A Moment of Recognition

In today’s analysis, John makes the statement about the moment of death: “It is like that because in that split-second of crossover from physical existence to that of pure soul there is a recognition of what human existence is all about as an opportunity to get closer to the essence.” And that notion captures the essence of a spiritual journey, because human life is exactly that opportunity to reconnect with the essence. It’s not just a good thing to try to do, it’s what we have been designed to do and are meant to do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the meditation dream I am going to have to let go of a slower way of being so I can shift my attention into the state of what I see to be like another kind of person. And if I can make this shift this, is where I am able to experience a quicker, smoother, more enjoyable flow.

In making this shift, I am leaving behind an outer way of being that is sluggish. What a perception, huh, to see that? I mean I really saw this. It was like night and day. And what am I talking about? I am making a shift from a reality that is set to the conditions of the outer, and the separate mannerisms of the outer, and going into an overallness that is intertwined naturally with the whole and is, therefore, fluid because I am naturally in alignment with all there is.

And the meaning is, is I am talking about the difference between being caught in the nuances of common perception of the senses as they relate to the outer, or stepping through a door, so to speak, which is such a shift that I relate to life as a oneness inside instead.

In making this shift it is as if I have left my humanness behind and entered into the greater wholeness of my true self. To describe this using pictures, as a way of trying to portray the immense distinction, it would be like the senses and awareness of a 60-year-old, that might have memories and such that can coalesce back a couple thousand years, having to suddenly adopt or be in a three million-year-old man of sight. Well obviously that would go “poof,” because that would be so trite in comparison. Or to state it more bluntly, I am going from the world of the senses to the language of the soul.

And so then, as I went to sleep, I then progressed the dream to being a dream in which there is guidance that is possible. I know for instance that there is a greater overall flow when I go from the world of creation based upon an awareness that is sense/mind oriented, to a world within where I’m able to experience, from within, an overall wholeness that makes the world of sense/mind seem obsolete.

Well it becomes obsolete if you’re totally in the essence, just totally obsolete, it’s nonexistent. You can’t even find it anymore. As I try to understand the shift that goes beyond sense/mind I notice that to do so I need to somehow access information out of this plane of light.

I discover that to stay in this inner place I need to align the flow. This is like starting all over again in terms of understanding the parts of myself as light. Any assumptions about this place that I make – from the world of sense/mind – keep me estranged. That is because I am trying to explain this ancient inner aliveness, and the perception that lies therein, to myself on the physical plane of sense matter.

Somehow I know that the light has imprinted on it information that aligns and intertwines me deeper and deeper into the light. The problem I have is in catching up with this. It is so intangible that I can’t grasp it in terms of it being just pure energy or essence.

The closer I am able to bring myself, in terms of myself in creation, to the essence of pure light the more I realize that the light directs and aligns itself. How do I come to know how this is done? A very strange sensation enables me to intuit the knowingness. That is when I realize I need the density of creation to help make it so.

The point of knowingness is at the moment when there is a split-second when you are in the doorway. It is in the doorway where the information resides. To be in the light is too much. I can’t retain anything. I am existing in pure essence only.

However, in the split-second doorway there is a glimpse that is able to be retained as a knowingness and guidance. Perhaps the following example better explains how this is. It is said, in the Hindu religion, that the moment of death is like the sting of a 1,000 scorpions. It is like that because in that split-second of crossover from physical existence to that of pure soul there is a recognition of what human existence is all about as an opportunity to get closer to the essence. So when you die before you die, and are able to stand between the two worlds, or in the doorway as I am portraying it, you are at the spark point where what it is is all about. It is at this moment that it is possible to have a glimpse of the thought of God that we are, that is, before we go back into the essence of nothingness.

Or, in other words, before we shift like a drop of water being re-immersed into the ocean. Or said another way, before our soul returns to the essence, the essence then being the world’s soul of which it is one and the same.

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