The Standard of Living

image=908In this set of images, what is happening in the outer world of society and culture is reflected in the inner worlds of a development journey. Simply put, the more we identify with what is outside of us, whether our small worldview or a human race view, the more we live in a false reality. And whether it’s personal or as a species, such a false reality can never have a “true” unfoldment – it can only break down more and more, lowering our standard of living. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: For me, I have to deal with the masculine zone that’s kind of like a way in which something is safely done because you can’t go beyond what you can’t see, in one regard, and you can’t see what lies beyond you with the senses and mind.

And yet you have a capability, you have a functionality in your nature, that is able to somehow or another perceive things beyond the sense and mind, which we call the heart. And yet the heart is in a bewildered state because it’s being vied for by both the mind/senses of the outer plus the greater beingness of one’s higher self, or of the inner.

And so when it’s impacted by the outer it tends to shut off the quality of the inner – unless of course it’s developed that lightbody, like you have described, so that it doesn’t quite go away. And the innerness is so big, so huge, that you don’t take it in very readily because it is too much for you, so how does all of this get noodled out? What’s the one, two, three in which I try to noodle it out because you described your one, two, and three?

To begin with I have to make kind of an outer statement about it. In other words, it’s because this is what I’m experiencing as my outer scenario, and this is kind of where you start with the one.

And, in my particular case, my initial statement about it is the situation I am in the object is to establish a change without causing the general value to diminish. To establish change means you have to bring something in, but things have already been brought in, right? How can you keep bringing more in?

It’s all here, and yet there’s the sense that something has to be changed, or altered, or different. It’s stifled in some fashion, so you have to bring something more to the equation. Well, in an outer way of looking at it, when you bring something more into the equation, like if you were dealing with that as an energy or a power, which is what money is, then how do you keep from devaluing the situation? Because, in a sense, it’s all here if it isn’t bastardized or dealt with a in wrongful, personalized way.

Well, the dream that I have, or the  image of the dream, is it’s like I have say 30 items of a particular product that are mine, that are in my hand so to speak, and to that I’m able to have access to say 40 more pieces – identical items – and there are 40 more.

Now, I apply or take these items in to two different areas. In other words, there is also another area in which there are say 20 that are like this, but in this other area they’re deemed to have a greater value. So whatever I take on, in terms of the 30 or something that I already have, whatever I add to that is not going to be worth anymore than each of those 30 that I have.

However, however many of the 40 or so that I take and I add to this other area is supposedly, for some strange reason, deemed, even though this is a projection that I don’t believe is true because there’s nothing different about these items in this other area as opposed to this part that I have in hand, is deemed to be worth like say three times more.

So as a consequence of this, when you take into account the overall effect, when you bring in this additional energetic to affect things in the area that I’m personally working with, that’s in my hand, I dilute it. In other words, I confuse the situation. More isn’t better.

But when I blend that area with this other area in which there’s greater value then nothing has changed. Everything is same/same. I’m not sure I believe this, but that’s what the dream seems to be suggesting is how everyone sees this, and everyone is trying to do this, is by trying to take and adjust and fix something over on one side to the expense even of something on the other side, that the net result makes for a greater whole.

I really don’t actually believe this, but this is the state that I’m in and the environment that I’m in. And the thing is, I consider it maybe a type of lie. In other words, people simply pretending that this other pile is worth more at the get go than the same objects that I have individually speaking in my hand. Are they just pretending and, if they are, isn’t that deceptive?

Well I can’t help but notice that everyone around me goes along with the gag, but fails to realize, from my perspective that is, fails to realize that the overall situation has to be getting undermined and not augmented. The powers that be, aren’t they just manipulating appearances?

That’s what it seems to me. They’re not actually adding anything to the whole. They’re just moving things from one side to the next, shifting it around, and then creating confusion as they’re doing that because they’re diluting, without proper proportionality, leaving an actual net effect that portrays and reflects a more weakened condition. And so a part of me can react that this idea of robbing Peter to pay Paul or moving something about like this is not a workable format that accomplishes a meaningful result in terms of the whole.

And the way I perceive it is things are breaking down as a consequence of this kind of conduct because the overallness I see is actually collapsing. And it’s collapsing because of a lack of respect, or a lack of value, that the manipulations are steadily destroying the unfoldment and flow process of life.

It’s like they are out of control, but no one seems to realize the obvious. Well the net effect is, if you were to just take this in a basic thing in terms of the outer, is that the standard of living is being taken away from life. The collective personal identifications lead to a deception that isn’t getting sorted out rationally.

The net effect is that the natural overall well being is getting veiled more and more all the time, in other words, in terms of how to just enjoy and appreciate and live. The so-called shifts that are ideas in terms of how to fix things are reflective illusions. In other words, the conclusion that I have to draw from all of this is that there’s no way anything meaningful is possible in the end by such a process.

Well the meaning is is the heart is getting crushed little by little by illusional processes that are being deliberately portrayed as being real. The personal identifications have nothing to do with the consciousness of the whole.

Why am I putting myself through such grief? The idea that something is going on that I need to take into account personally is where the problem lies. I simply need to wake up and quit pretending that this is something that is real or true. The overall, and only the overall, is what exists as one. The reflections are nothing at all.

Acting otherwise, either carrying on as if reflections are affecting you, in other words, which is acting otherwise, is getting things out of order. In other words, it’s taking the reflections to be real instead of the inner flow of an essence coming through as being real. But in this particular case, in this dream, there’s nothing I can really do about that. I’m kind of caught. This is the way I find myself.

This is step one and, as a consequence, I’m in a trance from all of this. And this trance is portrayed when I go into a room to be shown something by a friend. At that moment a woman comes out of her bathroom area, is startled when she sees me, and throws up.

My reaction and immediate response to her is, “Why all the fuss? You should be glad we’re here,” because I’ve come in with my friend. So she apologizes. That seemed so bizarre. I mean I had to force myself to write that up, but that was step two.

When too much is revealed at a time there is a flip-out reaction or, another way of saying it, there’s collateral damage as a result of the way things can be as a force of nature. Although care is generally taken to not disturb, sometimes shock effect is needed to snap us out of a trance.

In other words, in the first dream that whole outer thing had kind of almost a reverb to it. You have to get knocked out of that and so you get hit with the shock effect.

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