A Limited Way

Tiny man entering a mzeIn this simple dream image Jeane is confronted by a fundamental, and profound, question: What will we choose, a universal life, or a personal, ego-driven life? Because the bargain allows us to only choose one; we can’t have it both ways. We are either pursuing a life in service to the whole, or a life focused on our personal needs and desires. And why does the choice seem so difficult? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In some ways I feel like I didn’t dream much because I just had one image that was preoccupying me.

I had recently read a book or story that takes place in the winter in the park in Alaska. And in the story a character I really like, that’s like an older shaman, native shaman, dies. So in my dream he also dies.

In my dream he’s poisoned. It’s almost like it’s in a remote community and he’s who I consider like the shaman, the good guy. He gets poisoned and died. And I’m trying to figure out…

John: This only happens in your dream?

Jeane: Yeah, this only happens in my dream. In the book he was shot. And I can’t figure out why he’s poisoned and died in this remote community and the bad guy lives. I’m wondering what the community will do about that. I mean it’s like I just can’t quite figure it out.

That’s all I remember from last night.

John: It’s an interesting Rubik’s Cube to try to figure out because what you perceive in the outer is things that tend to prevail. And these things prevail, or maintain an apparent effect, because the way we relate is so much off of the mind/sense and ego.

And that if you operate in another plane you’re outside of this quality of mind/sense and ego. And when you’re outside of the sense of mind/sense and ego you find yourself unable to accommodate, as you would describe in your dream, the shamanistic side of yourself that is in another shifted plane, as well.

And so it’s pretty hard for you to go as well. You either want to be mind/sense or ego – I mean, it’s not an either, even. You want to be this mind/sense and ego. Something has to give, and so this other has to be shot, or poisoned, or in some fashion its effect upon your nature has to be obliterated, or stopped, in order for you to contend more readily.

The dynamic, the struggle, the trying to make a breakthrough is how you’re trying to free yourself from the chains of this limited way that one still identifies. And it’s not easy because everything around you is reflecting this other, and this other, you know, it’s almost like the big lie.

You’re told that here’s this other and it’s everywhere, it’s collectively all around you. And so it must be what is real – instead of something that is more unseen – that leads to you reaching a greater overallness. And so this reflective outer tends to keep you dumbed-down. It tends to keep you under its clutches.

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