A Reflective Trait

freedom_of_choice_by_i_am_jenius-d3cys1yFreedom of choice is an ability unique to the human. But what do we use to guide our decision making? Personal preference? Our latest whim? Fear? Pleasure? All of these, of course, yet perhaps we have an inner guide that wants us to choose God and creation rather than our ego identity. When we do that, we begin to connect to creation through our heart – because then our wishes are aligned with the wishes of creation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in this dream, my involvement in trying to get people to understand that which is important in order to save time, in terms of what I see to be important, takes my attention away from where it needs to be placed for my own well being.

In the dream I see myself get carried away as I am trying to help the situation. The issue involves having to relate or contend with a subject matter that I feel needs explaining or rationalizing.

The first time it happens in the dream, when I am able to get back to where I need to be, I am lucky to be able to catch a much needed ride to where I am meant to go next. A wise person would have realized that the agreement world of the outer is symbolically reflective and points to an inner aliveness – if we are paying attention to our inner self.

In the dream, I am not realizing or recognizing that the greater teacher is the outer. In the dream I have taken on an excursion from where I am meant to be to help my brother receive the inner guidance he needs. Those who are questioning him, trying to see what he needs to catch up with his underlying issue, from my perspective aren’t getting the job done.

And we only have an hour to do this, so I think I can speed the process up, so I interrupt them to alter the focus of how they’re looking because I know that what they’re trying to catch up with psychologically is important and I want them to get there with their sight.

As soon as I interrupt, a woman who is with me comes to some sort of conclusion herself and just starts talking. As she talks, I talk. I have to talk over her because I am caught in trying to get my insight and energetic understanding across so that they can see what I consider to be of importance.

Because the flow is jangled the cross-talking creates a disorientation that makes the issue worse. I see this when I leave to go back to the place where I am to catch a ride home. In other words, this time it’s repeating because I had the memory of doing this earlier and I was all concerned and shaken up by it but, lo and behold, I was able to figure it out, I got a break.

But this time no one is there that I can turn to to help me out. The fault is mine. I wasn’t paying attention when it was important. As a result I fell out of a flow and who knows when it will be that I will be able to get it back.

Scenario: Among other things, I couldn’t meditate for a long time last night because I had discombobulated myself earlier in the day and had not recovered from this condition. This occurred when I tried to explain something in terms of how chess is played from an inner sight within, and not with the outer faculties of sense/mind – but wasn’t able to be heard.

The reason is because even though I understand the process, just because it is something that is easy for me to do, or I have done this before, doesn’t mean that it is that obvious to anyone else. Those who are unable to see how this occurs from an inner consciousness level adopt their own way of rationalizing and explaining this based upon their mind/senses. When they insist upon maintaining this way of being, who am I to challenge that?

Meaning: The reflective example that I sighted as the scenario for the dream occurs over and over in the outer for me. By that I mean I am continually trying to explain something that I think is reaching beyond the external appearances. I am not noticing that I am taking an issue that is typically perceived by the mind/senses to an attempted free-flow, or place, that is often deemed foreign to the typical frame of reference.

When I hit opposition reflected as a rejection, defense mechanism, or change of flow, the shutting-down sensation hits the heart. I am meant to know that inner heartfelt shift. To try and force myself through this sudden barrier is being disrespectful and is abandoning who I am in terms of the bigger picture whole.

The language of the soul that comes through the heart during the day, and then at night through our dreams, must be honored at all times. We do this by respecting freedom of choice as the most important, in the outer that is, reflective trait. To honor that we have to hone the listening to come more from the heart and less from the mind/senses. This is an alignment cadence I am slow in recognizing because my listening center is a bit askew.

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