A Certain Composure

Flow-of-Life-Bart'sWe usually can feel when we are composed and sure of ourselves, but we may not know why. If that composure comes from a type of confidence relative to external factors, it can be fleeting when the situation changes.

What we really seek is the composure of being connected to the flow of life, a state that could stay with us in any and all situations. This requires that we let go of our ideas about being in charge, and instead let the energy of what created us include us in its evolution. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So that’s the initial dream. It had a lot of… it was a big plunge. And it’s better to take it in piecemeal and so that’s what I kind of do in my sleep because I’m not naturally there.

So in this dream I’m casually getting off of a plane. In other words, it’s like I’m acting like there’s no big rush about anything, nothing’s pressing me. And I just walk over to another ticket counter area which is where I need to be because I have another flight that I need to go on.

Other than that I just act like it just flows along and this flight is about to leave. So I walk over there nonchalantly, notice that they’re holding some list, automatically infer what that’s about – it’s a list of people that they’re trying to let them know that this is the last call for boarding.

So I take the list out of their hand without even saying anything. I see my name on it. I point out that that’s me. I learn the flight is ready to leave, and so when I point my name out they then repeat it and I say, “Yes.”

In order to maintain the slower chitchat, I just go, “So is the plane about to leave?” and they say, “Yes,” and so I get the boarding pass. I then ask, “Do I have enough time to get my baggage?” because I just kind of walked over. I hadn’t gotten my baggage from the other flight yet or brought it with me. And they say, “Yes.”

But that turns out to be a little harder than I thought and I get kind of worked up and excited and speeded up as I now get the impression that things are getting cut close. Well, when I do that then, that’s when I break the linkage.

This is what this dream is trying to show me. That’s when I break this connective flow linkage that I had naturally going along when I got off the plane and walked right over ready to take the other flight.

And so to try to bring that recognition through, as I’m kind of in this in-betweenness because I’ve gotten myself stirred up over the anxiety of having to get this timing down, a bus which travels around to cover the loose ends of things, drives over to where I’m at and the driver yells out, “You got it?” And I say, “Yes,” and he drives on and I’m again composed.

And so of course this is just about a natural flow that is in place for me to follow, and when I get overly excited, such as thinking I’m about to be left behind, I adopt a frittered energetic that clouds the picture. Fortunately there is a depth within that knows that I have this blindside to my nature and this inner depth is seeking to head things off, to address, to heal the crack. When I am in what you could call a type of composure, then an even, natural flow predominates.

So this is a dream that, at this phase, is showing how it is in relationship to something that’s still oriented just to myself, that bounds around in relationship to just trying to walk, just for me to put one step forward for myself. But it’s not about that.

I mean that would be like an ant wandering about, and each ant has its own little way of its own little knowingness, but even within the ant kingdom there comes a point in time when it works with the whole. And that’s what this dream is about now.

But first you have to get through the reverb of things, like what you were dealing with, to get to the point where you catch up with the flow of things. And when you catch up with the flow of things there is kind of an environmental balance that exists because you’re attuned to the language of the soul, or of the whole, that is quickened, and alive, and happening about you.

And if you do not connect with that, then you reverb in terms of outer reflections that don’t cut through anything. But then when you’re able to like kind of connect to the flow then all of a sudden something else happens.

And in this dream I’m at kind of some sort of conference or something and when I leave I decide to take three guys at the conference with me to where they need to go. In other words, everyone when the leave the conference they have to catch a cab, or do this, that, or the other. They have to wait for a ride.

And I seem to have my own vehicle there. And even when you help others the protocol of the system in life is that you generally take people on in some sort of order. I’m pondering doing that, but oh, it’s too much to ponder, to think about, so I just take my arm and make a general wave that I’ll take some people with me – whoever comes up to me first.

And I have I think four or five seats in the car but, somehow or another, I must be talking to you on the cellphone or something, because you indicate that I can’t handle more than three. Because if I took four passengers that overweighs the car and it doesn’t handle well; it lists or something, it does something strange that it can only handle three.

And also what’s interesting about this car is it’s like there are a couple of seats in the front, a couple of seats in the middle, and like a couple of seats in the back. So it has six seats, and you drive the car from the back, a seat in the back. And so the way I’m going to fill the car is I’m putting one person in the front, two in the middle, and then I’m by myself in the back.

So then I ask these guys where they’re from. It’s not like I really cared where they’re from, I’m going to take them wherever they want to go, right? And then I get shocked when I’m hearing about places from all around the world. Of course, I’m not taking them to these places all around the world, I’m dropping them off at either an airport, or a hotel, or something where they’re staying in the city.

For myself, however, it is different. I proceed from the city to where I live in the country. And that’s where you’re at, too, somewhere out in the country.

Now see, this shows me the image as it has progressed, but then I fall back into the reverb state of how it was before it progressed. Earlier I had my concerns on how to get about on my own in the city. I wasn’t even sure where to catch a bus. I could see the downtown area where I needed to be in the distance, but getting there was a challenge.

As I was walking along I’d cross a waterway and I’d think, oh my goodness, now have I separated myself? Even though I can see the downtown area, how are the roads, or how is this all going to flow to get to the downtown area?

I’m kind of on foot or whatnot even though I have more of an intent that’s a little better on foot than usual; I’m still on foot. And it seems that somehow within that, in other words I know by way of some aspect of a higher self, by way of patterns, that I need to get help in this process – just like in the prior dream I kind of knew that I needed something to click for me and that’s why this bus came by.

That’s something inside that has that kind of natural connection that you’re not aware of. So what a change from that to now that I was on foot taking city busses, now I drive, and not only do I drive but I can help others, and I still don’t know my way about that well but I go for it knowing it will all work out.

Now, what is interesting about the dream is, one, is that I am challenging myself now when before I barely got by on my own, you know wandering around on foot. I could see the downtown, but that’s a whole other thing to get there because I don’t even know how to catch a bus, it seems like, which is kind of a simple Simon thing that most people should easily know how to do. But I don’t even see the bus stop.

Two, I now place others ahead of me as I drive from the back. Three, I’m a little concerned and uneasy about this, but the guys I help are very settled, soothing, and grounded. As a consequence this helps me find that same quality in myself as a way of interaction.

Four, I’m able to relate to travelers from all around the world. Five, I’m the fourth person in the vehicle, four being a symbol of a completion in some way.

So this dream, which kind of culminates and pulls the first and the second together into a shifted third is a dream that is portraying where I’m at, consciously, compared to earlier in the journey process of awakening. The path has opened up to where I have a greater awareness which extends out to others.

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