goes beyond sense/mind I notice that to do so I need to somehow access information out of this plane of light.

I discover that to stay in this inner place I need to align the flow. This is like starting all over again in terms of understanding the parts of myself as light. Any assumptions about this place that I make – from the world of sense/mind – keep me estranged. That is because I am trying to explain this ancient inner aliveness, and the perception that lies therein, to myself on the physical plane of sense matter.

Somehow I know that the light has imprinted on it information that aligns and intertwines me deeper and deeper into the light. The problem I have is in catching up with this. It is so intangible that I can’t grasp it in terms of it being just pure energy or essence.

The closer I am able to bring myself, in terms of myself in creation, to the essence of pure light the more I realize that the light directs and aligns itself. How do I come to know how this is done? A very strange sensation enables me to intuit the knowingness. That is when I realize I need the density of creation to help make it so.

The point of knowingness is at the moment when there is a split-second when you are in the doorway. It is in the doorway where the information resides. To be in the light is too much. I can’t retain anything. I am existing in pure essence only.

However, in the split-second doorway there is a glimpse that is able to be retained as a knowingness and guidance. Perhaps the following example better explains how this is. It is said, in the Hindu religion, that the moment of death is like the sting of a 1,000 scorpions. It is like that because in that split-second of crossover from physical existence to that of pure soul there is a recognition of what human existence is all about as an opportunity to get closer to the essence. So when you die before you die, and are able to stand between the two worlds, or in the doorway as I am portraying it, you are at the spark point where what it is is all about. It is at this moment that it is possible to have a glimpse of the thought of God that we are, that is, before we go back into the essence of nothingness.

Or, in other words, before we shift like a drop of water being re-immersed into the ocean. Or said another way, before our soul returns to the essence, the essence then being the world’s soul of which it is one and the same.

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The Best of Both Worlds

bestIt can’t be repeated too often: humans are the meeting point between what has been created (matter) and what created it (God). Humans are the only creature that can claim that relationship with the universe, and it is an incredibly important role. Unfortunately, we mostly have lost our way and abdicated our higher responsibilities to the whole. But it is never too late to choose the whole over our personal desires. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)


Jeane: The last little snippet I remember just before I woke up was it feels like I’m with some people in an area where there’s some partying going on, and there’s one man that’s maybe been kind of wayward before, so we’re kind of correcting him and we’ve sent him off.

He’s gone to his bed and then this kind of large black woman who’s going to kind of be his partner now, I think, she kind of goes to get him when it’s time, but she’s kind of being funny about it. I think she walks up to the bed and lifts up her dress and flashes him or something, and he’s acting all suddenly coy or something. And so we’re wondering what’s going on.

Well, there’s this girl hidden under the covers, so the woman there had come to kind of be with him she kind of gets in a snit and goes off. Well, then he’s mad at the girl under the covers because she’s actually got her clothes on. It’s like she just jumped in bed and hid in order to cause some kind of uproar, I guess.

I’m just observing all of this. This is just something I’m looking at for some reason.

John: That’s a dream that portrays a reaction in your nature, which keeps you from recognizing how it is that all aspects of matter relate to the essence, or to the light, and that if you are a kind of matter that is trying to control your own sense of closeness and proximity, if you’re trying to attain or maintain a connection that is, so to speak, personalized according to your own predilection, the tendency then is to not realize that matter per se is just an overallness.

In other words, it’s just the light has been transformed into matter. In other words, the sound has taken form from the light and that as long as one takes and then sees that they have an affinity to try to go back to the essence of light, and if one is trying to do this by way of their own separate ideologies, and values, and whims, and mannerisms, that is when you don’t realize the fact that all of matter is intertwined and interconnected.

As long as you somehow still see it as having its distinctions, whereby you have to fight or struggle to maintain your space within that, then that is when you simply go around and around with some nuance inside of yourself that keeps you doing battle with how something needs to be in the plane of creation.

So it’s very interesting. I wonder… let’s see how can one take and make that applicable to the degree to which you try to aim to please, or to relate to something that, on one level, you feel is out of your reach but still attempt to relate to it.

If you approach things like that, then you are going to find yourself making a kind of doingness distinction. And if you’re making a doingness distinction, then you’re violating the overallness. Even though it’s done in a plane of sound, you’re violating the oneness that exists here.

All of life is a oneness, too, just like the essence is a oneness. And when you violate that, then you’re trying to sift and sort this over that, as opposed to seeing yourself as all of that. There’s a way of oneness of the feminine that there can be all of that.

That’s where the idea of complexes comes in. A complex is something in which what has occurred, in terms of outer misalignment, has caused a way of trying to correct or to find a missing link – as if there’s just a thing – that is distinguishable in matter, as if matter is all separate. And, in doing so, then you throw yourself around reactively.

So what happens is that the inflections, the sparks that hit, can’t give you the information from the doorway, or from the in-betweenness, between the inner and the outer in that split second moment. You can’t get the actual guidance because you have a nuance, or paranoia, or a perception of fear, or however you would place that, that exists based upon a kind of woundology or however you want to characterize that, that is still based upon the plane of existence, or the aspect of how it is that you intertwine with matter.

And you’re supposed to be able to intertwine with matter as a wholeness, just like light is a wholeness. And when you have both like that, that’s when you have the guidance. That’s interesting. It’s an odd, interesting dream to understand.

So the reason why you have such allergies in the morning is it’s a type of saying “no” to the interval that’s in-between. In other words, you have a reverb from it. It causes a type of dullness or a type of staleness to flicker out as if this predominates, instead of just popping through with the inflection that is visible at that moment in which you’re in this in-between state.

When you’re in this in-between state, you’re in a state of calm, you’re in a state of quietness, you’re in a state of knowingness, you’re in a state of resonance, you’re in the moment in which all is happening.

That is the in-between, that is the point of an aliveness that is a nothingness. But if you’re hit by it, or if you’re sitting attempting to be speeded up but aren’t quite hitting the interval, two things happen. One is you can feel your body getting hot as if it’s trying to breakthrough a crescendo, and you can then feel real nauseous or allergy-like affected, as if there’s something still pulling you back to maintain a type of density of nature.

Ultimately this is meant to get to a point of normality. In other words, the interval in which there’s the spark and all of that, that’s where the coincidences, the meaningful coincidences all happen in that moment and whatnot. That’s when the guidance and everything is quickened. That is when there is no imaginative, it’s just all flow.

It’s where you have the best of both worlds. You have the world of where you have the thoughts alive but in a state of complete ignorance, and when you have the world of flow of essence most alive but in a state of such wholeness that there is nothing; it’s the drop in the ocean yet.

So if you’re having allergies, constant allergies that are affected by things until you somehow or another pity patter yourself back together one way or another, this all infers to something in terms of the type of holding back, or no or something, in your nature, the reason why that exists.

Just like reactions are the same thing. The degree to which one reacts when something speeds up or whatever and the way that they come across, and maybe they’re off the ground or ungrounded – that’s a type of saying no, too.

The no-ness is actually something recognizable in creation. When a plane goes through the speed of sound and sets off the sonic boom there’s a loudness. Now, ultimately, you can refine that and get that to the point where you can do it smooth enough where it isn’t just that crack point in which there is the depth perception like you dreamt in your first dream, where there’s an above and below, and an east and a west, and a moment in the middle where you are able to be at peace with the crocodile.

That’s what they have this mastered down to now. You have the jets flying overhead all the time and you don’t hear them popping the sound barrier and creating one sonic boom after another. They have learned how to treat this point between kind of a flicker point of the world of sound and then something slightly more. They have learned how to embrace that. That’s a scientific example, so to speak, of how one can see this in an outer consequence and know that on an inner level it can be done with the same manner of balance.

And thus you can come to see how it is that one’s nature creates all of one’s illnesses. These are all ways in mannerisms of doing a type of denial, or saying no, and the body tends to reflect that.

And that’s why there’s this whole sense of there being a kind of danger on this path because you create this way, in this flicker point and everything, you create. When you create, well, how does something in the physical that is trying to relate in its density yet, how is that going to work out? The physical then takes the blows. It’s an interesting schematic because the physical says I am to take the blows in order to try to get to this in-between state. What a peculiar game.

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