Looking to the Heart

Earth-Heart-SpiritThere are many ways we can keep ourselves disconnected from the whole, but one of the most important ways to stay connected is through our heart connection and the intuitive guidance it can give us. But we have to listen to it. When we are too busy thinking that we need to do something for more personal reasons, we stop hearing our inner guidance and steer our life down a path disconnected from the flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my dream I’m kind of taking care of a house of a childhood friend whose mother’s out of town. It’s her house so I’m taking care of that house and I’m in the guest room. And then there are other things that I have to do.

And there’s a little house right near that house, kind of almost in the backyard of it, and in it was a guy that I’d kind of like to get together with, that I’ve always known, but he’s also pretty busy. But for this time he seems to suddenly be returning my affection, and we’ve met up, but we only have this limited window of time to be visiting just because there are so many things that we have to do.

And also there’s another guy that likes me and he doesn’t want him to see him with me, to not upset him, right now because he thinks he’s a little imbalanced or something. Plus there are just things we’re doing and one of the things we’re doing is I’m going through boxes there to sort through what’s mine that I need to take with me, and what are some things that belong to her.

And after I’ve come back inside from visiting with this guy friend, there’s suddenly another person in the house who, at first, she doesn’t even notice me because she thinks she’s supposed to be taking care of the house, too. And because she’s there, I’m thinking that I should leave tomorrow; and also the person that owns the house is going to be coming back before long.

So now it becomes important to sort through actually what is mine and what belongs to the woman in the house. I go into like a hobby room and I have some confusion about a few boxes but I finally discover that some of the things in it I realize are mine because I can tell by the pictures – they’re old ancestors or something.

And when I take that to my room I discover something I hadn’t noticed before which was that there was some money tucked in there, over $150 or something in bills that I hadn’t even noticed, that had stuck at the bottom of one of the pictures. So I kind of take that.

There are one or two things, which I decide I just have to leave because I can’t decide who they belong to. And then I kind of want to get together with my boyfriend. I’m kind of impatient about waiting for that. But when I go over near where his house is in the backyard it’s like I look through a window I see a meeting going on, so it doesn’t feel like it’s time I can go in there.

And I go back in the house and now she seems to be selling something that was like a chess set that maybe somebody thought was made out of gold. And so they were trying to buy for a bargain price. And I’ve gone over and I’m looking at it.

My boyfriend’s come in by this time and I’m kind of tired of waiting to be able to be with him, or whether somebody else notices it or not, and he’s come over with me and we’re examining this chess set and we’ve decided that if the guy was really kind of offering a price for it that he was offering that it’s probably not real gold. But there was something about how part of it was decorated that we can see caught his attention.

But since they won’t sell it to him for whatever price he’s offering he leaves and then the two of us are looking at the chair where the chess set was. And then he’s kind of checking out the chair a little bit and he comes up with these two gold backings to my earrings, that I had lost at some point, and he’s putting them now kind of sticking them in his coat where they’ll stay, so they won’t get lost again.

By that time I’m kind of impatient and I think I’m just wanting to go home with him, whether it upsets other people or not, because I’m kind of tired of waiting.

John: So, you’re having the same energetic dream reaction, teaching, that I’m having in that you’re being shown that you’re not paying attention to a part of yourself that needs to be paying attention to a flow.

And that you’re interrupting that flow that is meant to come through you in order to do what you think you want to do. You’re doing it because you believe that that is what is important.

So, first of all, you have this greater principle, which is the mother principle, and the fact that that isn’t being upheld or in the equation is what starts the whole thing, is what indicates that something is haywire. And then that causes you to try to make impressions that you feel, somehow or another, balance things out or resolve a need – and what you’re doing is further estranging yourself from what is a balance.

Now the important thing of this dream is to be looking at the heart all the time, instead of at the mind/senses, because you lose everything if you don’t look at the heart. You just go on a spin: you lose earrings, you lose everything. You find yourself failing to recognize the listening attention that comes, not from the mind/senses, but comes from the heart.

The reason why a person has a dream like this is to experience in an inner way what that really feels like, especially when you missed it and didn’t experience it when you had the opportunity to recognize it in the outer.

And so the dream even takes and goes all the way to the point of looking at something that you don’t know anything about, which is the chess set, and you sit there and you have your rationalizations and your perceptions about something that you don’t know that are based upon your mind/senses. So it uses this as the portrayal image.

You could even have taken that part of the dream, shifted it into an outer consequence, and said that this is the scenario that set in motion the imbalance. In other words, something was done to skewer something, in terms of a flow in the outer, that had to do with your mind perception that wasn’t capable of catching up with the other side. But you wanted to adhere to your mind perception senses instead and, as a consequence, you skewered yourself.

And so then you had this dream showing that when you do this to yourself you aren’t holding on to the principle of the feminine, the great mother, and you’re grasping at tangents that have no meaning, really, except you seem to think that they have meaning.

So you continue to keep grasping at those tangents as if you can pull those into yourself, thinking that everything is taken care of in terms of the ordinary way things are, that things are being taken care of by some sort of osmosis – because back at the main part of yourself someone else is supposedly tending to the house. And when you look at that more closely you realize that, under that approach, things stay astray.

In other words, that’s not owning who you are. Things seem to stay astray. The dream, of course, has within it, in terms of you thinking that you want this or have that interest or something, that aspect, that energetic is a projection. It’s a concept. It’s your idea of how something should be. And that idea is an imbalance caused by a masculine disorientation.

If you adhere to your feminine state of knowingness and flow within, then you’ll be okay. But when you go off and think that this other has to be preserved, protected, safeguarded, or is important in terms of how it is seen and recognized, then you’re acting as if you know something that is more than what you know.

And, as a consequence, you destroy the cadence of a flow, a flow in terms of yourself, just because that’s how you feel it. You feel it in terms of how you disrupt, or confuse, and alienate a quality of the heart.

And when you do this, you start off doing it thinking that you’re serving a useful purpose, that you’re maintaining something that’s important. But when you sense that what you’re doing is off from the get-go is poisoning the situation, you need to stop, you need to quit slamming yourself, you need to quit supporting the defense mechanism, you need to quit rejecting.

You need to quit denying because even though from a perception of the mind/senses standpoint you are doing that in relationship to something on the outer, in reality, because the outer is just reflective, you’re really doing it to something on the inner.

And when you’re doing it to something on the inner, you’re veiling yourself and taking yourself outside of that linkage flow and intertwining that’s part of the greater whole.

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