Breaking Through the Rust

cloud-light-breakthroughIn the outer world, we have teacher and student. In the inner world of dreams, we have one aspect of us trying to teach another aspect of us. And the process is the same. We often forget that we are many things and operate on many levels. Certain aspects of us are much smarter and more knowledgeable than others – and I don’t speak of the brain here. Part of what we strive to do is to get all these parts to understand, and get aligned with, what the best of us already knows. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I didn’t want to write this one up because it came before these other two and it didn’t make any sense to me at the time.

The image was that you were standing—you were off in another area that I could see. And you had kind of a wrap around you that denoted that you were holding a space. And you were holding the space regardless of how I was.

Apparently, in other words, what this image was, you had shown me something, and I hadn’t accepted it. And what you had shown me was true and I still hadn’t accepted it. I was doing some sort of pout, or righteousness, or who knows what tangent I was on.

Well, because what you had shown me was right, was true, if I’m going to be that way, then you have to hold the space. You’re not going to go into my derivation of weirdness—density—I can see you off in a distance maintaining that, holding that, keeping the purity of that.

And just seeing you holding that space of something that is here to be made known, as a realness, that somehow or another affects or touches me and I slowly am able to let go of whatever tangent I’ve gone off on. I’m able to let go of that and come to recognize that you’re right.

Now this is the same principle that works between a teacher and a student. The teacher holds that purity, or that state, and the student goes through all these antics and the teacher continues to maintain that note.

If the teacher bought into any of these antics, then that would just intensify the density of confusion for the student. But because the teacher holds the subtle note of what is true, and the student, somewhere inside of themselves, hears the echo of that, then the student is able to grow by that process.

That presence is called a type of darshan and the need seems to exist in life, because a person can’t extricate themselves on their own, the need exists where there has to be something as a principle, as a manner, or process, upon which a person vibes off of, like a type of tuning fork—a tuning fork of purity, a tuning fork that stays in the overall in spite of the antics of other things that are constantly dancing around in their prerogatives, and ego, and self-image, and all of that.

That is what a teacher is in relationship to a student, holds that so that it functions as a go-between. So that the student then sees that and then from that, is able to, so to speak, be transported to what is real.

But they see it by way of—I hate to use the word example because examples and stuff like that are used in terms of trying to work on the principle of increasing one’s understanding in terms of mind/sense/ego reality, but no, you see that in relationship to heart-to-heart, or soul-to-soul, and that deeper knowingness comes through and that’s what effectuates the change.

So, the dreaming last night had to do with the process, the ways, in which you access what is important. Now, I’ve heard it said that if you could naturally do this, you wouldn’t even need to meditate. But we can’t naturally do this and that’s why we meditate.

That’s like a tool, and that’s why we hold onto the dhikr, that’s why we have prayers of protection, in some instances. That’s why there are all of these avenues to try to break through the rust, to get us so that there is this flow that comes through.

So, you might say that what took place last night, took one into kind of a world that is hard to report in terms of dreams anymore, but one is more directly getting information out of the sound and you can’t prove it, that you’re doing that, because you can’t bring that into the ego mind outer, to where it makes any sense, other than how I tried right now.

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