The Other Way Around

“Echo” by Gloria Gypsy

Life happens from the inside out. To look around us, it may not seem that way because so many people are obsessed with what possessions they can surround themselves with, thinking: if I have that thing, I’ll be cool. Yet even those urges are born on the inside. So, where do we put our focus, intentions, and energy? It’s important to consider because, over time, that’s what we will become. It never works the other way around. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So my meditation dream is kind of clumsy because it sets the precipice of all of this in that I actually, in the meditation, am seeing myself in this state and it doesn’t make any sense. In other words, I haven’t done the basics to get there that require the other dreams to show that.

So, I see myself as living in the image of what happens when you make assumptions over what is going on. What I’m saying here is I’m in the outer, and there are certain things that exist in terms of how I am in the outer, and so on the basis of that I can draw an understanding. And I can make assumptions about myself, in terms of how I see myself as I am in the outer or, in other words, what I mean by that is that what is happening, and how it is that I look, are correlated.

In other words, how you are able to be seen in the outer you can relate to all of that as just outer of reflection, or you could try to see that that is correlated to something from the inner. In other words, it speeds into something else.

So to look at the image that is me, if you had nothing more than that to go on you would not know what is happening. The reason is because the action which comes from within and the corresponding outer image are reflectively intertwined.

They’re intertwined and it’s reflective; you have to say it’s reflective that way because these are the tools that we work with. We work with reflective tools. We work with a knowingness that isn’t reflective but, in the outer world, it’s reflective.

So the net effect is that I take responsibility for that which I perceive. In other words, how do you take responsibility for it? You have to perceive it from within. You can’t take responsibility very well for it in the outer, except in kind of a quasi adab way, so that you can more or less be better situated so that when the inner happens that you can appreciate it.

So it behooves me to be part of that which is uplifting energetically and enlightening spiritually. In other words, when you’re experiencing from within that speeds you up because the dumbing-down always happens when you just go around and around reflectively. And, of course, it’s nauseating to have to do that in a reverb way.

And the reason for the dream is for me to see life as being the result of how it is that I feel towards everything. In other words, something within enhances or uplifts in some fashion and that’s what you need to honor.

And to the degree that you’re not, you have these feelings towards everything. What that is is you’re putting your spin upon the idea and, therefore, you’re not the keeper of the whole. You’re not in the whole. When you’re in the whole you are, so to speak, your brother’s keeper and, of course, the brother in this case is the whole, the world soul.

Built into each of us is a beingness that corresponds to the decisions we make. In other words, that’s an innerness and then there’s the outer that corresponds. The effect, in terms of what is going on, relates by way of reflection. It’s a reflection from the cause. The cause is the inner.

So you can almost make this almost an Aesop’s fable warning tale as a joke: be careful of how it is that you are – because it becomes you. In other words, if you’re reverbing and reverbing, or you’re just doing a reflective and a reflective that’s how you are, you become like that. Or, the other way around, if you start correlating to the flow of that which is coming within, then that becomes you, too.

So that’s the initial dream. It had a lot of… it was a big plunge. And it’s better to take it in piecemeal and so that’s what I kind of do in my sleep because I’m not naturally there.

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