A Guided Life

angel-of-guidanceThis dream image of cutting in line offers multiple perspectives on the same idea. We see the awkward feelings of the main character, and also the annoyed vibes of two displaced people. And that’s how it is in the world: we radiate into the environment what we are feeling and it has an effect on everything. Yet we also see a third option – to be in the flow – wherein we don’t put our personal stamp on the moment, we experience what the moment is by itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This next dream is really something. It’s amazing I could pull this out because it involves an image that’s almost impossible to see – especially in one’s spatiality that they carry themselves with whether they realize it or not.

So in this next dream image, I seem to have started a line or, in other words, I have stepped ahead of a number of people who actually gathered there first. But for some reason I didn’t notice that and stepped into a separate kind of corridor in the front, or somehow or another found myself in front having stepped around them, and when I did this as others came they lined up behind me. So the result was the three people that were there at first suddenly found themselves completely displaced.

Well somehow I realized that what I had done is inappropriate, but I don’t realize this until the time has been reached in which the line that is there is ready to move, or to be accommodated. And, when I realize it, I know it isn’t right, and I feel awkward over what has happened. Plus I can feel the vibe of two of these three people that got displaced wrongly.

So as the line is about to move, I turn and direct these three, who are supposed to be in front of me, to come forward. Two of them are like me in that they carry a mannerism that loudly proclaims itself energetically. These two would have left a stigma in the overall atmosphere of life if they were cut off from what is meant to be, according to their perceptions that is, which has its own identifiable loudness.

The third person is cool, surrendered to it all. This person accepts the way things flow even when they are not what a defined person would expect. If the situation had only been him I may not have felt any stigma over what occurred. I might have been that dense. But when it came to the other two, who are fairly loud in their energetic, a condition that did not extend to him, this more than anything is what may have led me to realize that I was unintentionally slighting a flow.

And so when it comes to this guy, it’s like unless I am in touch with or am able to access a more subtle and gracious side of myself that came to seeing the difference, I could have easily missed this.

The other thing that is kind of I guess you could say neat energetically about this third guy, is that he is simply able to enjoy what unfolds unconditionally. This enables him to silently touch the whole in a way that is impossible for others, including myself.

I, like the other two, that were meant to be ahead of me, have a specific focus to our nature and this is something that tends to be recognizable. This makes it limiting because the mannerism in its distinctness has predictable parameters.

The third guy is outside of all of that because he is intwined in an overall nature that quietly affects everything in the whole. And his demeanor is so subtle that, if you aren’t able to get out of your own way, you will not notice it.

So what this guy permeates has a greater effect upon the whole, not specifically, but upon the whole, goes outside of the personal – just like your dream went outside of the personal on the first level where you saw the design of things, and then you saw the idiosyncrasies of things in which there could be choices and definitions and such that prevailed.

So I guess you could say, those who have an awareness that are able to let go of personal identification and their own sense of well being, and intertwines with the natural flow which is all-inclusive, are living in the way that they’re meant to live, in terms of the whole, which effectuates things the way they’re meant to be effectuated rather than things getting pushed and stabbed and indulgences left and right.

So what the dream is saying is, I am being shown, you might say it’s like an adab of the inner that naturally arises and comes through my being when I am in a surrendered state. A surrendered state is in sync with the wholeness and not the personal.

And the purpose of the dream is, you could say, well, if there’s an intendedness of life that has something to do with there being a type of guidance that exists, and that this is meant to be – instead of a life in which personal indulgences dictate – then that kind of life is such that everything in the environment and the whole benefits by such a condition.

I guess a way you would say it is that this is only possible after we have set aside our ideas of creative intelligence and are able to perceive strictly from this level of ourself of the whole. It’s almost like we don’t exist, now.

Otherwise, if we don’t have this, that means our perspective and sight is biased by the indulgent mannerism we carry that prevails and it gets in the way. To go around in an indulgent mannerism is to contaminate the space we are in, and this shuts off a connection we are meant to have to a greater whole.

When I describe this natural connection, I mean there’s a way people sometimes describe this as living a guided life, what I mean by that is that synchronicities and meaningful coincidences naturally occur, and it is from a heart level that embraces this and flows with this.

This is an intertwined connectivity in which the linkage is felt in the heart. To feel the harmony of the heart is like being guided by the energetics that take in the big picture, which is possible when I have set aside the personal idiosyncrasy way of identifying.

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