Extending Into the Universe

onenessIn this dream imagery, John takes a step deeper into the oneness of everything. It begins simply, he sees points to his left and right and has the urge to bring them together, i.e., to close the gap. Living as we do in a planet of opposites – masculine and feminine, up and down, hot and cold – there are always gaps to be bridged. Yet John is shown a further step, one that elevates him above the duality and into the oneness. So in a sense, we don’t have to bring things together, we just need to elevate to where they already are together – energetically. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now, what’s interesting is I now have to put it together in the opposite way – in terms of being able to see one’s self situated in the proper overall, which is feminine.

And I had a whole sequence of dreams because, in putting it together in the proper sequence of the feminine overall, ultimately it does come down to the memo, too (see Getting It Right). But to begin with, that’s the dilemma, that’s the issue.

So to start off with, I am seeking in my dream to increase my perception. Okay, this is kind of like a masculine imbalance thinking it needs to know or understand something. It starts off with that, but it needs the feminine balance in order to get it right.

I am able to look out in time, or into an area, and when I look to the left I’m able to see something on the left that’s a spot, or a beginning point, on the left. In other words, it’s like working with the left side and the right side of the brain, and because one’s imbalanced and not aligned they don’t work in conjunction with the natural knowingness that you need to have.

So, I look to the left and I find a spot, I can see the spot to the left in terms of it having a set beginning position. Then I’m able to perceive that from this position, for a certain degree into the future, or to the left, going forward there can be progression, or a potentiality, and an energetic viability. That’s what happens going to the left from this point.

And then I look and to the right I see another point. In other words, I am coming this time from a set position, that’s on the right, that extends out. So something to the left goes out and something to the right goes out, and then there’s kind of this gap in between. The distance between these points, this gap, is what needs to close.

So I’m closing this gap. The sensation is, I am becoming more grounded. In other words, this is what you feel, you’re becoming more grounded, and thus you seem to be more conscious as you close this gap.

You have this whole sense that this is how it works. But this is a bit of a mental illusion dream because, again, it started off with an imbalance from the standpoint that I was seeking in my dream to increase my perception. So the process is a reflection and the illusion is that I am pulling an inner into an outer, in other words, this is how I would explain this to myself, mentally speaking, in other words getting lost in the dream inflection.

I’ve never had a dream inflection purposely take me astray, and then show that it did that – and that’s what this is going to be doing. Now I perceive this with my senses, and because it is with my senses it is limited in terms of being a way that is how you expand consciousness. It works this way up to a point, but I was shifted into another space and so this approach is no longer viable.

And looking at it like I have been looking at it has to change, too, because it’s still within the parameters of how man tends to see it working – this is how they explain it to themselves in terms of outer cognition. In other words, what I would call the man with 60 years of life and 2,000 years of memories would use a thought process like this to understand this is how you put things together, this is how you see, this is how you perceive.

You have something to the left like the left brain, you have something to the right like the right brain, you put the two together, they work together, and this increases consciousness. But there is more to it and that, in and of itself, is limited in terms of the next step.

So to enhance my outer perception, the image is of a coming from a set point between the two points, in other words, in which you have the one point on the left and the other point on the right of which, of course, like I mentioned before, the point on the left extends out to the left further and further, something as an awareness, or inflective insight, there. Just like the point on the right goes to the right further and further, as if it has a knowing sight, and it needs this something in-between to pull it together.

I’m seeing this something in-between that’s like a pendulum that can swing back and forth, touching the two, that kind of pulls it together. And that is how I’m able to perceive from the limited mental function of myself, as I close the gap between these two points by perceiving a point in-between, in which the pendulum goes to the left, and then to the right, and back and forth.

What I just described is the way a person portrays how it is, in terms of them waking up, from the explanation that they could give – mentally speaking. This image is seen by my physical sense perceptions, which involves rationalization as part of the process in terms of how I explain that I’m becoming more awake, or aware, and then conscious of things.

This all sounds and seems to be kind of how it works, until all of a sudden I realize that I’m able to let go of the left and the right and be empty. And in my emptiness, the point directly in front of me, the single spot where it’s all in the moment, is able to suddenly expand exponentially.

In other words, there was something linear about my nature that kept it from doing that. And it does it so fast that the auric spatiality is more in the wholeness of life than I could have ever believed is possible – and am prepared to handle – so I have to wake myself up, because it’s blowing me out. I am okay with it like this, that I can keep it then in concept bounds of perception. See how this is feminine?

So what is going on is, I believe that the image in which a gap is closed is how the process of inner alignment is seen to work – from the perspective of the reflective outer senses. This is selling myself sort, because there is an established setness to this as the process. The defined mannerisms and insight I am talking about, and telling myself, that is becoming more and more unconscious, is a defined distinction in which my awareness has come together as if there is a pendulum action from a point that is able to close the gap between left and right points by reflectively swinging, eventually doing it in this defined, distinctive way.

I am able to imagine this as being akin to seeing the past, present, and future through the mind. This is a perception that defines and pigeonholes our senses of reality while, at the same time, providing us the illusion of consciousness. I may have never realized this to be the situation if it hadn’t been for the sudden shift, almost by forgetting that I needed to stay linear like this, and suddenly let go and suddenly went into a much larger spatiality in which the nuances of the senses that held that other together dropped away.

What I suddenly saw, which was for a split second only because the sight overwhelmed my faculties, was this huge, huge expanse. It was like a tent. Instead of it being more set it was even permeable. It was like a tent setup that just spread way out like that all over and it was rounded. Before the other had a certain line to it, this covered the whole area of the universal of things that you could possibly look at, and was able to change instantly because it was set up so that it could easily be taken down. It was like a tent setup even. But I had to also let this go immediately and jar myself awake because it was blowing me away.

What I saw was an inner extending out in every way possible into the universe of life. There was no need to contend with the masculine and feminine framework, which was what kind of the left and the right energetic still involved because that still has to do with their imbalances of something that hasn’t quite come in sync, that cause one to see that they are working with the inner and outer as needing to come together. But in the universal image, in which an essence is everything, you exist only as a vibration – that is all there is.

I am able to take in the totality of the whole because this is how I am intertwined naturally. This is an experience that isn’t possible when I explain to my lower self that I am becoming more conscious by way of the left, right, and center scope of reflective imagery.

This sounds good, looks good, but is very limiting. It is limiting because it is a frame of reference and schematic that is under the parameters of an aspect of the mind. Isn’t that interesting? You actually kind of dream a type of spiritual illusion you’re playing on yourself – as a corrective process.

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