Giving Sustenance

3142Like Jeane’s dream yesterday (see Doing What Is Natural), John has the image of one character in his dream nourishing, or feeding, another dream image character. And since all the characters in our dreams represent some aspect of ourselves, we can see that different aspects within us need the recognition, connection, and nurturing to fully mature and awaken in us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the dream, I suddenly look to the back of a room. In other words, what we have here is I’m somewhere, in about the middle section or something of the room, and I turn around and I look in the back and I see something that has me kind of wondering what is going on.

Because those people in this room that have a responsibility, in some capacity, to maintaining things as balanced and neutral, as well as ushering and guarding the place. There’s conflict here, in that they have what should be segregated duties in terms of getting something to occur or be accomplished. But it turns out, they’re not as independent and segregated as it appears.

The clue is that they’re all wearing a similar outfit that’s got kind of a greenish look to it. But I suddenly realize that something is going on there that’s more than I realized because I glance around and what I suddenly see—in the back of the room, where there’s a bunch of them or a couple of them located—the flash of something that is very troubling. In other words, it’s normally hidden and I suddenly see it. It’s some sort of waywardness.

And what I see, it’s like this image was created almost as if there was a hallucinogenic drug mannerism going on that is off-limits to the situation, but is being introduced and slipped in, in order to affect the outcome. And this has fallen into the hands of what has turned out to be manipulative forces. The drugs are used to influence unfairly an outcome.

These influencing drugs and chemicals take away any hope of a level playing field. This is kind of like a meeting area, too. And what is supposedly happening here is supposedly neutral. And of course, because I glanced around and realized there was something nefarious going on, I realized, uh oh, there’s a secret here, a hiddenness that’s designed to manipulate innocent people.

So, of course, one is all of those parts, right? First of all, I can look at this very literally in terms of what’s going on, and, you know, you can apply it to something outwardly right straightaway. The dream is indicating that if I think that a public meeting is fair and balanced, I am being naïve. In other words, going down to the board of equalization, as if they’re going to render a straightaway, forward, clean, clear approach.

They only are doing what they can get away with, too. They’re in cahoots. They may look like they’re wearing a different hat to the whole situation, but now they’re in their part of the system. And those in control are able to secretively do whatever they want to manipulate a result that they want, or an outcome that they want.

And if I hadn’t awakened, or hadn’t looked, and didn’t notice, and didn’t accept this to be the case, I would be foolishly thinking that things are on the up and up. But what I see about the process is that it’s full of pretenses and appearances that are deceiving. Of course, the scenario is, like I already mentioned, I’m going to an appeals board that calls itself a board of equalization, which is supposed to be there to make sure that the taxes that are levied are done in a fair and balanced way.

This dream is saying that I am walking into a setup. But there’s, of course, a deeper level. Because this also, by having jarred myself with this, this is kind of causing something to awaken. It’s causing me to bring through, or clarify, or having to ground a presence and vibration that ordinarily I wouldn’t flush it out. I wouldn’t flush it through. I wouldn’t try to do some Don Quixote thing in a hopeless scenario.

But in this particular instance, I am, and it is indicating not to be deceived, that appearances aren’t what they seem. 

The next thing I had was an image. In other words, just like in your last dream you had a dream in which there had to be a certain giving that you had to be part of, that you were responsible for, in terms of facilitating what was necessary for an awakening. And if you didn’t do this, and instead figured out how to help yourself in a personal way, then on that last image you had, you weren’t doing anything though in that regard.

You knew better. You knew that what needed to be given and you saw that what was being given was creating a certain skin, or awakening and opening, in the game of it all. Well, that’s what this kind of dream image does, as well.

It’s an image of seeing this whale fish, big whale fish, regurgitating food that comes up into its mouth, that it then emits into the mouth of a full-grown offspring. The sense I was having from this image was this was an action that was extending something that is needed for a mutual well-being. For this to not occur, there would have been a great loss.

And so this helped to nurture the overall situation. Yes, something appeared to be lost or regurgitated or handed up, but it was necessary because it sustained another part of itself—its full-grown offspring image that was in need of food, or the sustenance.

This is very similar. It’s a type of awakening into an overall that involves having to reveal and give. And I had other images that depicted the opening up or the ability to fly to some place—other place—for purposes of causing something to happen, and all of these were images that involved an inner revealing that is awakening or coming from an unconscious into more of a conscious outer way or expression.

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