Probing the Frontier

AnneAbernathy_03_2_Dream-Leap-of-Faith-2Understanding dreams is a good practice for understanding life, i.e., both require looking behind or beyond the specific details of what is occurring. In Jeane’s dream, the symbolism can be looked at as having positive or negative implications, so the context is important. With a dream image, it’s like looking at an ornate throne and understanding that it’s still just a chair. In Jeane’s case, a character may have flown off the edge of the earth, but what has really happened is there’s been a leap into the unknown. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My earliest one, what I remember, it’s like in the moonlight and kind of on the curve of the earth, it feels like I’m with other people that are traveling at night, or go out at night.

And, at one point, I’m with this girl and I notice her and she takes a flying leap and sometimes she can go a certain distance through the air, but this time she gets caught up with a pack of animals that travel in the air. And so she kind of gets swept off with them into the air realm.

And I’ve gone back and her mother’s looking for her and I’m not sure I should tell her that the girl’s gone now. It’s almost like the leap that she took to travel where she was going, it was like she leaped a little too far and now she’s kind of swept off.

John: So, to get this right, the image was there’s a person that just took a leap and disappeared somewhere?

Jeane: Well, they’re like animals that ran in the air, almost like wolves, except you couldn’t see them really clearly. And there were certain streams or currents. And so if you leapt and you tried to to travel too far on that curve of the earth or something, and you got caught up in one of those swirls, and suddenly you’re swept up before that pack ran.

John: Well, it’s interesting how these themes that we have just have to be kept the same, so that one can understand it and comprehend it. Because what that’s doing is it has to do with an awakening or revealing.

In other words, it’s like you’re getting out of your usual frame of reference. You’re being compelled to take a step. The dilemma is, on the negative side, is it a step that’s off the ground and over the edge, and therefore, because it’s not grounded, it’s taking you into unintelligible delirium. That’s the negative way of looking at it.

The positive way of looking at it is that you are plumbing the depths of something about yourself that is heretofore unknown. And, in doing so, it’s like you disappear. You go to a place where there’s no news. There’s a whole other kind of awakening.

You take the leap, in other words, you make the plunge, which is kind of an image that’s often, you might say, commonly purported when someone is confronted with a major decision. Can they make that major decision? Can they leap off of whatever it is as a constrained quality of their nature, jump off of, jump through, or go beyond a particular barrier.

So you’ve got a couple different ways you could look at it, both the positive and the negative. I’m inclined to think that because it’s a process of waking up, that it’s more along the latter – that one is reaching states and awareness inside of themselves, or that they are approaching that anyway, and/or you’re facing it and you’re taking a leap off of what had been an edge, or probing into the frontiers of yourself, in a way that had not heretofore existed or occurred. And, as a consequence, that changes you.

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