A Corrective Note

lost_in_the_world_by_vhm_alex-Some of our dreams deliver complex scenarios and tell us in-depth details of where we stand. Others, like this image from John’s meditation, offer more singular ideas. Though it’s very hard for us to embrace the idea, the universe doesn’t operate in a linear way; but we tend to think and experience life as a straight line. To begin to relate to the way the bigger picture works requires the understanding of how everything interconnects. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The image I have is of a vehicle that has two tall aerials. These tall aerials are able to pick up very keen vibrations, in terms of being able to denote how it is that something is going on in the environment.

And then I’m informed that what is taking place, and how I am to understand my meditation dream, is that it is a portrayal of how I am currently able to perceive what life is like as it unfolds around me. And so what I perceive is limited.

In other words, there’s a greater depth to how one perceives it, but I will have a certain bias based upon where I’m at, energetically, in relationship to being in the overall presence of what is taking place, or going on around me.

I spent several hours writing up the meditation dream and the problem I had was I kept falling into a zone, so I was writing things that didn’t coincide necessarily with the dream. And then I’d have to come back and look at it because I was in such a grog state because my way of understanding what is taking place still needs to follow a kind of order, or sequence, in terms of an unfoldment.

And where I would go tangentially off, I would find myself looking at how energetics orb out, but they don’t follow any set way that makes a nice story or portrayal. But it’s to the mind and the senses that one takes and looks at something unfolding in kind of a portrayal, or progressed, or unfolding way.

And that because it was a dream that was portraying what I’m going through as a way things unfold, it had to reveal to me, even though I could not recognize it, that although there is a process that has a way of being described and defined, that is within all of that in terms of it having a general overall meaningfulness, that in the orb of all energetic vibrations it’s not limited to that.

It shoots out this way and that way, and this way and that way, and this way and that way, and I don’t have the faculties to pull that together in a way that it can be portrayed so that it makes sense to someone else who would be trying to look at this to see how it is meaningful in some regard.

And that, consequently, I can’t even do this so that it makes sense to me, although all of that is happening, too, it’s like an overwhelm of the unconscious energy. And that one channels that through a groundedness and a rootedness because otherwise it is way beyond what one can take in.

So I wrote up what I wrote up and then scratched off this, and scratched off that, and kind of got it down to where it directs and portrays what one would call a general unfoldment that is energetically coinciding with kind of a base state, or mannerism, that I’m in.

And the reason why I would see these high aerials on the back of a vehicle that are capable of picking up the finest attuned airwave vibrations that there is, is it’s an image to indicate that, as I portray, in other words it corrects, it makes the correction to where I had to drop the depth of the meditation portrayal.

It adds in the corrective note that I’m only portraying one aspect of it, and that the whole thing has an attunement that is way, way, way, way more sensitive. And you can’t hardly even begin to imagine how something that is able to pick up those finest vibrational airwaves, that that is possibly all about, and all I can do is look at this thing in a state of realization that I’m not even scratching the surface because this is what it really has as a capability in its nature.

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