What We Run From

WhatIIn these dreams, Jeane is being chased, yet she realizes that she has to come together and find some unity and peace. And so it is with our inner journey. At some point we have to let go and surrender to what is natural in us, rather than our learned behavior. That surrender is like being caught in a chase dream. It turns out it’s not as frightening as we think. This analysis will continue tomorrow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Last night it’s like I had a dream, I had a second dream that came in, and then I went back to the first dream with a few changes.

So, in the beginning dream it’s like I’m living in a time of some chaos, when there are small groups of people still left, and it’s like I’m trying to make it somewhere to join with a group of people. But I’m also being chased, or pursued and, as I try to make it to the group of people that I want to be with, I have to kind of stay away from a group of three men who are pretty violent.

You feel like they’ll either try to enslave you, or kill you, or something at least, so sometimes when they see me it’s like I have to try to escape whether it’s going into the water, or getting away. And you feel like all around you there are two groups of people that are kind of fighting with each other, against each other, and at the same time trying to gather together to form settlements that work and can create some safety for themselves.

So I make my way to a settlement where we start kind of pulling ourselves together and creating a house, and some safety in that house, and also in how we can go out and gather or start putting food together, cook together, and still keep an eye out for those that might come and are kind of like marauders, which belong to the other group. And that’s just kind of how the existence is.

I think it’s about then that I have a second dream. In that dream again I’m with a lot of people in an area. It’s more peaceful. It’s like I’ve gone to a meeting, and when I’ve gone into the meeting and people are just kind of pulling together and we’re coming into a group, suddenly my father comes in and so does a young cousin that I have.

And it’s like they want attention, especially my cousin. She wants attention and is kind of disruptive, so I take her out of the group and go to another place where other people are. Initially it’s like I want to leave her and go back to the group where we meditate or whatever we do, but she like fights me on that because it’s like she’s trying to form a relationship, not just with me but with somebody else.

She doesn’t understand what we do in the group, so she can’t relate. And if she can’t relate then it’s not working, in a sense, so I spend some time with her just kind of socializing in a way. Not chitchat or anything, just trying to relate to see where she’s coming from – how does she fit in to the group that’s there? – and trying to just kind of get calm and centered.

And then it feels like I go back in the water and then I’m in the other dream. In the other dream at one point it’s like I’ve gone out of the village a bit and I’ve been captured all of a sudden. I’m in this long white room and I see that they’ve walled up the door at one end.

And so I turn around. The door behind me is shut, but I turn around and I kick through it and then there’s another white door that’s being kind of plastered over and I kick through that. And then there’s this kind of creature that’s kind of a purple, odd-looking creature that was doing the plastering, that was sealing me up in that room.

And it’s like I grab him and I kind of push him into the room that I’m getting out of and he just turns into this ooze that goes into the floor of the building. And then I get out, and when I get out I kind of go towards the water, and this time I’m swimming upstream to get back to the village that I was in.

And some of the people that had tried to capture me before in boats going downstream and they spy me and they start following me. But now it feels like I have this recognition that there’s one person even that I fought before, it’s a woman, but I seem to have this recognition now that we have to figure out how to work together as two groups, that there needs to be some way that we come together.

And I’m trying to do that link first with this woman where we’ve been put in some adversarial roles between the two tribes, and to find a link there, and kind of support her in what it is that will break through, too, because it feels like, essentially, with these two tribes that are smaller now, that are left on the planet, that we have to figure out how to get along.

John: We’ve talked about chase dreams in the past that had a certain kind of continuous, constant dynamic – in terms of trying to get through something that is keeping one from accessing what is a dynamic, or a realness, in terms of themselves.

And the chase dream also is a dynamic in which there is something that is trying to catch up, too, that you need to realize in order to be able to take a step forward into a greater realization of yourself. And so you have to own the energy that you’re running from, or trying to keep at bay.

That’s how we’ve talked about it in the past, but this is a chase dream that has to be looked at on another level in terms of the process. And when you look at the dream in terms of how the chase aspect has evolved into something more, that chase energy that is trying to catch up, that is trying to make contact, is an inner coming into an outer.

It’s an energetic, it’s a kundalini energy, it’s something that you have to own. What one has never done is looked at when one talks about how there’s an inner coming into an outer, and that inner comes from some part that is really yourself in a higher octave way. It’s not like that inner is coming from somewhere else.

The inner is actually coming from an aspect of this energy that sits there and is pressuring you, in some regard, and that inner then, that is the innerness actually on a higher level. It directs you, whether you realize it or not, to functioning and acting in a particular way.

In other words, if it’s nothing more you’re constantly trying to position yourself, get away from it, or whatever, and instead, no matter what you do until you catch up with the energetic behind that, until you allow yourself to own that energetic that’s behind that, you’re not doing what is essential or imperative in terms of that vibration.

So the vibration has all of these different levels to it, this chase energetic kundalini vibration has all of these levels to it. Like I mentioned before, on one level it’s a shadow dynamic. On another level, it’s something that you’re not seeing, that you’re turning away from and not looking at and, therefore, trying to push away from because it is something that would take you, and place you, into somewhere that you’re not in control of.

And then it gets to the point where it is part of a listening center, it’s part of even a guidance. The owning of that, and hearing of that, in terms of how it needs to be heard, goes all the way to the point where you could say that it is actually even an aspect, or thought, of God. It’s who and what is unique about an expression of who you are in terms of the whole.

But for it to become something like a type of guidance you have to let go of it, or absorb it or, in other words, put it into a different kind of dynamic in terms of how it’s affecting you inside. Well, for one thing, you’re going to be affected in terms of how it is that you sort things out, and how it is that you struggle in life. You’re going to be affected by it, whether you like it or not, and the degree to which it controls you and you don’t catch up with the full essence behind it, the degree to which you are more or less victimized by this – on that level of looking at it, it’s an archetypal energy.

This discussion continues in Taking Ownership.

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