The Importance of Nothingness

nothingnessWhy is it that letting go of our ego identity is so difficult? Perhaps think of it this way: our systems are designed to respond to our training, so when we are trained badly by family or culture, letting go of that print goes against what we have already instructed ourselves that we want. Our very nature makes it difficult. Yet we can still get there by replacing our old reasoning with a higher reasoning about our purpose in life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the dreaming was a little different for me last night. I always try to write a sentence that kind of describes the general effect at the beginning. I’m finding myself doing that especially if it kind of pinpoints where I’m trying to untwine things in relationship to a meditation dream.

And what I wrote is, the way we are affected from having placed the appearance of something to be what is important is portrayed in the following dream. In other words, I place something, the appearance of something, that is important.

In the dream, I am part of an energetic unfoldment and this requires my attention to a condition which defines who, how, and what I am. I come to realize that the greater the degree I am able to let go of the projected idea of how I am supposed to be, the greater is the relationship I am able to have in adhering to the natural flow.

In fact that’s how I describe the dreaming right? You know, when I quit holding onto a defined meaning inside myself as part of a catching up with the dream in a lucid way, a greater relationship is able to develop, which means that the dream becomes more like a whole quality of subjective feminine involvement in a greater whole.

So what I’m realizing is if I am able to let go completely, then I am like a pure energy; and in this state of nothingness the flow is natural; it isn’t inhibited in some way. And so the symbolic dream images aren’t either.

And maybe a way of portraying this or saying it is that this distinction is much like a weather event inside one’s self. To have to put my attention upon how I must be is like having a storm that clouds my vision and veils me from a greater consciousness.

To experience this distinction on an energetic level, by taking the projection from a condition that is loud, in other words things are loud when you direct them, or have a sense of them, or can see maybe where they’re coming from and what’s triggering it, where you can personify it, in other words, in some small way – which is a spiritual illusion.

So to experience this distinction on an energetic level that involves taking the projection from a condition that is loud, which means that it corners your attention, to take it instead to a state which is surrendered, in other words, that there is no one to get in the way, is to realize the importance of a nothingness to the unfoldment of one’s beingness.

I also noticed that when I am able to let go of the effect of that which is plaguing me by its presence, that I just suddenly find myself resonating from a state of joy. In other words, I don’t like it when I poison myself.

With those unnecessary filters, and defense mechanisms, and reactivities, gone, I’m able to interact in an overall state of flow with an uncontaminated ease. When I’m able to not have to be someway or another, in other words take on some condition, or be someway or another, all of life – when one is free like this and lets go  – all of life is at my disposal to appreciate and rejoicingly embrace.

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