A Shift in Attention

8059There was a recent news story about a Buddhist monk having an angry outburst in an airport. It points out the fact that having spiritual connections in controlled environments – the typical mountain-top guru – is not a true measure of a person’s development. The real test is if we can maintain our connections in the midst of typical life issues and problems. Can we see even those realities through the prism of our spirituality? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I think just like dealing with the dark energy on our path, the prophetic aspect on the shamanistic path is a deeper process that they reach. So, I repeated the question. So do I keep from giving up my inner power by being in sync with what is naturally unfolding in the outer?

This starts off where it shows that I get directly shifted and veiled. I’m out in a yard on the lawn and I’m writing up an experience, or dream, that I had, in the hopes of determining what it means. Just as I’m about to figure out what it means, a person comes up to me that had been inside the house or something and at some point they even kiss me on the cheek, this guy does, to get my attention, I guess.

And he says, “When we were at Bonnie’s the other day,” and he proceeds to tell a story about what occurred there as if he would like to remember something that he had forgotten, or needs to figure something out about it. And he’s some sort of relative; someone I’ve never seen before.

In trying to determine what it is that he is referring to, because I’ve been sitting out there on this lawn and I’m working with my dream notebook, trying to figure something out that had happened, and I was in the vibration but hadn’t pulled it through yet, but because he caused my attention to shift, I lose the image dream vibration completely.

I didn’t think that I could get distracted like that. I thought I could shift over and answer his question and then come back to it, but I couldn’t. It was gone. This was such a distraction that whatever it was that I was looking at, that is correlated to something unfolding inside, I had now forgotten.

So, what is going on? In trying to apply a state of focus, to understand what is going on around me, I got shifted away by something that occurred and, in that shift, I lost the focus and attention.

And the meaning is, it is important that I do not compromise a connection that I have, because when I do, I lose an inner power needed to sort things out energetically. This has to do with my path. Or, another way of saying it is I could be finding myself challenged to help others by being able to shift from where my attention is at, to where their attention is at, so I can see this further.

There’s a setness in my nature that makes this hard to do, in terms of shifting back and forth. I‘ve always kind of had this problem. That’s why when I worked in the courthouse, is I often took two trips—one trip to talk to the people, and the other trip to delve in and plumb the depths of things through the records that gets more anal-retentive and doesn’t have that part of my nature that can free flow. I couldn’t carry both.

And then eventually I learned to try to be able to somehow integrate and work both. It wasn’t easy because it’s two different uses of energy, just like this is kind of two different uses of energy.

And then all of a sudden, I’m upset because I could have taken a real negative view of that, because I lost whatever it was I was writing up that was really, really important. And then all of a sudden, I write it up. It comes back to me. Boom. Right out of the blue.

And that dream is I’m walking in a shallow stream—that’s kind of like a very spread out like river but it’s only about five or six inches deep—and I walk over an area and I glance down, and the first thing I see is fingernail clippers. Well, I could use fingernail clippers. They look identical to the fingernail clippers—nice, bright, and shiny, metal, fingernail clippers—just like I have.

And so I reach down and I pick them up and, sure enough, they’re in good condition, they’re in great shape. And then I see all kinds of other objects down there, most of which I don’t know how to use but I know that they’re useful and there’s nothing wrong with them. So I pick them up and I find myself piling them up, but I need an empty box to put them in.

So I take what I’ve gotten and I set them down and I go looking for an empty box and I come back with the empty box, even though I don’t know how I’m going to use most of this stuff, but I guess I’ll figure it out, or it can be auctioned off, or who knows. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s good to bring them out from where they’re just laying there.

But I guess when I come back, of course, my pile is gone. And then when I go back into the water, as if I can see what else there is to round up, the spot has been defiled. Cows have walked through here. They stirred the water up, they crapped all over the place, I’m having trouble finding the spot again, and I don’t even see anymore items.

So, as I go back to look around the area to see if I was mistaken where I set them down or something, some kids who have been playing, had gotten into some other stuff that I had and they pulled out this electrical meter thing—you know, that has wires and whatnot. You can kind of use it to gauge whether something has a pulse or not. It’s a hookup just like you do like on a light fixture to see if it’s hot or not. And they took these wires and they played with them and they wrapped them all through a maze thing, so I had to untangle them, plus they broke wires.

And one of the kids—I knew the one that did it—and I had my suspicion that it’s a girl and in some sort of reactivity, might have even been somewhat doing this on purpose, but in an unconscious way. So I can’t hold it against her. And so I untangle all of it and gather it up and throw it in the trash. It’s busted. There’s no way to put it together again, plus I don’t really need it. I mean, I thought I needed it, but I don’t really need it.

The meaning is in naturally probing what is the shallow depths of my unconscious nature, I am surprised to see all kinds of things of value, most of which, it will take time to figure out their importance.

I am of the opinion that what I have found can be either figured out or auctioned off, which is better than just leaving it there. At least this way, it gets recycled back into life. Well, I’m trying to hold onto what I have retrieved and, of course, my holding onto it is kind of haphazard.

I pile it in a spot thinking that it will be okay and it disappears. And the reason why I lost it is because I turned my attention to something else to figure out, and the unconscious area I was accessing, has been compromised by going into an animal nature waywardness. And you can’t blame the animals for doing what they do.

So what is hard on the heart soul is that my meter gauge for measuring a connective flow has been destroyed. So this kind of leaves one in a quandary. But I go ahead and I throw it in the garbage and the proof for this that I am now able to shift, in other words, don’t necessarily need this kind of absolute linkage to hang onto, and I can shift and be okay, is because I was able to remember this dream that I had lost when interrupted by this totally different approach.

This is the positive way of reading this because I have access to a process that is awakening the unconscious and enabling me to probe my inner depth, and this is my way. What I am doing is when I go off to one side and do something different, it can be initially confusing and can jeopardize the space that I have, but I can handle that because I have a broader frame of reference at my disposal that comes back to me.

It may take time for me to sort this out again, that which got momentarily lost. And it got lost, of course, when I broke the inner energetic flow that is natural for me, within, but I know it will come back because of the strong connection I already have to the unconscious process – and the fact that this dream came back to me.

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