Climbing Toward the Light

b-800wiIt’s one of the hardest things to do in a spiritual journey: let go. Fundamentally what we are trying to let go of is the idea that we are in control of things, or that life should unfold according to our view of it. To be in service to creation – as the human is designed to be – means to surrender to the wisdom of things higher than us. If we do, we can then be responsive to what It needs us to be. Otherwise we will always struggle because we are out of the flow of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my next dream, these dreams I would consider kind of bizarre. I was having nothing but bizarre images after having created that crash over there. And so I thought that they were stupid to write up, but they’re actually kind of profound perhaps.

In this first dream, which is fairly loud in terms of remembering it, I find myself explaining to a coach that I do not understand why it is that a person can’t naturally jump over a bar that is four- or five-feet-tall. And I’m explaining to him that when I was younger, I could jump two or three feet off the ground.

And so to be able to jump at a height that’s approximately as tall as you are, what you have to do is you measure up to where your hips are at, because you can throw your hips up in the air naturally, and then however greater height that you could do above that, that’s how much you can jump over a bar.

So what you do is you approach the bar from the side, you run, you jump up in the air, you undulate your body, you know, you contour your body, and you weave over the bar. And you already have the height of your hips to work at, plus whatever you can jump.

So I was trying to explain to him that this sort of fluid approach, I can’t understand why it is that no one else can’t just naturally do this. I guess I remember from younger years that I could do this. And the coach is listening to my explanation, as if “easier said than done,” I guess, or something, you know and I mention that I could jump nearly my height. And the coach says, “I would have taken that, if you would have been in my school back then.” In other words, that would have been something that could have been on a track team.

So, what this kind of means is that I’m portraying in the dream how it is possible to overcome a limitation that is based upon outer appearances only. That sounds pretty profound until you actually see the principle in which it’s done – and it’s a type of flow.

The key to doing this is being able to let yourself go into this natural flow, to quit the limitation that your mind puts, in terms of how it’s a little different than what you’re accustomed to pondering, and then it’s easy to do.

This way of going into a zone is kind of like what Michael Jordan described, when he would suddenly get in the key and just start making basket after basket after basket. He might be missing and missing and missing, and all of a sudden he gets into the groove, get’s into a flow.

What I’m really describing here is another means upon which you can go into a state of emptiness inside of yourself. You can do it with a type of flow. This is what I’m actually doing in this high jumping. It works for me because I go into a zone, and into a flow, and I do things that can easily and naturally be done with the flexibility and fluidity of the body. And one can then do something that other people find fascinating because their mental limitations keep them from being able to do it.

This dream then causes me to go back and recognize that the theme, then, of last night, dealt with the realization that the letting go to a rhythmic flow, which in the first dream has to do with just letting go to the sound of manifestation because that’s the flow of the universe, the sound of the universe. That you go somewhere, that you are able to take small steps, anyway, outside of conventional limitations—or big steps, you know, in terms of the sound of the universe because you can get guidance from that instead of having to suffer according to your own prerogatives.

In this dream I access the inner power of letting go. I’m using a different aspect to go into the silence, by utilizing the flow, when in the first dream it was with the sound. And, of course, this is a quality of the universe, which really is an octave of light and, of course, light is everything. There’s only one light. Plus we can’t see that one light; we climb towards that through the sound.

And then, this isn’t the only way, so this is interesting. So I’m shown other ways in which you go outside of yourself – your mind, sense, and ego. Another way I get out of this self-imposed sense of mind/ego as my reality, is I embraced the principle of light as having an energetic of closeness and appreciation that is not that different from what you can have between a man and a woman, when there is such a closeness that everything is let go of.

In other words, you don’t have your normal concerns or worries. You just drop those. Probably that’s why a lot of people use sexuality and what not to try to do an escapism. In other words, I can see this is a step that can work, a type of physical closeness, that creates a soothing, or a relief, from the mind, sense, ego weightiness that is naturally there.

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