The Echo Within

echoes_previewJohn’s meditation dream triggers a sense of a deep inner stillness within him, as an echo of the greater stillness of everything. And if we think about it, how does anything connect to anything else? It has a receptor for it. We hear because we have ears to catch the sound waves. So how could a human recognize God, or hear the urge to reconnect to the universe without having those very things in him? He couldn’t, yet such instincts and urges exist within us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, we know what the theme is right? This came off, in terms of me, as having to look at what is involved with making that step.

In other words, in the meditation dream, I’m able to observe that there are two parts of myself. There is a part that exists in a natural, still, meditative state. It just naturally is there. In other words, it’s not part of creation, per se. It’s in a higher, inner-self quality that I do not readily see because it is a natural letting go that is there, and a natural emptiness.

And then there’s a second part of me that’s more unsettled, where there’s an effort that’s needed just to slow down because you’re thrown around by the tangents of things around you. And as I turn my attention, in this part of myself, to an inner sound that you’re always able to hear because it is part of creation that, when you do that, you can surprise yourself and find yourself suddenly in a flow of inner images.

And I have come to recognize that those inner streaming images tend to be what we call an inner dream. So by letting go of whatever it is that has taken my being on a tangent, in other words, that’s by stopping and listening to the sound that echoes, or that is, naturally there in creation.

But also in creation you’re caught up in the waywardness of everything around you, so if you take this part of your being and drop it into a quality upon which everything has been created, and it’s all created out of sound, if you go into this sound, you listen to this sound, you lose yourself in the sound, you’re able to make a subtle shift, and the tangent kind of falls away, and you’re able to suddenly find yourself in the language of the soul. Or, in other words, a place inside where inner images can come through you.

It is as if you have suddenly merged the part of yourself that is in a natural stillness with the part of yourself that can listen to the inner sound of the universe as a stilled relevance – because how else do we explain what took place?

This is like taking a meditative part of one’s self that is just there in an empty stillness, so I guess you could call it a meditative part of yourself because it’s not noodled around by manifestation, so you take this to another part of yourself that has the tendency to immerse itself into conditions in the outer, but has this inner listening center to work with that corresponds in a kind of octave way to the stillness. And, if you do that, all of a sudden you can see yourself awaken to streaming inner images.

So this is what I saw was happening in my meditative dream. So the question is, what happened? In other words, how do you explain this? I believe part of me that is still and, apparently, at rest from within is in an unseen state, like a type of light that you can’t see, and this is able to touch the part of me that has been projected, or transformed, or subrogated or however you want to use the word, to itself into creation and, when it is as a manifestation, as a creation, there is still the sound that echoes from it.

Because you have essentially taken something that is light. It’s been converted to sound and then creation is made out of the sound, but because creation is made out of sound, that sound is still something you can hear. You can still put your attention and hear it ringing in your ears. And when you do that, viola, the inner image language of the soul is suddenly able to be seen and heard from within.

Or to say this in yet another way, it is as if a part of myself that resides as a stillness is able to relate to the part of myself that listens. To denote the communion there is the inner dream flow. I have come to know the inner dream flow to be the language of the soul. Or, to describe this as a meditative process, first you start with a natural stillness that is just simply there even though we might not be aware of it, I might not be able to see it, which is the soul.

The stillness and the inner sound of the universe, which emanate in creation, are correlated. So when the two come together, viola, you have the language of the soul.

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