Doing What Is Natural

Here Jeane continues to work with her masculine aspect (see The Assignment), this time in the form of a young boy whom she is trying to nurture and take care of with an offering of food. In this way an inner relationship deepens. By nurturing the young boy aspect, that connection can grow to maturity in oneself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this last scene, it’s like I’m at an area on the campus where you can be outside and you can eat. And you can go up and self-serve yourselves, like you do in a cafeteria at a college, except that it’s outdoors, from the regular bins of food.

There’s one area where there’s a woman, an older woman, and she has a large container, and in it is some food that was homemade. It’s kind of a big chunk of meat that you can carve meat off of, and then there’s sauerkraut, and then there’s four or five different kinds of maybe some vegetables or stuff all piled up within this one container.

Well, because that’s homemade food, I kind of go and get my food from there. And I notice another man that’s done that, that’s trying to strike up a conversation with me, but I feel like he’s just more interested in picking someone up. So I’m confirming that this is probably the best food there.

I don’t really connect with him, because I’ve got my eye on something else that’s happening and there’s this boy that has come over. And I think his mother must have been one of the cooks. At first, he doesn’t get any food. I’m thinking maybe he doesn’t have money to pay with it or something.

Then she asks me if I want more and I don’t want more, so then she indicates that there’s just this last piece left and actually it’s going to be free. And so our consensus seems to be that she’s going to cut the top piece of that for the boy.

His attention has got diverted for a minute and he’s run off. So, I’ve picked up the piece that will be his to give to him, but I’ve noticed that it’s the last piece. She’s cut away some pieces on the bottom of it and it’s like at the top, so it also has—it’s almost like some hair or something you can pick it up by because it was right on the height or something and then right below it—and I’m kind of just noticing that the little boy has run off, but he’ll come back and he’ll have the last kind of part of the food there because it’ll be free.

And I think that was when I noticed the other guy was kind of trying to make a conversation around all of this to pick me up but I wasn’t really interested in that.

John: This dream continues the theme, in which you have in your world, the option behind more or less taking on something that’s just naturally in the collective, that’s like a regular smorgasbord out there, or buffet of things. Or, you can take and address or deal with that which is natural to your nature.

Now, when you take and you start to recognize and realize something that’s natural to your nature, it becomes kind of a human nature trait to want to think that this should be shared. But there’s a negative way of sharing it, in which you think that you have reached a state where you are entitled or should have something more.

Or, have you reached a type of sharing, which is like the giving, in which you take that which has been prepared, of which now, you are also the preparer of it—and you know that that is needed by an element of something that is reaching or probing around, like a hungry ghost, to try to find some sort of superficial fulfillment.

And you realize that the depth of that, which is the little boy of it all, you can help. You can give something to this little boy. And then the fact that what you’re giving to him has hair or whatever to it, creates the impression—the sense—that this is a type of giving that is necessary, but includes having to have a degree of, so to speak, skin in the game for it to occur.

Why I probably came to bed so late was I’m stirring something up inside, which again is along the theme of what you’re dreaming naturally without having to go through this mannerism outwardly, physically, it has to do with things wakening or taking a step off of an edge, or jarring something loose, or causing a new sense of something to emerge—or, you know, all these different ways of saying the same thing here, but on a stirred-up kundalini level that can have you going around and around and venting a little bit this way or that way inside yourself because it can invoke something that takes some stabilization and balancing to own.

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