It Will All Work Out

spiral-09Here John looks back at the prior dreams from the night and brings together for us the process that is unfolding through the imagery (see The Other Way Around and A Certain Composure). One aspect that can be noted is what happens when the main character of a dream interacts with other elements in the scenes, whether people or places. That interaction usually helps or hinders the journey that is being taken, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically. By noting these forks in the road, we can tell whether we’re getting closer or further away from where we should be. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So this dream, which kind of culminates and pulls the first and the second together into a shifted third, is a dream that is portraying where I’m at consciously compared to earlier in the journey process of awakening.

The path has opened up to where I have a greater awareness which extends out to others. So first you have to get through the reverb of it though, you know? And, of course, in prior dreams that I had I can’t tell you how hard it is to find one’s self relapsing to where I can’t figure out north, south, east, or west.

And this dream had that in it, but it was like an inflection back. That part that I put in there was like an earlier part of a dream inside of me, but was not necessarily loud, but therefore by having a different depth perception inside of me one was able to put it into a different sequence of unfoldment.

Which is an interesting way to see that the dreams work, too, to try to introduce you to a responsibility energetically on multiple levels. Normally dreams tend to work very linearly with a person where you are by yourself, helping yourself, taking a step, and you’re feeling and experiencing a particular state. And then you have to contend with that state in relationship to how you correspond, or relate, outwardly pretty much from an individual perspective.

Then the dream can take on a little nuance, like this one, where it took and had a depth perception quality to it to where it included something that is a strange state that one is in when they are only oriented to having to try to figure things out for themselves, and a figuring out that is reflective even though the intent is to the inner. That part was kind of like put into a shadow side, or a phase, while the other part was louder so that you could see that you were dealing with two different sequences inside yourself – so that you then could take on and recognize how it was that you were evolving.

This is another way of doing it other than just having say a one, two, thee, four kind of dream, where you have a dream and there is a little tidbit, and now you can actually put it together. It’s kind of like a painting, or you can have a photograph that’s very nice and then you can have a painting that has depth perception that gives you the whole sense of a greater sequence of a flow, and time, and space and all of that. And that’s what this third dream did.

The dream process was, first of all I was placed into a way of being that actually had me taking into account everything in the environment as if it all had an aliveness for me. In other words, I wasn’t allowed to see myself as superior or separate. I was correlated to everything and everything was an aliveness in the outer.

That was the meditation dream, and then the second dream had to do with as if I’m coming from that space now falling down, or falling backwards, and coming from that space where everything is in a natural flow and then I fall back to the old pattern of getting reactive and, by way of doing that, get put back together to where I recognize that you have to hold on to that inner process.

And the third dream is showing that the holding on to the inner process then isn’t really about you, it’s about being able then to work with everything else around you, and you, then, are able to, finally, this is where the fun begins, you’re able to actually take a step back.

Now as I was giving these three people a ride, it kind of was a good idea but I could have just as easily just figured they’re all going to figure this out on their own. I made my life more difficult and created a certain degree of trepidation reactivity, potential reactivity, by taking them on. And the fact that I suddenly did that caused me to flinch inside. But then when I started talking to them and realized how composed they were, it helped put me back together.

So working with them, helping with them something rubbed off in terms of how they are in just kind of their natural way that I was able to… it added, because again I’m identifying with the aliveness of things that are there all around me.

And if I had just gone driving off by myself it would have been kind of like a holding onto “one foot in front of the other” kind of thing where I might find myself yet now sorting things out: okay, how do I get out of the city, get to the country? I had plenty of those kinds of dreams.

In this particular case now I know it’s just all going to work out. In fact, that’s not even a thought – of how I’m going to get to the country. And as far as where these guys need to be dropped off, that’s going to work itself out. Now if I’d have thought about it ahead of time I wouldn’t have done this at all.

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