The Sound of the Universe

quietnessWhat do we really hear when we get truly quiet within ourselves? Perhaps it is the sound of the universe trying to guide and help us, its most precious flower. Just as everything we see around us is programmed to succeed in its destiny, so are we – but with a special feature: we have freedom of choice. So the guidance we receive has to be requested by us, and importantly, we have to be able to receive it when it comes. That’s when we need to be quiet and listening – inside – even if we are physically busy on the outside. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: You crashed in the middle of the night. You knocked everything off the table, and I said I lost all the dreams that happened before that, because they were so wispy last night.

John: Well, I have crashes all the time, because I’m investing in the markets and stuff. I wake up and my heart just literally drops to the floor sometimes when the market drops out from under me. But I have to function, and I have to remember dreams.

Sometimes someone will call me and they’ll want to know something, they may even tell me a dream or something, and I’ve just looked at the computer screen and I’m in bad shape. I’ve had a crash, yet I have to hold it together. And, in fact, my mind can go racing off at times, and then I go and I sit and I meditate and I have to pull it together.

Now fortunately, I think what saves me is I’ve discovered that there is a correlation between light and sound, and that sound is a lesser octave of the light – and yet they are correlated. You speed sound up and it turns into light.

And I’ve learned that I can sit down and no matter how chaotic something is inside of me, if I can just listen to the sound of the universe, which because everything was created—creation was created out of sound—and you can hear that, and if I just listen to that and go into the stillness of that which is of the whole, the oneness, I can leave all that behind.

But of course, if I can’t, and my mind just goes racing this way and that way because things have crashed, and because everything has gone tipsy-turtle every which direction, then if I can’t pull it together, come back into that space in some capacity, then I’m a wreck. I crack, and I can’t find anything.

I don’t know where you go back to, but you go back to something that’s pretty dumb and pretty out of it, and really shut off, and it requires a holding of this listening center, because that’s what the sound of the universe, that you can hear, that’s what it really comes down to.

Maybe you can’t hear it, in so many words, but that vibration, as a listening center, carries guidance within it or, I should say, maybe, using a better word, a type of knowingness that pervades. And it is from that that one is able to understand, to know, and to grasp things that you can’t grasp with your senses, your mind, and your ego. Your senses, your mind, your ego, all of that stuff that jerks you back into a limited perception, happens when things crash.

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