Out of Its Skin

2_taylorjamesIf we remember that we are all the characters in our dreams, male and female, we can see Jeane’s physical attraction to a man is more about making a deeper connection to an inner, masculine element. That, in turn, allows us to see more easily the distraction her female friend is creating – will she cause Jeane to miss her connection? It requires an alliance of both genders inside us to make the necessary journey forward. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I remember a little excerpt from a dream, where I’m with some people I knew from the days when I did seminars. And one of them is a woman that really liked to dress kind of with designer fashions and stuff, and so she’s interested in me – both in terms of maybe helping her with what she’s wearing, or she’s interested suddenly in something new that I’m wearing.

However, I’m interested in the guy, who I was kind of visiting with before she came. And I kind of want to hook up with him. He’s like over in his bed, and I had gone over there and he usually just sees me as a friend, but it feels like I can’t really find time to connect with him in any way because, you know, she’s kind of dominant.

Although she’s pleased right now with some changes I’ve made in what I’m wearing, it’s almost like we’re a little at cross purposes, because she kind of wants to pull me into that whole dialogue, or go off and be interested in that, and I’m more interested in hooking up with the guy, because I feel like the window of time that I have to connect with him is limited.

John: How did it start?

Jeane: It actually started with I was kind of visiting with a guy, maybe even sitting on his bed, and then she came along. And she’s interested suddenly in a change in what I’m wearing or in my helping her with what she’s wearing.

John: So, this is actually similar to the prior dream, in that you’re finding the feminine aspect of yourself wanting to get out of its own skin, so to speak, or take another leap, from how it is in terms of creation or/and also, therein, what one is wearing, into a whole other frame of reference.

I suppose that makes actually a lot of sense, because the literal nature of the feminine is, is that it is creation, and that it does have to contend with the matter of things in manifestation. And yet there is so much more that is also going on, that is repressed or hidden, in terms of a literalness about just manifestation, per se, that one understands or appreciates in terms of their senses and their mind.

And so that, if you have an inkling that there needs to be more, that you would find yourself fighting to take that step, which means that you are rejecting or repelling what is offered to you, even in terms of how your opinion might even be solicited in relationship to some aspect of what is going on around you, because you recognize that what you need is something of a masculine or bringing in of spirit energy, or however that works as a process that comes from inner into outer.

You need that sort of revealing, in order to be more than what you currently are.

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