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4760It is easy to wonder why there are so many religions and spiritual paths in the world. Yet if we consider man’s search over thousands of years, and arisings from distant geographical locations, we can see that knowings always came through man and were interpreted by him as best he could at the time – like snapshots of a journey. The point is, a path can bring us to our own inner connections and knowings because, ultimately, only we, as individuals, can provide the gateways to God and creation for ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The reason why you couldn’t remember your dreams and you couldn’t pull them out was because you’re too close to the shaman way.

And it’s easier for you to get caught in this inner-plane world, which has an importance, like was described long ago, as something that’s on the path. It’s an important key element to the path, but the path that we’re on, in relationship to looking at the way of the shaman, it’s kind of like a traffic sign along the way. You have to take it into account, you utilize the tools of it, but you utilize them in an entirely different depth way.

What we did yesterday was we dealt with the earth tools, essentially, the earth elements in life, where you go down and you find your animal and things like that, you get information from it. And all of that is really useful in that it is a much, much, much more conscious space than just wandering around ordinarily, because you’re accessing a tremendous wealth and depth by doing that.

And, of course, in our practice within, that delving down is getting into the prima materia of yourself, and facing the dark side of yourself, and your shadow and all of that sort of thing.

In this particular case, you haven’t made necessarily the decision, initially, to do that. I mean, it comes to that sort of thing on this process and this path, too. But all of it, it’s just different and it works with earth and it brings in above and it brings in below. It creates a greater wholeness of yourself because you’re able to connect to the energies about you – but do you bring it into a oneness?

You still, on this practice, view this stuff as coming from outside of yourself, that you’re beckoning in and calling in spirits and that sort of thing. You’re still dealing with it as if you’re developing your light, instead of the light of the whole.

And, as a consequence, you are putting—if you wanted to be rude about what this is all about in terms of describing where it has a limitation—you’re putting a spell upon yourself in terms of taking and looking at this as something that honors the spirit energy and energetics that come in and doesn’t get to the point where it realizes that it’s all within you.

And so it’s still dealing with multiplicity, which is what earth energy is all about, but it’s dealing with it in a higher-octave way. But when you’re dealing with something that takes in the world soul and the one light—in other words, the wholeness, the absolute—you only find that by taking and working with all of that being within you, that you find all of that within you.

It’s so easy, however, to characterize this as if it is comes from without, but then that leads you quickly to acting like there’s more than one God, and yet we’re all one God. I suppose you could rationalize this and say oh, there’s God, alright, but then they’re all the components of God, or something like that. And so you’re running around looking for bits and pieces, and getting information in a bits-and-pieces kind of way.

The animal nature, by and large, is earth-oriented, just like the spirit energy, which if you’re going to the upper world, is going to be masculine-oriented and more higher-self-oriented. Masculine-oriented because it works with spirit energy; going down to the depths works with earth energy.

You go beyond spirit energy, as well, on this path. You’re working with an aspect of magnetism when you’re working with earth energy and spirit energy. And you have to let go of all of that in order to function and be in an emptiness and in a nothingness.

Otherwise, you’re still constantly having to untangle the web of things. And, of course, for a shaman, they see the webs of things, and they approach it that way. But the higher octaves of shamanism do get to the point where you just have a direct knowingness. You get information and then ultimately it jumps to a knowingness.

Just like dreams, there comes a point where you have to really gauge and get what it is that is being communicated to you, because it has its symbolic element or something. It’s not necessarily as literal as you think. So ultimately, they do come together.

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