A Designed Way

How can it be that, in the face of this massive universe, an individual life can matter? Because we are each unique in our talents, sensitivities, and perspectives. The culture has it wrong: our physical bodies are fundamentally the same – it’s our inner individuality that matters most. We need to awaken to that idea, but not as a personal identity; our uniqueness is only valuable when it is put in service to the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I had the experience of an energetic within which seemed to descend upon my being, and upon those in a similar frame of reference. I noticed that this occurred rather shabbily if the circumstances were of no real significance – in terms of what and how we dealt with things.

And so if I am in a low-energy state only, all that I seem to access, or contend with, is some menial mannerism that has no focus really to it, that’s kind of all over the place. So what I access, when in this condition, is rather banal.

However, the situation that can be rather ordinary also has an aspect about it that requires one to take on more attention that what meets the eye. In other words, you could go deeper within it. It seems, then, that at that time you pull through what is needed to address the greater beingness.

This is a connection that I notice drew to it what was needed, as needed. In other words, you had to look in that way, and have a need to look in that way, or something that shook you through an amnesia so that you looked in that way, and, when you did, things came through, into you, to know.

An example of what I’m talking about popped into my head as a dream-like image. I am part of a gang, or a group, that goes around and robs. To only sit around and talk about this the flow stays upon a very shallow frame of reference. In other words, it’s kind of even unacceptable as an activity and kind of stupid. And when it’s like that, yeah, it probably would be good to just sit around and talk about it and keep it to yourself.

However, because this is a nature in each of us that touches life in an even greater way, when we take it to the next level, beyond just the mere speculation of what can be done, we open up an awareness that is needed, that is reciprocally corresponding to an insight that is needed, and a quality that is designed, in the overall. So we need to open up to flow in that regard.

So the purpose of something like this, the meaningful purpose, is the reason life works like this is each of us has a particular mannerism, in terms of how we are as a thought of God, or presence, or quality inside of ourself, that we must own in manifestation. And we are meant to live that from within.

In other words, by saying it’s lived from within, you need to actually awaken it from within so that it can be lived as a knowingness in life. And when we are able to do that, we come closer to what this is truly all about in an intertwined way. When it’s intertwined, in terms of the whole, it doesn’t matter how this appears to others because they can only look at it in their personal motif.

So, as the dream purports, we are thieves who are meant to take advantage of situations, but the idea that we’re only taking advantage of a situation is a perspective that others have because they only look at things in a way that is personally correlated, in which things are segregated, and there is the me, myself, and I perspective.

So they don’t see how this sort of thing actually is part of a fabric of the whole, or a higher meaningfulness in what appears. And those who have, so to speak, a realization inside of themselves to know that things aren’t what they appear, do not judge and know how a book is not something that is understood based upon its covers.

To say it another way, everyone seems to have the same potentiality, from within, for an energetic essence to come into their being – in a particular designed way – and bring them to an energetic essence that they are meant to be, which is, when you catch up with it, copied into life, so to speak, as an inner access correlated to all of life in a non-personal way.

To get in trouble is to putrefy what is meant to be by personalizing the energetic. To do that takes a person out of a relevant context, and away from an intertwined naturalness, that is designed for the whole.

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