A Developed Energetic

Your-Goal-Is-Spiritual-PerfectionThere, he said it. In response to Jeane’s dream images, what emerges is a very great truth about a spiritual journey: it requires the all of you. And this is the point where many journey’s stop progressing, or fade altogether, because this bridge must eventually be crossed. Because it’s not about being more conscious in certain ways, or at certain times, or with certain people. It’s about having greater consciousness about everything we say and do. And that’s not easy. But we do have our whole lives to figure it out. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream, which seemed to go on for a long time, felt more like an energetic experience. And it was as though I was in this large building, like a hotel, owned by Elaine Wynn or by the Wynn’s, and I would go through the different rooms.

And it’s almost like at night, or at least it was kind of obscure light. It was like I was touching some of the pillars and things, or just experiencing the energy of the different rooms. And then sometimes I would come through and maybe she was in the room, or somebody else was in a room, but mostly I was just going around experiencing the energy of the space.

John: That’s a quality that is natural to the feminine nature in regards to how it is she takes in, or relates to, an outer environment. Because the feminine nature in and of herself, meaning pretending that it is separate from the whole, the feminine nature can tell and can feel whether she is in balance or not in balance, in terms of how she perceives herself, in terms of the fact that she can subtly access the qualities of something deep within that are kind of unconscious but flicker a bit in terms of her as she opens up to her greater dimension of self.

Simultaneously or similarly speaking, because she is also matter and she has an orientation to everything in creation, she can tell whether something is satisfactory, or suitable, energetically as an inanimate object, or as inanimate places and spaces, simply by the way the energy is in its embedded form.

So, in other words, she can tell whether certain locales, certain places, certain environments, have a feel to them that is correspondingly conducive to how it is that she sees and feels herself.

Which means that as the feminine gets more in touch with how it is that she is able to realize and recognize herself as a developed energetic, that has unconscious qualities that are able to come to the surface as a quality of flickered knowingness, she then correspondingly applies that to everything that comes within her scope of attention, or awareness, or perception in terms of her outer orientation.

Jeane: So in my second dream, I’m on a train in some place like Italy with a group of people. Because it’s a train ride that’s going on for a while, we’ve left where we were staying, this town in Italy, to visit another town for a day or so, and I’ve gone ahead in the train.

I’m walking in some of the forward train cars, one even seems to be a little lower than the others, and as I’ve done that I found a train car where I actually could buy some vegetables. So I’ve got a paper sack with some vegetables.

And the train stops somewhere for a little while and I start to go back to the car where I was with the other people that I knew on the trip, but I realize I left my paper bag next to a counter where I was talking to somebody. So I go back to get my vegetables and then I go back, and when I go back to get on the train had started moving again.

I go back to go to the compartment where I was, which is several cars back, and I open up the door and it’s not there anymore. Apparently when we stopped that car had unhitched and gone a different direction. So now I have to go forward with the cars we’re in to the town where they go.

Well when I get off it seems like I walk around the town and I run into some people at least that are known to the people back where they were, but now I’m dithering a bit. Do I try to find the train station and go back and get to the other town later because they may just be there a night? Or do I stay where I am?

I don’t seem to have a cellphone number to call anybody so, because of that, it feels like I just start relating more to, and getting comfortable with, the people where I am in this little town, figuring that if I stay overnight or wait another day or so, then the train will kind of go back naturally to our base.

And meanwhile I’ve kind of gotten to know the son in the home and a few other people, so it feels like I feel like I can be comfortable just staying where I am.

John: Of course that part isn’t true, you can’t.

Because what the first dream indicated is that you have a connection, a linkage, and a correspondence to how it is that you’re able to perceive and pull things out, in relationship to the outer, that corresponds to how it is that you carry and you feel yourself from within that is opened up as an awareness, a consciousness, in terms of your physical nature.

Now you’re able to put it into a corresponding application into the outer. So if there is a part of yourself, in other words that you’ve rounded up as groceries as you call it, or as an aspect of what you need, and you’re on a journey, which means you’re on the train, and something happens in which a part of yourself gets disentangled, or lost, or left behind, and it is a part of yourself that is important to the composite wholeness of your being – you can’t just take and bandage over that as if it’s going to be a-okay, or try to compensate in some fashion saying, okay, life goes on and I make new associations and, little by little, let this be ignored as if it is a wound that can be resolved over a course of time.

And what you’re describing is the idea of trying to do that that way is what creates veils, in terms of the feminine, in terms of her orientation in the outer, because the feminine has a perception of the wholeness as it exists as a wholeness of herself in life. So if she loses some part or component of that, or makes accommodations that aren’t in keeping with her honoring her own wholeness, the result is that she suppresses, or therefore makes further unconscious, a part of herself that she needs to have quickened, or bring from unconscious into a conscious way of living.

And you can do that, and it is done all the time, and what this does is it creates complexes for people because they then are not able to then live the power and energy of who they really are. And in doing this this takes a sight or a clarity of one’s energy – or one could say kundalini energy because kundalini energy is the raw energy that takes into account everything – it takes that and it pacifies it in such a way so that it is no longer in flow.

And when it is no longer in flow then that part that is needed in order to take into account the wholeness, because that’s all components of one’s self, it gets lost. And when it gets lost it gets suppressed, and regressed, and when it’s like that then that pulls one’s energy down.

And when one’s energy is pulled down, then the scope of how a person is able to appreciate and enjoy life gets compromised. And the compromising can seem subtle, in other words it can seem like, okay, I could ignore this, or I could let that go – as you were doing in the dream – and you know you can’t because you’re not allowed to be anything but the whole. And you can’t take time out from that without doing damage to yourself.

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