A New Expanse

image443Everything is in process and everything unfolds – which we can see, if we pay attention. Here John is describing a new expanse that he is discovering in the way he taps into the meaning of his dreams. Best of all, it’s a change from a narrower perspective to a more inclusive one, and incorporates more of the feminine aspect. This allows for a greater intertwining in what the images portray. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The dreams are getting different in terms of how one pulls them out. Something has shifted.

I can’t tell exactly when it shifted, or maybe I identified it sometime back when it shifted, but what is happening is I would dream and then part of the process of remembering the dream was I would review it inside and know what it meant.

I still reviewed the dream interactively or something inside but, what is different now is, I don’t take and have the whole meaning readily understood and determined, like in the masculine way. I don’t have it readily determined inside before I wake up. In other words, generally when I wake up in the past, this isn’t the way it is now anymore, but in the past the way it’s been is I would have a sense of what the dream meant and it would be just a matter of shaking it through and shaking it out.

In other words, can I take what I saw, what I experienced, and bring it back, and portray it or lay it out and that had kind of a masculine quality to it. But now the way I’m dreaming is I’m more inclusive with kind of a feminine principle, in that the dream that I have I can’t remember it based upon the meaning being all-important, so to speak.

Instead, I am kind of placed in these images. I have a sense of a portion of the meaning, but I know that I have to wake up and write down the whole dream, whatever and however it’s portrayed, and then the meaning of it, when it’s written down, when it’s brought through like this, will then not only make itself known but will be so much more than what I could have ever imagined in the dream.

In other words, this is more feminine, it’s more inclusive, it’s more expansive. When it was narrower and more masculine, I had some sort of effect or control, so to speak, it seemed anyway in terms of the dream. And when I would wake up then and pull it through and write it down, sometimes I am happy with what I perceive from that narrower state, and sometimes a little disappointed in it.

Now when I wake up, and I write something up, and in comes this whole other quality of a greater depth and more expansive dimension, I am more in awe as to what is going on. And I like what is unfolding, as opposed to before I would have at times my heebie-jeebies in terms of the sense, and the interpretation, and the meaningfulness, and where it was going, and how it affected me.

Now it seems to carry about itself a greater, overall, intertwined natural involvement that just opens up. And I guess what I would even also venture to say about it, is that the interpretation, or what opens up from the dream now, has more aliveness to it than the dream itself. And I would have never guessed that it would come to that, but that’s the whole sense that I’m getting about it now, is that the dream is implicative of something so much greater.

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