The Price of Admission

This can be an unsettling truth: a spiritual journey can only be taken by an individual. Of course we can have teachers, guides, all manner of religious figures, but at the end of the day it is an individual process that we all must undertake within ourselves. Because every journey has to start from where we are, using the tools that we have. No one else can know that or go through the experience for us. It has to be made real in each of us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The third dream involved something that suddenly, it’s like I’m enrolling people in seminars or something, and then I’ve taken a step back when I realize what I’m doing.

It’s more like I’ve drifted into it. Or I realize that the activity that I was doing suddenly was enrolling people in like a seminar, and then I backed off from that a bit because I really know I’m not that good at doing that, you know it’s not something I really enjoy a lot. And like I had kind of fallen into it with the activities I was involved in, and now I’m suddenly trying to take a step back a little bit.

So I’ve gone over to you and you’re sitting on a cloud, kind of like right on the edge of the cloud, and I look down over the edge of the cloud, like on an arctic landscape, and there’s a place where the snow has melted and is almost yellow, like there might even be a fire heat there.

And I ask you to move back a little because I’m a little uncomfortable with the height. And then I’m explaining to you that it seems like this activity I had started to get involved in, suddenly it seems to involve enrolling people or running a center where you would enroll people in seminars. And I know I’m really not that good at that. You know that’s not something I suddenly want to kind of get caught up in.

That’s about all I pulled out of that dream. It was hard to remember that one.

John: It’s another tack, an angle, upon which to look at the general theme or schematic which has to do with the balance, or the cadence, or the split-second moment, in which there is a connectivity that is perfectly intertwined.

So you then have a sight or an understanding that is there, in terms of a bit of the inner and a bit of the outer, because you can’t just go into the inner because it’s too transcendent. And in the outer, you have no recognition of what is really real.

And so, the tack you’re taking on this motif, is you also cannot lead others through. You’re realizing that. They have to go through the doorway themselves. And maybe there’s something about your presence and way of being, and what not, that can help to awaken.

But if you go beyond that and start taking on the idea that you can do something spiritual by leading them or directing them or guiding them, then you’re asking for trouble. Because even though they may think that it would be nice to be able to take a step through the doorway, as long as someone opens the doorway for them, it can’t work that way.

Some part of them has to rise up and recognize that that’s what needs to happen. That part that rises up, it lays claim to that energetic, finally, instead of holding on to things as they are in the outer, or to the equally perverted rejection of the outer and trying to throw oneself into the light – which just makes you ungrounded, some sort of spiritual illusion.

All your dream here is doing is it’s just pointing out and causing you to confront what it feels like if you’re trying to be the leader of a band, so to speak, in this particular area, when others have yet to pay the price of admission in order to come to a point where they can step through a threshold.

Just because you choose to be the leader of the band, doesn’t mean that you can take them through. They have to step through on their own. So, again, this is talking about an octave of that in-between place that’s really quickened and really alive, which is what is the dynamic in life—that’s as good as it gets, as far as I can see at this time, in terms of how consciousness awakens.

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