Feast or Famine

Earth connectedThe idea of feast or famine, or good times or bad, is a personal view. And a personalized view of the world is what cuts us off from our universal connections. Yes, all kinds of things happen to us that may appear positive or negative, yet it is our view of these events that determines how we navigate through them. In universal terms, everything works out for the best. If we can hold onto that view, our connections will help guide our passage. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now what’s interesting is you dreamt that one way, and I dreamt how that very same thing exists for me. Now, instead of a Penn and Teller image, I had this really short thing in which, in the dream, wherever I look that which I see is part of the scenario before me.

In other words, wherever I look there’s something that I see as part of the scenario before me, and what I see is opulence. I see everything is there. It’s just better than you can imagine, or it’s like one never had it so good.

And then immediately after this is the contrast in which there is a struggling to get out of a rut, the sensation being confused. And, as a result of this rut, or this lowering of the energy in which everything shrinks, there is not much confidence that’s inspired.

So what is going on is by going from feast to famine energetically, I am both in awe and in appreciation. In other words, the combination of the two cause you to catch up with the fact that you don’t need to dwell in the famine because nothing can happen, and in the feast side of yourself you can often times take that for granted.

And so if you can reconcile those two states you kind of have an awe and appreciation that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. In other words, you can suddenly have nothing and be okay as an option, or be sitting in which everything is there. In other words, you can have a karmic quagmire in both directions.

So what I have to do is I have to explain why this is that from another level of myself there is no place for even the slightest degree of hope when I’m in the quagmire because the heavily and burdened scenario is stifling. And yet that’s just a barrier that I have placed because on the other side of this barrier everything is a feast, everything is there.

What this is doing is, what am I doing in terms of one’s heart to cause this Jekyll and Hyde feast or famine perspective? So the lesson for such a contrast is to see if I’m able to conduct myself with dignity and grace no matter how it is that I find myself.

And the meaning is, is can I remain humble and grateful at all times, or am I just a fair weather guy? The two extreme contrasts are intended to flush that out. The test is to see if I am able to stay connected to what is real – no matter what. Or if I am no better off than the mind/sense realities which are corresponding to the environment, the outer environment that is.

In other words, do you buy into that, or do you recognize the expansion/contraction between feast and famine and am able to let go of either place and be somewhere more?

So then this dream gets taken into something that is akin to your type of trauma. It doesn’t maybe dwell with it. There is something about your type of trauma that opens up where one can see this, because of the patterns and repeats and whatnot, one can see how this is something that goes way back for you and then it still has its thrashing about antics in the present; as a consequence, this keeps you reverbing.

Well, I can’t look at mine at that kind of depth – maybe because I have a reluctance to do that -but I can kind of get a hint about it. And in the dream, the setting is that my mother is ill and is in another area from where I am at.

In other words, I’m nearby, but I’m refusing to go over to see her, or I’m reluctant to do that, or just am not doing it. Also what is nearby is the teacher. He has also come into this nearby area, but I haven’t seen him. I don’t see him.

Instead I seem to have this expectation that if he’s there, then he should stop and visit my mother, save me the trouble because I’m not going to do that. And then, at some point in the dream, I realize that this is a strange expectation. I’m the one who should visit my mother.

And I even have the impression that if I do that, that is when the teacher might even drop by, actually dropping by while I’m doing that, otherwise a distance is apt to remain. Isn’t that a strange dream? So you can see how that is. It’s my mom keeping a certain aspect of something shut off.

The theme of the night is looking at the feast and famine aspect of my being. The dream is suggesting that when I cut myself off from a natural connection I miss out on a valuable linkage. The cutting off of myself is the famine side of my being.

What I am doing is I’m cutting myself off from a vital connection that I expect to be there for me and that isn’t simply being realistic. This dream is indicating that I have a stigma as a result of an attitude that I carry. This attitude is keeping me from coming into touch with the well being of an aspect of my soul. Or to say this another way, by holding back I’m standing in the way of a togetherness I need.

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