Perpetual Motion

perpetual-motion-epkThere’s no question that each of us affects our nearby environment energetically. The important aspect of that idea is, are we doing it consciously, or or we unaware of our effect? Of course, mostly what we radiate into our environment is unconscious. But a spiritual journey requires that we begin to become conscious of this aspect of our being – and to take responsibility for it. Still, better yet, begin to consciously choose what we radiate to others. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well my very first dream it feels like it’s working with the energy image again, like I’m in a fairly large space that reminds me of a casino. And it’s almost like I come towards you, or someone, and we have design patterns that we kind of meet up with, and these patterns have peaks in them, and they might surround us, and then they kind of go up and they go out.

If anything, the pattern reminded me a little bit of like when you’re a kid sometimes you can fold a piece of paper into a certain shape and put your fingers in it, and then as you move it then it has peaks and it opens out into different shapes all the time, and so it feels like that.

I might go towards you and there’s a certain pattern that opens up and these two patterns kind of match each other. Then you do it again and the patterns are larger and they match each other.

And it’s almost like one person’s trying to capture a game or territory at some point, but if you go too long and the pattern gets too big then it’s almost like your territory gets captured – so you’re not quite sure when to kind of stop the game for a minute.

That was my earliest dream.

John: So you’re playing with the dynamic of the degree to which you can do that, in other words the degree to which you can take and go inside and find someplace inside of yourself from which you can come and effect an outer area, or effect something outwardly, from an inner connection.

What you’re really describing is you’re bringing a flow down inside of yourself. The dynamics in which this works is, this flow comes down and, in order for it to have any affect whatsoever in the outer, it can’t be personalized. It has to come through and freely release through you into the atmosphere that you’re going into.

And the reason why it’s like that is because if it comes down and there is some sort of personal identification, or if you’re holding some sort of dense reality, or outer motif, or however, you’re going to be projecting that. Which means you’re going to be projecting your reflections into a world of reflections – in which what is around you is a reflection.

Now what’s interesting is the reflection that is around you is based upon a certain kind of flow, a flow that’s been established as a type of innerness that is so entrenched that now it has its reflective patterns as if they have a life of their own. And those reflective patterns have a certain disease about them in that the result, in terms of the path and the manner in which they’re flowing, unless the inner changes they’re apt to dominate in a way that does not look good.

In other words, one could take and look at those and make projections in relationship to that and realize that the outcome in the future is not a positive outcome – if the inner flow doesn’t change.

So the dilemma that exists is, are you actually able to change the inner flow? Only if it’s meant to be changed. And what changes the inner flow? Because I mean you have to be careful, you’re almost talking as if you’re doing something that’s outside of yourself – and you never are doing anything outside of yourself.

You’re always doing something by way of accessing some part of yourself that you then bring through yourself in order to necessitate a shift. If a shift is meant to occur it’s already somehow or another denoted inside of yourself in a higher-self way.

But if what is perpetuating has become so entrenched over time by the collective reflections, and those reflections all stem from some sort of purported inner awareness, and it is true, it is a type of inner awareness, you have to go even deeper on an inner level to change something like that because the calamity of the thing is already associated with some sort of inner mannerism.

But you have to find a deeper inner mannerism that is focused and subtle enough that it changes, that it can literally change or shift what is currently outwardly being projected, and can change, alter, and shift that into a dynamic that is anew. And in order for that to occur you have to confront or take on, absorb by way of changing and shifting, the whole schematic of what currently presides.

Well you obviously are pondering this somehow in terms of your higher-self, that you’re getting sucked into something like this, and so you’re proposing some way in which you contend with this. And what’s interesting is you’re describing it up to a degree. In other words, you’re saying if you go too far then, somehow or another, you are going to be impacted.

That’s kind of an understanding and belief that exists based upon the perception that exists or resides in the idea of the past where the Khwajagan were able to affect things. And when others started to see that they were doing this, as opposed to just being like everybody else, that they were doing something out of the ordinary, that’s when the forces could more or less stop them.

In other words you could take a position that was opposed to such change just for the sheer sake of taking that position, because you could also adopt the idea that you’re being manipulated in some fashion because of a change in the flow.

So, you could take a position directly opposite. And at the same time, you don’t want to create that kind of resistance because it’s already there, you want to be invisible in relationship to that. Plus you don’t want to get it down to a type of discussion, or mannerism, between what the inner flow is all about.

There is an absurdity to all of this in that, is what is going on and happening over there already part of a destiny, already part of a design? And if it is, all that you’re capable of doing is going over there and perhaps seeing that, seeing that in the reflections that are taking place, that there is a rhyme or reason behind it coming from somewhere – that isn’t just pure out of control outward reflection.

And if that is true and you go too far, and develop too much of an intent to try to shift something, then what happens is you’re the one that gets overwhelmed. And that may not be good because you may have some other work, or means, or mannerism that you don’t want it to be a catastrophe.

In other words, we’re all here. We have this wholeness inside of ourself but it doesn’t mean that it works out. And there are lots of examples where it doesn’t, but still we try because it’s part of awakening and becoming more conscious.

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