A Domain of Light

p00z9591When we think about the Big Bang, the idea is often an explosion of light, after which the realms of matter – stars, suns, planets, moons – began to form. Matter could be considered the realm of sound. As humans we are spirit (light) existing in a physical body (sound). The journey of life, then, becomes the journey of rejoining our inner light with the greater light of creation. And we do that while we’re in this body – that’s the point of it. Creation wants its connection to this (relatively) new world of matter – and it seeks that through the human. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in my dreaming last night it seemed like I was studying something from Cirque du Soleil, which we’d gone to see.

And what I was studying it was almost like it would be one of the dancers and would have a contained energy, and then I was observing one of my great nephews, I guess, approaching that energy and like if it got transferred, or not, at some point. There might be a point at which it kind of woke up and got transferred from a dancer to the nephew, and I just was studying that whole process all the time.

I can’t remember anything else other than that, like maybe when the energy got active and how that happened.

John: Basically you’re closing in on this way that things intertwine, or the way something has a commonality. When you start to close in on something like that, the way you are able to understand it you have to take it outside of the senses, to take it to some awareness of something that is opening up in another capacity that is independent of the influences, and the perceptions, of the senses that come into, and through, and influence the way we are.

And so what you’re doing is you’re looking at what is going on there to see if something on a scale that is outside of mannerisms and conduct, that is based solely on, you might say, the triteness of a life that has a field of understanding and vision that’s so many years old in terms of one’s perceptions.

You have to go beyond that in order to be able to see how it is that things come together, or twine together, on this whole other level. In order to do that you have to shift and let go of the way you pigeonhole or attempt to figure things out through the senses, because this other way of seeing things takes on a grandness – as if you are in touch with an ancient side of yourself that no longer has just the 60-year-old memories or however many memories one has of senses, maybe they are 2,000-year-old memories in terms of the history and stuff that you’ve learned, that you’ve also developed the means by which to formulate opinions and understandings of things.

You have to go to another level. It’s a level of light, and information captured in light, and it’s the lightbody of one’s nature. And that is something that is an aliveness that goes back at least three million years in terms of consciousness. And you come to see things from that perspective, instead of trying to sort it out from the perspective of the senses, which just has one continuing to react and be affected by the nuances of things.

What you’re doing is, is you’re fighting to try to break through. The fact that it keeps repeating, what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to break through – it’s like a barrier, just like a plane breaks through a sound barrier – you’re trying to break through the barrier, which means you’re trying to walk through a door.

And you’re trying to access a way of just understanding things from this whole other space. What you’re trying to do is transcend a family; you might say a limitation of self, but a subtle limitation you could see of the family.

And so you’re reverbing back and forth because you’re trying to find an answer based upon psychology that is acute to energetics on this side, and not in accordance with the light that is perceptive, that is able to look beyond what is going on simply on this level.

This is what the theme of the dreaming was like, was trying to live in a state that doesn’t have to rationalize, or justify, or explain itself, or find itself caught in having to do this, in relationship to perceptions that are only oriented to a physicality that is limited to the physical world. Because to do that is to not step through the door of a whole sight that can take on something far, far beyond that, and make everything, by comparison, on this side seem quite meaningless.

But this is a stepping stone. You have to go from this and develop and break through the crescendo of a barrier that keeps you from accessing things that function in a world of light.

And this is also, then, the limitation of dreams because when you have dreams you have information that comes through, and the information that comes through is information that comes in split seconds from the plane of light. And then you’re reducing your understanding to it in terms of like carrying it back into a kind of a sound mannerism, which is like through the senses to some degree.

And to the degree that you squeeze them with the senses is the degree to which you don’t understand the greater dimension. But slowly you’re supposed to recognize that there’s this whole other side that is very subtle, that sits there beyond the realm of the senses, and you start sorting things out that way. And eventually you get rid of a certain degree of density that you carry in your nature, in terms of the outer, so that you start to free yourself up.

Eventually, then, you even drop that because that’s still a waste of time going back and forth as to whether it yo’s this way or yo’s that way, and you come to recognize that you live at a speed and at a pace that has nothing to do with the tritenesses and the traits that one has when all they can do is look at themselves, or look at something around them, and try to make it make sense in relationship to how they see themselves – all in the physical.

You have to get completely beyond that because life is not about that. That is a life that’s based upon the personal, or one’s self, in some sort of separate way – and we’re not separate. And when we quit being separate is when we start to have the potentiality of being able to let go to such a degree that we can access this as just a domain of light.

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