A Connective Dialogue

safe_imageHere is another good example of how our system is always working for us – in our best interests – if we are quiet enough inside to listen. Whether we are speaking of instincts and intuition while awake, or the inner guidance of dreams at night, the full complex of our being is always trying to help us awaken to greater depths of understanding. We miss out on this when we only use our rational brain, or only act from old patterns. In a world where very little seems trustworthy, we hold the truth we have been waiting for. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And the scenario is, yesterday, I went to the shaman workshop. I didn’t plug in very well to the tools for accessing pent-up, earth plane energies in my nature. I let go to the process and, in doing so, broke my inner magnetic means of awakening.

The disruption veiled me from my connection, but as I came out of this effect I am able to reawaken where I had been to see it in a new way. Consequently, this interlude shouldn’t hurt me because I’m able to take this in and reconcile that with what it is that I am doing.

I also believe that this is an aspect of my process, with the difference being that I am aware that the awakening is from the inner depths of my being to that of an access to oneness. This other is probably just training wheels, and it may get there and go there, too, because most paths lead to the same source. It’s just that at the training-wheel level – this being different from what I’m used to – it can create a discombobulation.

So, in this dream I get more information about how what occurred yesterday affected me. My access was disturbed in the dream in terms of its effect upon me. And, as a consequence, in this dream, I’m seeing myself outside of a tall building, with my feet standing on a ledge that sticks out six inches or something, and I can reach up from there and touch the ledge underneath a window. If I were to pull myself up, I could crawl back in the window.

But the fact that I’m standing there, the window’s open, you know, for me to crawl back in or to get back in in some fashion, I know that the disturbance then is temporary. Because I know that I can wait for inner guidance, or take the chance of trying to pull myself back up and into the house. Waiting makes more sense. I could slip if I tried to do this on my own. I’m not sure if I’m strong enough. I need to let the inner strength build within, or wait for help.

So, in summary, what I did was good because I stirred up the connective forces from within and they communicated to me through all these dreams. It is good because I didn’t get thrown away from my access to this level of consciousness within.

I was given information in terms of how it was that this was affecting me at the time. Because I was aware of the effect from the inner connective dialogue with the soul, via my symbolic dreams, I know from experience that, given time, I will integrate all of this as part of my unfoldment in the whole.

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