Involved in the Journey

wbfgrThe symbolism of being behind the wheel of a vehicle in a dream is a profound one. Here the vehicle is a bus, but the main character isn’t the one doing the steering – he’s just close by and involved somehow. When it comes to our lives, who is steering? Are we making our decisions consciously, or are we carried along by the tides of personal mannerisms and never really sure why we do things? It’s an important understanding for anyone on a spiritual path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: That causes me to tell one of my images out of sequence because I have one that corresponds with that.

This dream starts off in which I, along with a friend, are in the back of a bus. In other words, the bus is on the road and is traveling. And over time we move from the back to the front only the way it works is he moves to the seat that is directly behind… it’s the front seat, but it’s almost like directly behind the steering wheel – even though there’s a bus driver up there.

These seats are kind of awkwardly arranged in which you’re crimped on the bus driver and it is awkward and doesn’t feel right that this is like that, but it’s just the nature of how this bus is designed.

And I don’t sit next to him in the front seat, but I sit off to one side. He sits on the inside, so to speak, directly over things and I sit on the outside of the second row of seats, directly behind him.

And, on this go around, on this trip in other words, where one has journeyed from the back to the front I know that we have something to do with the steering of the bus, but how that is I’m not aware. And then a point is reached where we get off the bus, where we have to do something, but then when we get back on again we pick up right where we left off.

My friend sits in the front seat that is positioned as if he is behind the steering wheel again, and I am in the seat behind him positioned to watch. Only this time the steering wheel is larger, it’s kind of fragile, because you have got to be very careful in how you handle it.

And we do not have any sense anymore of how it is that we affect things at this time. Before when that part ended and we got off we were catching up with that, we were pondering that, but we hadn’t quite unveiled it.

The meaning of this dream is that it portrays the unfoldment of the soul. To begin with a person is just a passenger on the bus of life and it goes to and fro. Over time, as you awaken, you get to the point where you’re more involved in the journey. In other words, the co-creative aspect of it because one is up behind and near the steering wheel.

And you even have a sense or a part of yourself that knows that you’re having an effect upon the way this is being directed – even though you’re not conscious of how that is. But then when one moves on, maybe one passed away or who knows what happened, and comes back into life, you don’t lose where you had gotten in the soul’s journey from before. You pick up right where you left off.

The only difference is, is I have to work through veils or whatever. I don’t have any memories to work off of, like I may have developed some sense before that had been shaken through. I’m just positioned to stare at the steering wheel and at this point in time something has to be worked out to get to a new point.

Before I was affecting the journey in a way I wasn’t directly aware of. This time I have the whole sense that, over time, I will be able to see how it is on this go around. That’s the dream that is similar to yours.

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