A Reflective State

dance-of-joySimple dream images revealing great truths: just as our dreams can be a reflection of our current state, the outer world can also be a reflection of our journey from the purely physical back toward the energetic, or spiritual, realms. And that’s because our experience in this plane of existence is meant to be connected to and guided by our deeper, inner realms, as a way to learn, refine, and evolve – for ourselves, and for the purposes of creation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well my problem a little bit is that I had a lot of dream images and so the sequencing I’m not sure of.

But I know in one it’s like I have some neighbors – it almost feels like I even sleep outside – and I go over to their house and they’ve got this narrow passageway that goes around their house and around to the back where maybe they have a little corral or barn or something.

And when I talk with the wife, I think I talk with both the wife and the husband, but the wife particularly, she seems to want me to use something. Like I go back there and I come back to my place and I bring something that maybe plays a little music or something.

It’s something that she has but she wants me to borrow for just briefly. I’m kind of gauging how to do that. And then it feels like I have a sequence where I’m seeing these patterns….

All my dreams ran together, though.

John: Yeah, it’ll be alright if it runs together because it will be a repeat. But you’re describing a condition in which you have a position of yourself in the outer in which you’re able to access tools from the inner in order to facilitate the life you’re in.

So, like what would be an example of such a tool? Well, the dhikr is an example of the tool. Another example of a tool, the first example that came to my mind of a tool, that as you go about in the outer life, going up and down the corridors and sleeping in the outer because you’re in the physical, is the prayer protection tool.

That was like the first one that you were given, or came to realize had an effect, or worked for you in terms of making things more palpable in the environment that you find yourself placed in outwardly. And so that’s what you’re doing, is you’re recognizing a need and finding that need from within. And initially it’s like a crutch or a tool, and eventually it becomes the entire breath (incorporates the heart).

Jeane: It then seemed like a series of designs, and it was almost like if you took about 12 cards and placed six above and six below, or maybe it was eight I don’t know, and there are energy designs on these cards. And some of the energy is flowing down from above to others, or sideways, or in certain patterns.

And I recognize that, in a way, it’s energy that’s available to me. But I also recognize that some of the patterns are way screwed up right now. So I just pick two of them to take on because the others are out of balance and so they’re not going to do me any good right now, or they wouldn’t be good to take on at the moment.

So I feel like I just take on a couple that I feel like I can work with, that have more balance in them. And then I’ve gone from there, now with my energy, I’ve gone into a building and I almost feel like I might be pursued, or I might have forces that are going to act against me.

John: That’s actually putting into that practice now. In other words, you have something that opens up inside. And when it opens up inside, you can’t own, or maintain, or sustain whatever it is that opens up inside – unless you apply it in the outer. So it’s kind of a strange Catch-22 in that whatever it is that you’re doing in the outer is, so to speak, applying something that is where you’re at, in terms of what’s awakening, that you’re accessing from within.

It’s always like that. You tend not to see it that way, and that’s the interesting beauty of the outer is that it provides the means by which that inner treasure can work itself out. In other words, it doesn’t just sit around there in an unconscious state. It kind of becomes somewhat consciously reflective in the outer.

You can’t take on all things at once, and so what is accessible or made available to you, you can only handle that maybe up to a point, or it’s a cumulative or steady unfolding thing. In other words, it takes a while to become aligned, so to speak, between the two places, planes of existence. And so what you’re acting out in the outer is the reflection of what has come through and been made aware to you from the inner.

You’re not describing how that is, however. How is it that something from the inner somehow has its effect, or hold, upon you so that you then, in terms of owning it, and catching up with it, there is the in-to-the-outer reflective result?

In other words, that a person who can see can look at the way one is in the outer and can inflect backwards that which is unseen, that is awakening for the person from some sort of innerness. You’re not describing how the catalyst of that, where the catalyst of that lies.

In other words it’s like, does the catalyst lie on some inner level? Well, yes it kind of does, however it’s beyond your perceptions. I mean you have a sense/mind scope of perception, so how are you going to note that, other than an aspect of the reflective enables you to somehow or another realize that an innerness has quickened in you, in some way, based upon taking this or that and dealing with it?

And that leaves you, or places you, in a type of reflective state. My dreams address where the crossroads are, where the in-betweenness is, the soldier between the two points of inner and outer, what that is like. You’re just describing the general motif.

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