A Natural Sequence

torus-simpleTo be in flow means to be in a “proper” relationship with everything around us. These dream images bring out the importance of the effect that people, places, and even objects can have on us. We can easily see that effect in our waking lives in the case of, say, travel, where we need to make certain connections. So it is in everything, though, from timings because we meet an old friend, or we leave late because we can’t find our keys. When we are intertwined with life, we can feel the naturalness of the flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I really just remember two of my dreams. I keep feeling I forgot another one or two, but the very earliest dream I remember it feels like I’m in an old building, like a castle, on the ground floor.

And I feel like I’ve been captured and the people that are underneath whoever’s in charge of the guys that have captured me it’s like they’ve put this white cloth sack around me. So it’s around my feet and all the way up to my neck and I’m kind of backing away from them because I don’t want them to pull the sack all the way over.

I can walk in it a little bit. I don’t want him to pull it all the way over my head where I maybe can’t breathe well. And then I can feel that their leader is right behind me. He wants me to go somewhere; it might even be to like a cell or something.

But what I do is I keep facing so that I don’t see him because I feel like if I look like I’m going to look at him then the sack will get put the rest of the way over my head. At the same time, I trust the leader and the leader’s energy more than I trust the other guys that were underneath him, so it’s like I’m halfway cooperating at that point because there’s something I trust there a bit more – as long as I do not look directly at him.

That’s that dream.

John: That’s an interesting way of portraying how it is that you come to grips with finding a corresponding connectivity in order to bridge a gap for your own well being.

In other words, in this particular dream you actually use the breath to do that. In other words there is a way of you seeing yourself in relationship to a flow that makes everything okay. And if you don’t, then your breath suffers, or you end up being put into an untenable situation.

And so your dream corresponds this to almost two levels of awakening. In other words, there’s the level of those who are correspondingly relating to the leader and so are not as directly focused upon a certain clarity to the flow. And so you don’t want them to be paying attention or trying to contend with you because they’re not conscious enough.

At the same time you realize that there is a vibration that has a tremendous acuity to it all, that is more than you can grasp, and so you have to be careful of how closely you throw yourself to that because it can be too much for you. Yet at the same time, if you can maintain yourself with a correspondence to that without getting too close, it provides a level of protection and flow that wouldn’t be there if you related to the other aspects that are still trying to sort things out.

So the interesting thing about this dream is it is your way of corresponding to the theme last night, which has to do with being able to find yourself, in the way that other things are around you, to find yourself as the likeness of yourself in that.

And when you do find that commonality, that union, that oneness of yourself in the others, and it can also be through connective forces in the outer as well, but in this case it’s viewed for you as a type of oneness in relationship to the surrounding and people that have an effect, or affect the way you feel about yourself.

And, in this particular case, it is shown to you that you are able to denote the importance of how you are interconnected and intertwined through the breath. And so this becomes a very big subject because if you have a fear of something, or choke over something, react to something, it all shows up in your breath.

And in this particular case you took the fineness of the breath into putting yourself into a very subtle conditional state in which your ability to correspond your breath to that which lies around you was important. In other words, you had to be in the freedom of the flow with the breath and to be in the freedom of the flow of the breath required you to surrender to a correspondence, a likeness, that existed.

And so the theme of the dreaming was closing barriers and gaps by being able to do that in relationship to other people and in relationship to the way things come together in a kind of correspondence if they’re inanimate objects, and also in relationship to vehicles or tools that can be made available to you that help further an unfoldment process.

In my dream it was like a pen that was necessary. I had to have a pen and then I could bring something through, but things can come through in all kinds of other ways – like it might be important in one’s process to be in a particular location. It might be important in one’s process to attend a particular seminar that awakens something so that that then functions like a type of tool or pen to one’s shaking something through that is pent up, and otherwise dormant, and needs to come through that sits in one’s psyche.

So you have that in relationship to everything that is out there that is meant for man. You also have it in relationship to how things work in correspondence to each other. That is important to be able to see how that is meant to be in kind of a natural sequence. And you have it in relationship to when you meet somebody, or you’re around somebody, how it is that you find the sameness in your nature in that.

Now those variables are more directly what my dreams were showing me, those three things. In your dream you just cut to the state of things straightaway. And in the state of things you are looking at that one aspect that makes everything kind of in sync that has to do with the breath, and finding that breath that you need to have.

Jeane: In this later dream it feels like I’m in the same building, but maybe on a different level. I’m at a casual party.

I seem to be in my 20s, and a guy I knew from Lebanon has joined us. I haven’t seen him for years and he wants me to go somewhere with him, maybe even stay with him that night, and he’s living one or two levels up. So I start up one of the levels with him.

I’m still not sure what I’m going to do, but I’m walking along with him kind of interested, just going along, and halfway up this level there’s a little store so we go in and he wants to pick out an outfit for me. But I get sidetracked because they have some shamanic type things in there, some rattles with owls painted on it, and some other things that I can’t quite figure what they are.

I’m over there picking them up and looking at their shape and what’s painted on them and their design. So I get sidetracked with that, but meanwhile he’s picked out an outfit that I think is blue. It’s like a suit. It has a skirt and a top. It’s like a jacket.

And then as we start going up to the next level where he’s staying, I think we pause and he wants me to try on the outfit because I’m not even sure it’s going to fit. So I look at the skirt and it feels to me like when I look at it it looks like it’s a skirt that is like a suit skirt, that’s straight that goes about down to the knees.

So I go to put it on first. Well, it has like a second layer underneath it that holds you in more, and then when I put it on it actually goes all the way down to the floor, like a longer skirt does, and it fits just fine. I’m kind of surprised by that, and then I’m looking at the jacket to put it on, I think, when I wake up.

John: Well, what you’re doing within this theme of the dreaming last night is you’re now introducing the importance of people, place, and things.

And it’s almost like in a place you come into a connection with something that has some sort of vibratory importance, in terms of an intertwined linkage, and there’s a certain place for that, and there is a people in that this person is bringing in a tradition or a mannerism that adds a quality to the way you’re able to see things in a less confined and more overall equation.

And then there’s the manifestation or thing that portrays the awakening, or coming together, of that which needs to unfold, which is in this case expressed as the ability to wear or take upon yourself a quality which is seen in the dream as being like a dress that suits the scenario.

The key to all of this is to realize that every piece is meant to, instead of to be looked at in terms of how it bangs around or affects one psyche, in this particular case it’s not that sort of thing. It’s meant to be something that facilitates an awakening and then an opening.

In other words, it brings about a closure or a oneness, a commonality. It causes you to be threaded into the environment that you’re in, as opposed to bicycling around in that environment. You’re now more a part of that environment. You’re an integrated component to that environment, and it’s causing you to see yourself as that. And, when you do, you feel more complete.

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