In the Bleachers

jjjjThe idea of sitting in the bleachers speaks to the idea of being on the sidelines, or somehow less than fully involved. And so it is when we are not in the flow of life – we’re not fully engaged. We can see it, or experience it, and think we’re a part of it, but from the bleachers we miss out on what is really happening. When we’re one-step removed from the action, it’s hard to get carried along by it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my very earliest dream it’s like I’m sitting in some bleachers and I’m talking to someone to my right. I can’t see who; masculine.

And it feels like there’s an energy that’s building and I’m seeing the dynamics of it. And it may start out as something simple, but it feels like it’s taking over everything. And I seem to be describing that to them, or trying to work with it, or trying to go back somewhere and get it not to take over everything.

That’s all I remember of that first dream.

John: If you’re just in creation, and creation per se is something that’s an octave out of something more, in other words, it’s a lower octave of light, which is sound, and so then it is creating something that has appearance by way of reflection.

And that then has an element of time and space for purposes of seeing and hearing because light is the light, and the sound is the sound, and then the seeing and the hearing has this quality of reflection.

That’s kind of how the two zones work with themselves, but what you’re working with is you’re sitting in the overall of an aspect of creation and you are looking over at the masculine – and it’s the masculine that needs to bring in the spirit energy so that the two states can be recognized, or be able to be recognized.

And, of course, that is done through the breath – because it’s the breath that can tell whether something feels right or doesn’t feel right. And if the dimension between the two is not activated then it just kind of sits in a zone where there isn’t a conscious flow. It doesn’t mean that the consciousness isn’t there, it just means that it’s not flowing.

It’s like sitting in a bleacher. It’s like a bleacher in which you know that something should be going on, but there’s nothing going on. And that you can glance around you, knowing that something needs to happen, but something isn’t happening.

When this happens, when all of this action takes place between inner and outer you have to invoke the inner in order to touch the outer. And that whole consciousness, then, takes place in an emptiness.

Initially, it’s a world in-between in which there are sparks and light coming down to touch light and all of that sort of thing going on but, ultimately, that becomes an emptiness as time and space disappear in relationship to the lower octave of sound and the higher octave of light – all of it coming back together and there being nothing but a wholeness.

Somehow we need to find ourselves as this wholeness, which is a naturalness. And we have to do this in the interval of where the inner and the outer come together. What you’re describing is just a… well, you’re just sitting in the bleacher.

You are describing something in a state in which nothing is going on, it’s just dormant. And so it’s probably a starting point. So you probably made this depiction as a starting point and then you start to turn that in to the flow.

Jeane: I don’t remember a lot of the middle dream, but I remember one part of it where I seem to be pursued a bit and I find myself alongside a bridge. And I climb on the outside of the bridge railing to reach down and find some white papers, or some papers I’d put there with writing on them, that belong to me, with information on them.

I remember that part. Then I go and retrieve those. That was about all I remembered of the middle dream and then it went on to another dream.

John: So what you’re doing in the middle dream is you’re working with that interval now, only you’re working with the interval as if the information that you need to get there is strictly through the sparks, or the interaction, between the two planes, one being more expansive and the other being more condensed – or as some would say, more micro or macro.

But as a mystic would say it, it’s the interval between the breath. And when you’re not able to sit and be still in that, then it’s like you’re haunted in some fashion so that creates the sense of a pursuing.

And what you’re doing in this middle dream is you’re trying to make sense out of this by way of the information that you have some sort of sense of. Now you haven’t determined what this information is yet. It’s still kind of an information that… well, light itself carries information, and yet you’re in a world of sound.

So there’s still this sorting out that needs to happen. Again the flow isn’t the flow yet, and you haven’t established the intertwined linkage, then you have this kind of destabilized upheaval yet.

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