The Lesser Denominator

Planet-EarthOn a spiritual journey, the only progress we make happens on an inner level. No amount of progress, or success, or even happiness in the outer world contributes to a spiritual journey – unless those outward successes are accomplished using inner, or higher, connections. That’s because the physical world is merely the theater in which we train ourselves – our consciousness – to connect to higher things and, ultimately, connect to the universal flow. It’s the shift from being a separate entity to becoming a part of the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Last night it felt like I just had more like a reverb, what you call the reverb dream, that just kept repeating. I didn’t quite bust through it.

What the dream consisted of it was like I was part of some of the music contestants that were trying out for something. We’re at a large hotel, like in a circular room, and it feels like when we go up to perform there’s a particular pattern you have to go through that’s actually run by the hotel.

And I don’t know how to quite describe the pattern because it was kind of intersecting blocks of lines or something, and I just kept going up to that all the time and it just kept repeating and repeating. It just kind of was frustrating.

John: The step you needed to take is you needed to intertwine. Intertwining is something that you do more than just with people. You also do it within the energetic space that has even a physical surroundings. You also intertwine with that. You find a flow within that.

That’s something that’s kind of interesting to note, and the reason that all of this happens is because this is a process by which you connect with, you link with, the flow of energy that really comes in from somewhere else, like coming down.

But it’s also here, but it takes it having to flow from the other direction, from down in, from the inner as it’s said, for the effect to take place upon the outer. And it’s an outerness of your own nature, but it’s also an outerness that involves your surroundings.

So in your dream you’re reverbing because you’re trying to make that first step. And when you make that first step, then you start to connect to a flow. And when you connect to a flow, you take on then the natural ability to work in relationship to the outer around you – by way of the energy flow, instead of by way of the reflection.

As it is right now you have to draw your opinion and your conclusions on the basis of how something strikes you, or how it is that you see something as happening. And therefore you find yourself reverbing because that way of looking, and correlating, and relating to what is actually going on is an attempt to do it reflectively. And whenever you’re doing anything reflectively, you’re doing it separately.

So you’re reverbing because you’re not quite at a point where you’re enabling yourself to face through that issue. And so this is a difficult thing to critique, so to speak, as to why that is. I know what fixes it. What fixes it is you have to connect to the language of the soul. You have to pull the dreams out, and then the dreams process through.

And if you don’t pull a dream through, or you don’t do what is necessary to cause it to come through, then you don’t make the transition. It’s harder to make the transition because then you’re basing your understanding and conclusions about how something needs to be, you’re basing it upon the reflective world – and that isn’t going to get you very far.

And some part of yourself knows that. In other words, some part of yourself has come to a wits end in terms of the reflective, yet you’re not quite making, and haven’t quite yet taken, and it hasn’t quite opened up for you to where you see how the flow comes through – and that you connect to this flow in terms of how things are all around and about you.

Your dream took you to the cusp of something. In other words, the theme of the dreaming was this ability to cut through and notice the flow that exists in terms of everything, and the theme of the dreaming is such that when you make the step through you’re able to look at that other space that you had been in and notice what kind of a step that is that one takes.

It looks like a big shift and step to not have to contend with getting smashed over and over again by having to have identified with the reflections. You can actually seem to think that you’re making headway even when you come to grips with the reflections, but the problem is, is because they’re reflections and because there’s a limit to the depth that you can go with something like that, you ultimately run into getting smashed in some fashion.

And that causes you to shrink, contract, and that happens because you’re not actually holding on to the realness that’s prior to reflections, that’s the vibration that comes through. And the reflections are often just the way of denoting reciprocally that this other is engaged, or in flow, or is coming through.

And so the things that you see around you are kind of, like I say, they’re reciprocal images, and that’s how they need to be. And that’s how maybe others may look and see you, and perceive in relationship to you who you, and how you, are, but it’s not these reciprocal images that are important. What’s important is this vibration that precedes all of that.

The degree to which you can see how things are, or need to be, reflectively, is something that’s akin to developing an insight in terms of the outer adab so that you don’t do something to disturb the inner flow.

In other words, you always do fall into reflections to some degree, but when you are in touch with something that is coming through from the other side, that is on the inner, while you’re like that, when you’re like that, you have such an insight that when you’re not like that and are caught up in having to fall back to the lesser denominator of the reflective world, the little bit that still holds in your nature needs to be such that it then is able to find kind of the outer adab that’s necessary so that you don’t go falling to pieces too much.

In other words, there’s an outer way of being able to be, or an outer adab, of which its only importance is so that when you’re in flow and in sync that you’re not having outer conditions interfere as readily as they normally would with the flow.

So this is an understanding, when it comes to just looking at reverb energy, this is an understanding of how to look at it, but how do you look at reverb energy if you don’t have the over-the-top, or from within, flow upon which to establish, or acknowledge, or recognize how it is that you are evolving.

You’re not evolving according to the reflective world. You’re evolving according to the inner. And the reflective world is just a, like I say, a reciprocator of what is taking place that can kind of create an insight for those that can see that something from within is awakening.

You found the reverb which meant that you were saying “no,” or denying that process, or weren’t quite energetically quickened for it to come through.

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